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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

JAB Mix...


i just realised that i actually forgot to repost the captures of epi 18 & 19 here.
must be due to all the recent noises and hype. so to those who may be interested #18 is here and #19 here.

someone shovelled a posting from song jina's (twssg writer) homepage to kob. seems like there was a plan to have a season 2 to twssg long ago.
now..dont get all work up again but the post only talked about the plan and neither info or details of the sequel nor ending of the current series was mentioned. and it was stated that 'it was a plan'

anyhow, from what i read many korean fans are against the idea of a sequel.
i, myself, am against it too. not only because of YJ, esp in his recent condition, but also becos i never like sequel to anything. im not gonna start listing those sequel i think is bad, but seriously most of them IS BAD ! and please hear me...im not saying ALL, im saying MOST.

sometimes i cant ustand why do they want to do a sequel. ok, commercial wise is bcos the first one managed to rake in the millions if not the billions. other than that i dont see why. in most cases of sequel, they tend to drag and 'eee-longg-gate' the original storyline which turns out to be so bored and tired that u'll begin to dislike even the main character. eventually you'll realised that you just wasting your time.

on the other hand in some cases where u may not like a particular ending to a show, where u'll go "huh? what??" at the time when u see the word 'THE END' and the credits starts to scroll. then, maybe you'll want a 'follow-up' to what you may think is a cliffhanger. but then again...why in the first place do they need to make the show end in such a cliffhanging way? why cant they just make an 'appropriate' (be it happy or sad) ending to the show?

so in tis case of twssg, i think and i hope it'll end good and 'appropriately'.
it's supposed to be a historic drama so it should somehow has all the chronologies stated.
but...i was told you may need tissues as we see the end of the journey...

and so...to ms.song, i would say 'no' to a sequel. thank you and i rest my case on tis one.

and we should hv also 'rested' case on the 'previous' case too. so i shouldnt dig into it anymore.

but let me just say tis...
i would like to praise not only the family for being so supportive of him but also, his management company BOF for maintaining the composure that they always have in times like this.

they have always managed to stay calm and steady in tense situation like this and did their best not to alarmed the family. there may be times when information is limited and slow, or at times inadequate, i still think they are doing all their best to serve the big BIG family out there. coming to this, i shall thank so so many sisters that have helped with endless numbers of information relays and translations just to quench the thirst of the big BIG family that comes in all cultures, races and of cos languageS !

my~ what a United BAENation we have here ^^

as for IMX, a business partner of BOF/Keyeast, i particularly have to thank Mr.Sohn for always being there for his dear friend, our dear YJ. many of us, myself included, are thankful for his words and his recent 'official' message treated a relieve for many.

BOF or some of the people there that i know of are nice people. they do, do their best to handle 'family affairs' as much as possible. i know becos ive heard and ive seen the changes and improvement.

my bae-journey is more than 6 years old. it did take me some time to ustand why i stuck on to the family for so long.

2 reasons :- 1. Bae Yong Joon 2. Bae Family (fans + his management)

seriously, i consider his management (esp MY orange man) as part of the big BIG family. and for some reasons as part of the family i experience changes and improvement too.
I LEARNED KOREAN for the very obvious reason, i eat korean, i cook korean and i even 'accessorised' myself 'korean-ly'. (hahaha...whatever that means :p)

well, all in all, for all the babbling ive done today, once again...
im grateful that we can all have faith in him,
march with him as he is king (tiff's version),
all the way absolutely !

and thank you for tuning in (mishio's version) ^^


bb said...

thanks much much for the scoop, yokee :)

hehe, as you know, my first question was: does this mean DD won't die at the end of epi 24?

actually some people are saying this... we're so near the end now, but they still feel the meat of the story ain't really out yet.

personally, i think it's because practically everyone's focussing only on the love story. and not much happening on the damsu front, so people think it's not moving.

but the fact of the case is we've gone through, what, 20 years of DD's life by now? and the story's also supposed to be about his growth and maturity into a man, not just about his love life...

anyway, i digress. yea, most sequels ain't as good as the first... although some season 2s are not half bad when it comes to american dramas (i didn't think friends or sex in the city got worse with each season...)

and i guess we can have faith that wuri yong joon won't want to be a part of some half-baked production. and so if happens (although i seriously doubt that...), am sure he's got good enough reasons to make that decision.

so... you think DD will die? he's supposed to live till 39, ya?

yokee 요키 said...

ok i agree sex in the city was good hehe tho i din catch all of them. was supposed to get the whole set from a fren but shes still watching it for i dunno how many times already. hah look who's talking? :p

anyway yeah the king's life was short but certainly eventful.

i still wonder how u can tahan not watching lor. i may miss epi 22 next week and im already lamenting and sulking :p

bb said...

i also wonder how come i'm not watching it yet... and i've already downloaded all 19 epis with chinese subs :p

guess i just wanna watch them at one go. hehe, am thinking to watch them when the JF gals are in baeland to prevent myself from going too green :p

mishio said...

"mishio's version"
whas dis mean?? ~~

yokee 요키 said...

hehe mishio...

u know how 'babbly', noisy and long winded i sometimes can be? and i just love the way u said "thanks for tuning in" which made "thanks for listening to my nonsense song" sounds so much better.

aiya...can u ustand my english?? :p