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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sympathy ~ Fourth Story

im so glad im able to do this posting finally ^^

had wanted to write about the new 4th Sympathy album when it was released late last month.

i do hv the sympathy vod in my collection but was just too lazy to search for them so thank u so tomato for posting it there ^^

we all know that YJ was featured in the 2nd Sympathy together with Kim Jae Won, Jo In Sung, Jang Hyuk and Cha Sung Won.

YJ's Purple album LOVE~

the 2nd series has got 6 cds...and they were allllll bery bery nice songs ^^

2..purple ~ Love ~ BYJ

3..red ~ Passion ~ CSW
4..green ~ Freedom ~ JH
5..blue ~ Reflection ~ JIS
6..white ~ Purity ~ KJW

ok..here's the vod that tomato posted..thank u sister ^^


Sympathy 4 - The 4th Story

again..they'll be using selected 'leng-chais' to grace the cover of the albums and they are...

Eric (Shinhwa), Lee Dong Gun, So Ji Sub, Ji Jin Hee and Yoo Ji Tae

for tis series there'll be 2 compilation cds n 4 themed dvds

CD 1 ~ 4 Season ~ SJS
CD 2 ~ 4 Season ~ SJS, LDG, Eric, YJT, JJH
DVD 1..Spring ~ Propose ~ LDG
DVD 2..Summer ~ Vacation ~ Eric
DVD 3..Autumn ~ Wine Party ~ YJT
DVD 4..Winter ~ Christmas ~ JJH

one of the song in the albums...Lovers (연인) by Lee Seung Chul.
its the theme song of the drama 'Firebird' (불새) starring the late Lee Eun Joo and Eric.

had wanted to post another fav of mine but cant find the link :p
so tis one altho a little sad but also can la..its very touching.

ahh..SJS cant be in any of the season cos he's still under military service so i guess he cant go for any of the photo shoot. even the one on the front cover was super-imposed.
hmm...look kinda weird eh? but nvm la better than nothing lor..hor? ^^

oh..know who's my fav among those guys? eric..eric...ERIC !!!! aahhhh!!!!

sympathy 4....i want ahhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!

u know? shinhwa's gonna hv a concert in spore...so im now trying to 'work' towards it. aiyo why no come msia la???

에릭아 왜 여기에 안 와? 어? 왜요?

oooppss.. sorry off topic tim...mian mian....

ok back to sympathy...
so ladies if u r thinking of getting a new k-album i suggest u get this one.
its a MUST for the year...of cos there's so many others out there but tis one is a must..MUST !

look..i actually hv sooooooooo many on my shopping list
n the fact that my tree got stunted is really REALLY NOT helping at all !
uuuhhhhhwwwaaaahhhhhhhh !!!!!

bb ar...now im hoping MY very long time frens are listening too...get what i mean?? :p
aiyoo...thick skin thick skin....bwahahahahahaha !!

ok ok...should stop now n go listen to my old but ever so good YJ's Purple~Love~Sympathy ^^



bb said...

hee... so here we don't fight...

you can have eric.

i'll take jisub [& manager yang along the way, wakaka!]

yokee said...

ok ok u can hv jisub but don go off topic n bring HIM in ok? :p

see...we can never hv tis 'matter' settled btw us hahahahahaha as tho anyone cares..except us of cos :p

marissa said...

So you like shinhwa too, like them all but have more affection for Hye Sung. Keep singing Once In A Lifetime....

bb said...

no la... if i take jisub, for sure i'm taking GM yang also what... the two are always together these days ma!

yokee said...

hi marissa...

yeah...tho i don go dig into them like i do with u know who..im shinhwa for quite sometime liao.

i was Lee Min Woo when i first started but when i discover how nice n funny eric is...hahaha i switched ^^

hye sung..ok...wheesung also not bad..andy also good..junjin...also good....

hahaha anyway..u need them all to make SHINHWA !!!

yokee said...


can we not 'play' with the GM for a moment?

poor guy he sooooooooo bz now...

we give him a break ok?
hahaha like he knows we r talking behind his back :p
eh..u think he knows?

oh..yeah since we r 'talking' here i might as well as u here la..lazy to email..

ok..tis blogger thingy...see i use firefox to post whenever there's need to post pics but when it comes to music/vod i hv to switched to IE cos the command don seem to work in firefox.

[embed src=...autostart=false][/embed] < >
it works in IE but with firefox the thing will just play on its own.

err...u know what i mean ah?
aiyo maybe i should go rest a little first then come back..im kinda very blur n bad mood today..

ok..i'll be back..

jaime said...

hi yokee,

Thanks for posting all the "leng chais" pictures! So Eric is your favourite eh? I check out his thread in SOOMPI, I'm impressed with his NII Cfs pictures. He dressed in an "Ivy League" style displaying strenghth and determination on his face. Any of his songs or Shinhwa's in the CDs?
Are these all love songs, any fast ones like raps? Just curious to know.

I must be getting old, all these "leng chai" seem like "lang chai" (meaning young kid) to me.
SJS looks cool in his pose though.

Hope you are in better mood today! (or better luck with that $%#^%&
IE, firefox thingy)

bb said...

haiyo, how come you're in such a bad mood? hope you're feeling beta by the time you read this.

actually, i open my IE for the music, but i always post with my firefox. hehe, i'm one of those who would launch more than 10 IE windows and then still open up firefox... talk about multi-tasking....

yokee said...

hmm..dunno if i feel better now tho but anyway....

jamie..so u went one step further n checked him out in soompi huh? mayb i'll do that too when i hv nothing better to do cos i try to avoid surfing soompi :p
yep there's one shinhwa's song in there...Brand New.

bb..i don open up 10 windows but 5 cos i think my pc too old to sustain the job..pity the machine la. ok..then seems like we do the same thing too la..IE for the music but r u using the same command?

bb said...

i don't quite use the same command, my's auto start and loop and hidden... so...

[embed src="http:/xxxxxxxxxxx" autostart=true hidden=true loop=-1]