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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

YJ in silhoutte

bb posted about YJ's 2007 diary from IMX yday...

one look at it i saw this ↓

the next moment i asked myself....
where did he or they get that idea of a silhoutte BYJ and the color purple???

does this somehow looks 'familiar'? ↓

hmm..don u think it'll be nice if there's an orange version too?
or maybe an extra version with the silhoutte above?

kakakakaka...dream on yokee~dream on~~

well anyway...first glance at YJ's silhoutte i thought it looked like one of those LG Telecom CF pics sometime ago. but no it's not.
so anyone of u who'll be getting it pls do let us know the real image behind cos i wont be getting one...sob sob sob...

RAIN came Jan 27th 2007

let's say it was a spectacular performance all round.

the show started off 45 mins late thanks to the ever 'so punctual' attitude of the msians
hey! i was there in the queue from 4pm ok? period.

he..Rain...wait .........how shall i call him huh? hmm....
well...ok...frankly speaking im not really a RAIN fan fan but i do enjoy his performance n his acting n i think he's one of those very hardworking artiste n i salute him for that. its not easy to go on a world tour so i think he desrves an extra pat on the back.

ok back to how i shall call him.....ok la...just Rain la...
wanted to call him by his name Jung JiHoon but don wanna mix up with my banchan hehe ^^

it was clearly a great show to be right from the beginnning
the stage the special effects the 'rain' the fireworks...evthing!
it was just super. i guess its the first time msian audience ever get to see something like that
so for those who actually got the chance to attend but din come...REGRET will be the word.
belle..sorry u had to go for the last minute meeting~

to me i don think Rain's a singer singer...should there be any Rain fan out there reading tis don kill me its just my holy opinion n its my blog...BUT he's one super performer. his stage command is so great that i chose not to watch from the big screen but to focus on the real him moving about the stage. i was on free standing at stage level just beside the console area. so he was only about half a feet tall from my view :p

ahh..he did went off key several times tho. n i think he's better off doing the slow numbers which i like very much ^^ his dance moves..huiyo~ number one! his butt shaking...well i think the temparature of those in the pit zone must hv risen evtime he does that hahaha..

oh he spoke in english. and...if u ask me...i will say he still need a lot of verbal practice. but it was really good of him to talk to the audience 'directly'.

so..all in all.. thumbs up!

p/s : just gotta add...its money well spent for both JYP and Rain going on tis world tour n having ppl like jamie king n roy bennett..its no wonder why u need to pay so much to watch.

pp/s : oh..and i gotta add again :p...know what i was doing before n after the concert?
looking out for cute n good looking guys hehehehe. spotted one who look a wee bit like lee junki from far. saw him again when i was leaving n found out that he's actually a host for one of the local kpop program. then there's tis JYP guy..dunno who he is tho but he was moving around the whole nite n walking in front of us so so many times. n yes i think he's sooooo smart looking. and then there was also tis particular korean guy..he din hv any tag on him so i think he may be one of those StarM big shots cos he's sooooooooooooooo really good looking. n sooooo 'yau yeng' too. he was in striped grey suit. slim black rimmed glasses AND a single diamond stud on his left ear. huiyo!~ when the lights came back on after the end i pretended to shoot a pic in his direction as he was walking towards me. but when he saw me he moved slightly to his side facing away from me. aiya...he din look irritated cos he was having a slight smile on his face so mayb he tot he was blocking me or something la..cheh~

Friday, January 12, 2007

why is he called 'OM'?

i was asked many times what OM means and why call him OM?

well...frankly speaking...i myself too hv no idea why..

OM = Orange Man

but i guess it all started with tis ↓

see...it was helen's bday (a bae sister from hk)
i was thinking how i should wish her n bcos she n i 'share almost everything'...almost...
yes in tis case our dear mr.yang too so i tot it would be nice to 'make use' of him

so i chose that particular pic n made an orange silhouette of him...
why orange? like i said...i have absolutely no idea why...
somehow that colour just appeal to me at that very moment n he 'looked so good' in it

at that time many were asking who is that man in orange n bcos we din wanna create any ho-hum we just kept quiet n from then onwards he became my Orange Man aka OM ♥~

so mishio...there u hv it haha.

and bb...thanks for reminding me about tis pic. it gave me a chance of looking back at those pics i had of him n i also found one of ur pic with him too...he..he..he....

and oh..just in case u wanna know...i prefer him without the glasses hahahaha ^^

Thursday, January 11, 2007

my ORANGE Man ♡~

i think ive actually blogged about him but...
after reading mishio's latest Y-Y's post i couldnt help but to just 'brag' a little more hehehe...

especially when she said "...to miss # 1 fan in S'pore (and I think there is a close 2nd in Malaysia).."
oh dear i hope she's talking about me..*shame on u yokee*...oh so thick skinned :p :p

anyway anyway...
i guess i should be among some of the lucky ppl (u incl. bb^^) to hv actually met him and shared some 'close encounters' with him during the 'early days'...

but that exclude the 'very close encounters' and 'work together' experiences some sisters (u know who u are :p) have with him during YJ's asia's visits.

anyhow im glad that ive written down some of my 'encounters' with him here and some during my first 'seoul-out'

here's the other pic that some of u might hv seen already but frankly its the best pic i hv of him.

did i tell that he actually did a 'V' sigh with his fingers before i clicked tis shot but too bad he din hold that long enough for me to take.

guess at that time...things were much easier for evbody...

now with more businesses going on around in BOF things seemed to hv changed a lot...

tho they seemed to be 'not so close' with the fans anymore due to their work but somehow they still try their very best to be 'acquainted' in one way or another.

like what mishio said about him posing for the fan in 'exchange' for not being able to hv a personal pic with her. so sweet of him huh? ^^

if there should be one day when he can actually understand ALL english
he'll be so touched to know that we all 'talked' about him so much
and i hope he'll be reading with laughters hahahaha

양실장님 항상 감사합니다 !

and tis used to be what he will always write in his messages in OB.

