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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Friday, July 21, 2006

absolutely 'bae-b' looking !!!

ok...i really hv to do tis quick...

u know...i was hesitant to repost tis here when i saw these 2 pics
cos i tot its some kind of invasion of privacy of the person taking the pics cos evone knows very well that its all supposed to be P&C and 'not to be official yet' kind of thing...err how to say ah? in korean it means '비공개' oh dear..whats wrong with me??

haha then i tot..ahhh as long as its him...what the heck ! :p

so yeah..he look rreeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllll good !
absolutely !

then the news about him to japan...haha not news anymore today tho
ok i'll save all those 'don go chase him around' comment cos i guess its all in our heads now..oh~

BUT..whats news is today is his look at the airport yday...

huiyo...u know tis is actually made me post tis today at tis hour of the morning !
he is sooooooooooo absolutely.......oh is there any other word to describe how good he look?
he should hv a new word all to himself.
i'll make one for him...

absolutely 'bae-b' looking !!!

hahaha..hows that..'bae' for him 'b' for best !
aiyo...cant really think now..jaime any idea?

oh dear gotta go now...im late..



jaime said...

O yokee,

I am ABSOLUTELY (now, are u ready?) "mark dye hull, duck gor loan".

The first thing that comes to my mind is "baeblelicious" or "baelicious", from the bubble gum Bubblelicious? All I can think of is he looks so delicious in that holey shirt! (or you can also take out the "e" from holey and
"r" from the shirt too)

So, the choice is all yours, yokee! Your decision, please?

bb said...

pray tell, what on earth is 'mark dye hull, duck gor loan'??!!

i tried reading it out loud, but still can't figure out what it means... the last three words = only got a hole??!

and i so love the words you gals come up with! so many Bs!!! bo bovely!

bb said...

oh yea, those 6 words... somehow sounds more thai than cantonese to me :p

yokee said...


goodness!! jaime r u trying to kill me????

i also got no idea what that 6 words means when i first..like bb...read it out loud. on a 5th try i guess it means..'whatever it is..its just a hole'...ngam moh?

jaime said...

so yokee and bb, you got the last 3 words? I'll try the first 3 again.

"mark" means open wide (action of tear open), "dye" means big, "hull" means mouth. The whole phrase literally translates to "open big mouth, got a hole". It is used to describe someone who has "a loss of words". What I meant was "when yokee asked me to come up with a word to describe YJ, my mind was totally blank and had no clue at first."

I guess my Canton-glish really sucks eh, I have to explain them so much. "all-de-kao"?

bb said...

ah.... i think the problem came from the second word... dye? maybe 'dai' would be closer...?

and what on earth is all-de-kao?

all-de-kao = we beg? my earth? ... what?!!!

jaime said...

oh my dear bb,

it's korean "what should I do?".
I screw up the pronunciation again?
sigh, I can't do anything right these days!

yokee said...


ive never use that 6 words phrase b4..no wonder i dunno la hahaha :p

oh..errr....'what to do' in korean should be..."ottoke??"

bb said...

hahaha, jaime, if you've switched language, you have to tell us, you know?

yea, ottoke is sort of the 'universal' way to spell it :p

mrs a said...

Yokee, love love love those pics. What a king!

Jaime, Love that "baelicious". Fits him to a tee-as in tshirt, holey one (smile)