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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

neck n necklace....n CHEST !!!

evone seemed to be REALLY interested in his neck-----lace lately haha
who wouldnt huh? esp with the recent pic that shows up to his CHEST !!!
i agree with frances about him knowing really well how to give chest pain hahahaha

his or should i say ms.hong's latest choice...

a Louis Morais (bb posted on the necklace info here)

very nice hor...the price is $4485 from the shopping link that bb provided
(jaime ar...i supposed it should be in yen lor..no?)

well...if its diamond i guess the price is ok lor...no? :p

this one... err cant remember exactly when this was taken
but he was wearing a necklace too
korean sis told me sometime b4 that he love to wear crystal or should i say ms.hong love to wear him in crystal? :p what the heck am i babbling about??

anyway...can u figure out who's tis is?

im never good in accessories n designer stuffs

i really like tis kind of accessories.

i once gave him a piece of onyx. oh din buy it but i had to had it cut n polished from an original piece of 'rock' into a nice rectangular shape. how i go it? from 'outer space' hahaha
well...its from my dad who used to work for a co. that does tin mining research. it was said that these rocks 'fell' from the sky long long time ago when those rock stars collided. so these rocks are said to bring u luck n to ward off evil.
eerrr...i dunno how far tis is true or if its even true but ive made one into a ring n hv been wearing it from almost 10 years now. n so far...ive been feeling great all along ^^
those who hv met me might noticed the big black ring im wearing...thats the one ^^

so evtime i saw him wearing a black crystal like thingy i'll be hoping he's wearing mine ^^
or should i go dreaming on?? :p

anyhow...be it mine or not....i hv to admit he really do hv a thing for necklace. n mind u he's one of the very few men (i think) that can actually wear necklaces.

not every man can wear a necklace ok? cos some of them look really....aiiyyeeee..yikes :p

but for a man with a neck n chest like this ↓

what is there that cant be possible?
aiyo...what am i babbling again huh?
i think im going nutssss !!!!
help !!!!
p/s : oh dear....came back from liezle's blog n she posted about CHEST too
and she said sth like.... "whats with these bof guys?"

goodness gracious ! the thought about connecting BOF guys with the chest
u know....MY OM + chest + necklace
OMG !!!!!!!
im fainting already @@~~~


bb said...

come to think of it, i've never seen OM's chest! have you? or do you any pics that show his chest? but i suppose he's real skinny, not quite the broad-chested type la...

mmm.... i kindda think he's prob the sort who's not suitable to wear rockstar :p

yokee said...

ok lets not think about his chest. but yeah the rockstar's not his type.

then what type is he? eh wait...remember l**n's pic of him in the torn jeans? he's kinda rock style too leh...hmm..a skull pendant. hmm....not bad i think ^^

n ive seen him in a black collared tee..hhmmmm....

jaime said...

ah yokee and bb,

now you are on Manager Yang's chest eh? I actually think he'll look good in casual, "rock star" style cause he's also a "see mun lang chai". Maybe he should join in while JP is training Yong Joon so he can become a "dai jack low" too!

btw, love the rap song you have on today!

yokee said...

hi jaime...

haha MY OM being a dai jack low? errr...'mmm hou ler gua'...
kinda like his 'see mun leng chai' style now ^^

oh tis song? insoo sang it in his car..remember that scene where he was frus-ting out in the jeep b4 he played with the snow-balls?

bb said...

jaime ah...
actually that 'see mun leng chai' does wear torn jeans and casual clothes, you know? just that i really really really can't imagine wearing that low.

but hehe, he can surprise me anyday :)

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