"처음사랑 끝까지....120%" (first love forever....120%)

oh~i wonder when he'll ever write again...

p/s : btw...im glad that quilt's server managed to 'come back up' on its own n lets hope it stays on at least till the contract ends...

Friday, January 05, 2007

Quilt of my heart~

i really wanted to tell about something
but ive been sitting here for more than 35 mins n still cant figure out how i should start about it
or rather should i even talk about it...
and if decide to go ahead how should i start?

i really absolutely have not the slightest idea.
but by the end of this posting it took me slightly less than a hundred mins to finish off~

u know when some ppl say 'goodbye' instead of 'farewell'?
some prefer not to send off at the airport...

i remembered my first departure from seoul 3 years ago..
i reminded the unnis not to call me to say 'goodbye' the morning im to leave seoul bcos i know very well i will tear. n true to my own emotions i cried cos an unni called.
i was still ok when i say my thanks n goodbyes to the unnis that sent me off at the airport but when i finally settle down in my seat on the plane...tears started to well n down they rained.

regrets there may be cos i was thinking why din i stay on for just another day?
but then again...there's always the next time...
there may be some hiccups as we travel but somehow one way or the other u just give and forget and will always wanna come back bcos u just cant seem to get enough of the fun u had.
as for me i'll always hv something i still wanna do in seoul other than BYJ-related matters itself
but of cos if its not for BYJ in the first place i wouldnt hv travelled the same air route 3 times :p

its always sad when we had to say goodbye...
but for some matters its an end to something good and a new beginning to something even better
that brings us to phrases like 'the good old times', 'the way we were' and 'those were the days'
from time to time we will reminisce the good old memories of laughter and happiness
like those old melodies that still sound so good..somehow it gives us a chance to cherish those yesterdays

home is where the heart is
every stitch every patch
is put together with much love and care
quilt will always be in my heart

cant say if any of u will ustand what im trying to say here but if u do i hope u too will cherish the good times we had all thru the years.

my deepest gratitude to the unnis who started the patchwork. THANK YOU !

ps : pls ustand that there wont be any 'official' announcement with regards to tis matter. we have all decided to start cherishing but will still keep on patching from the comfort of our own home and we hope the same goes to all of u too.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 & me

wah..it really hv been sometime since i last blogged...
i figured n hv proved myself to be, one...a very lazy person, two...a person that don write as well and fast as my brain n mouth work (haha as tho they work very well :p) and three...my reading instinct outweighs the hand that writes.

hahaha...oh dear what hv i just said???
see...told u i don write well...my brain n hand don work hand in hand :p

anyway...for those who still drop by my bloggy here once in a blue blue moon...

happy new 2007 year !

for myself...i like 2007 and at the same time i don like it too...

like it bcos its the year of piggy...if u hv not know yet..i luurrvvveeee piggy...
got my first piggy toy when i was 8 i think...cant really remember tho...
one reason why i like samsoon's pig soooo much too hehe

don like it bcos 2007-1977=30 !
gosh im gonna hv that BIG 3 associated with me for the next 10 years !!!
and i don think my samshik will appear anytime soon....sigh~~~

anyway anyway.....never mind...life goes on....

well for the days i havent been blogging or havent been 'talking' much...
ive read quite a bit here and there as usual...

bb...i do keep track of ur bloggy day in day out and ur pink instalment reminds me of a fren of mind who is also a pink person that she turned her kpop website pink too. wonder if she's gonna replace her lost ibook with the new pink sony vaio :p

mrs a...thanks for dropping by on new year's day. hope u feel better now ^^

mishio...if u do hop in here...i do hop on to ur blog whenever bb sound the siren but like they say...u should write more cos u write so well...

and should there be any english speaking korean sisters dropping by here...
thank u so much for ur tireless effort on those translations...
there seem to be some issues regarding the translations done...
i somehow feel that it's definitely NOT an easy job to do.
moreover i know u can never hv a 'perfect' korean-english translation so as long as we keep the content accurate n the meaning of the article correct it is already good enough for many.
so whatever the issue is n whoever is 'involved' just keep in mind...evthing we do we do it for BYJ. he din ask us to do it...it is us who wanted to.
so there's no 'who is better' or 'who deserves what or more'
instead it should be 'why? bcos of BYJ.'

oh dear...why do i bring up tis?? i know its not sth nice to blog about but i somehow wanna say what i wanna say. haha who cares..its my bloggy anyway n im allowed to babble cos its my blog :p

anyway anyway...again....

2007 is a year to look forward to.
its our 'visit malaysia year' anyone interested to come visit me in KL? :p thick skin

goong S is gonna debut on k tv on the coming 10th. don really like seven but will still wanna watch cos i wanna know how they'll 'finish off' my shin goon n chaegyung. n yes i still like hoony very much hehe ^^

rain's coming on the 27th. n i already got my tix which is cheapest of the lot but sources told me that i wont be too far from him. its gonna be an outdoor concert so when it REALLY rains nobody will be too far from him hahahaha

and of cos TWSSG. its being billed as one of the most awaited drama of 2007.
i reckon there'll be much anticipation from not only the fans but also from many critics.

so all the best to all the crew and YJ nim...화이팅 !!!

and lastly i hope..the k project of mine will go on after being put on hold bcos of rain's concert :p

resolutions? did someone ask about resolutions? who? me? no way !

i don quite believe in it cos im just too lazy but i'll make sure i keep on jogging
and thats for sure hehehe ^^

stay healthy and keep smiling evone !

still absolutely BYJ !!!