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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Viva Italia !!!


full time Germany 0-0 Italy
extra time Germany 0-2 Italy (Grosso 119', Del Piero 121'+)

it was great football all over again.
never hv i regretted having been 'so into' football ever since i started back in 1991
(haha the same as with u know who..^^)
i know the game i know the rules and of cos i know the guys...leng chais especially :p...so u can say that im quite a 'veteran' at the game..hehehe

anyway..for those of u who din watch the game..shame on u...
it was really THE match of all matches so far in the world cup to date.

both germany n italy played a very good game
played offensively in the first half. u could see attacks happening from one end to the other
second half was kinda played slowly by both..probably bcos of the heat n tiredness...can u imagine urself running up n down the field in temp of 30c? i think i would hv fainted.
anyway...the heat took toll on my new fav italian Luca toni who was substituted.
the germans were also showing signs of lethargy but still they played creative football.

it ended nil nil full time.

onto the extra time...both teams started off attacking at both ends lead by the italians.

there were 2 very very near misses by the azzuris. the germans too had one of their best chances saved by buffon...phew~

when the first of the extra time ended i smsed and told my fren that i will not watch if it goes into penalty shootout. why? cos i got phobia with italy taking the spot kick.

then the moment came at 119min the very last min of the 2nd extra...grosso fired a superb left footed shot passed Lehmann. GOAL !!!!!!!!!!!!
*i jumped n shouted n jumped n shouted n jumped n shouted Yes ! Yes! Yes!*
thank god no one yell from downstairs :p

the game started back on from centre of the field...germans got the ball but due to a 'miscue' the ball went the italian's way. 2 pairs of fresh legs (Gilardino n Del Piero both brought on during the extra time) rushed on with the ball counter attacking the almost empty german's side. playing a 2 on 1 Lehmann was again defeated by Del Piero with a powerful shot at the corner of the post.

absolutely a perfect finish !

couldnt believe my own eyes too but i was really really estatic ^^

i would say its great work from both teams BUT the italians were the better team tactically n definitely creatively. well done coach Lippi !!

my man of the match..Fabio Cannavarro(5)
he was just the best man on the field today. since he debuted in his world cup back in 98 i knew he would be a legend. true to the fact he has shown he is worth one. taking over Paolo Maldini (ohh my man~) as skipper he has now proven to be the BEST defender.

now we r just one more step to the coveted crown.

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jaime said...

yeah yokee, we got MAJOR Italian population in Toronto. They go absolutely bananas yesterday! We see red/white/green flags flying everywhere now.

It'll be a riot in the final game, for sure!

yokee said...

go bananas huh? that'll be fun to see
france won the other semi this morning but i was watching it with only one eye :p