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Sunday, November 04, 2007

new kid on the block → Lee Phillip

Phillip Lee 이필립 bormed 1981 May 26th, stands at 188cm tall. graduated from George Washington University. managed by StarK Entertainment. these are some of the 'official' details we can get about this new kid on the block. it was reported that he only came back to Korea 3 years ago n Taesagi is his first project.

his official website http://cafe.star-k.co.kr/LPL/

don u think he's good looking?? i think he is ^^
and the fact that he's borned in 1981...haha what a coincidence.
all my banchans seemed to be in 1981 bwahahahaha...

looks like we'll hv another good looking up and coming korean actor on the way.

it seems that lately there's a rising number of korean actors and actresses (pure and mix) who return from overseas. n 2 of the latest is already starring in this year's biggest drama TWSSG.
Ejiah...i dunno why they use 'E' as her surname instead of writing the usual 'Lee' but maybe 'E' sounds/looks better....anyway her new website is up. but for the moment its only her photos collection. i always think she's a pretty gal so no surprise why she look so good in front of the camera and why the camera love her so.
and i just love her website motto "all a matter or perspective"


Anonymous said...

Good day, will Sir Philip Lee other or on-going drama series?

angela said...

advanced happy bday sir philip =p

Anonymous said...

Hi..I hope i will see Phillip again on TV drama that will be televise here in the Phil...Tke care!

morning sweetness said...

Your look has that romantic freshness quality that can play very well in romantic comedy drama. Do try it if such opportunity arises.

Best wishes from Canada,


Anonymous said...

i came to kim him by his new drama"the story of a man" he looks absolutely stunning with this new looks i hope it becomes a hit and he rocks as well.his way of presenting dialogues is good. i wish him well.
-Sruthi vishwanath
from INDIA

DELLINA said...

Dellina JOHOR
Hi. I'vejust finished watching "The Legend" series. In just two days. Totally 26 hours of fantastic actions and scenes. BYJ will always amaze me! Love his cool looks..