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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Friday, February 23, 2007

while i wait for him...

haha..what a lame title :p

u know...evtime i blog i'll hv trouble with the title/subject...

so anyway...
having been a bae fan all these years..
there's one particular thing that u'll never fail to learn
and that is 'patience with total and absolute zero complaint'

what? u hv no idea what it is? hmm..then maybe u still arent a family yet :p

so...what do i normally do during these time of waiting?

well...i get into affairs...bwahahahahaha.

guess some of u already know who my part time lovers are he he he...

recently one of my best lover got himself a new drama project which will start airing in coming march.

and tis is one of recent pic from his on location shooting...
and the moment i saw the pic..it reminds me of someone....

who? aiyo don tell me u dunno la....



tis man lor ^^

i did hv some trouble looking for a better capture of that particular scene. i remembered that there's actually another pic of him showing his torso in one of the LG Card CF.
so i went SOS in baeto cafe and dear platonicjoon unni gave me these...

the above pics are the actual pics of the cf.
they are all new to me too n most of us were asking "how come ive never seen them before???"
hahaha...just when u tot u hv seen evthing of him :p

u know...there's something i always see in my banchan*
before that..let me remind u..tis is my blog so im free to babble whatever is in my mind :p
i always think that my banchan will one day be the next BYJ. ^^
still i remind u that tis is my blog bwahahahaha...

why? well...most of the time n in some ways..they do hv something in common.
but im not gonna go into details explaining....mian hae~

so let me just share another of their 'something in common'...

the rest will be something for u to find out..if u r interested that is haha...

oh..does tis mean i still search on for my banchan news these days?
yes of cos ! evday without fail i'll check on him AFTER i check on YJ. ^^

*banchan = side dishes in korean.
Ju Jihoon a model turned actor made his tv debut in the hit drama 'Goong' in 2006. his 2nd drama 'Ma Wang 마왕' will be on air in march.

so while i wait for the king i'll feast my eyes on the prince first..bwahahahahaha

Thursday, February 22, 2007

gong xi fa cai !!!

i know im not too late to wish anyone who may come 'visiting' here cos today's only the 5th day of the new lunar piggy year...so... GONG XI FA CAI !!! (mandarin meaning wishing u lots of prosperity ^^)

ive been out of KL since last thurs going home to my parents house in Ipoh n only came back on tues. for those 5 days i din even touch the pc tho my mom do hv one but internet will only be dial-up so i decided not to touch it ay all. n funny thing is there wasnt any 'urge' on touching it either!

oh dear...does tis mean anything??
well not really cos ive already hinted that should there be any 'important' news i shall be 'notified' hahaha...but then again there's wasnt much news n in fact it was kinda quiet.
well i guess..the phrase 'no news is good news' do serve a purpose eh? ^^

hope our dear man is enjoying his time with his family like he had wanted to since he wasnt able to do so during the previous chuseok.

im enjoying my new piggy year here with endless rounds of food food and food !

look..the yee sang was one of those 'glorious' food i had hehehe ^^

sorry..tho i had tis twice but evtime i eat i forgot to take a pic of it so had to use someone else's pic.
yee sang is a mixture of various shredded vege, crackers n normally sliced salmon n abalone with some seasoning spices n sweet sour sauce. see those 2 plates of sliced fishes? using a pair of chopsticks it'll be mixed n tossed together with the bigger plate of vege. it is believed that the higher u toss them the chance of ur wish coming true will be higher. so at one time i was standing on a chair tossing bwahahahahahahaha!!

(pic from elleashely.com. thank u ^^)

oh my~ lets just hope i can still fit into my working jeans when i start work next tues.

once again...to all bae sisters out there...chinese or non chinese...

happy piggy new year ! stay healthy and smile always ^^)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

my JAB...

i dread evtime i wanted to blog...
why? bcos i know i will sound so boring. in fact i am bored :p

so what the heck am i doing here now??
haha..i dunno...but just tot i just babble la
see? told u i'm boring :p

anyway anyway....
im glad bb arrived home safe n sound ^^

bb ar...i really gotta say tis again..
im really sorry that i cant help u with the taxi thing. im just hopeless with the taxi here in KL cos i don like taking taxi not in KL at least :p

there's one thing i like about bangsar tho...its alexis. love their cakes ^^

don wanna 'add' hi-lite to those 'problems' with KL cos they r just too pathetic to be mentioned again n i really do hope our local authorities do something about it soon. n i do hope it wont take another 10 years lor...sigh...

did u write anything on dorsett's 'suggestion box' note? tho ive never been to dorsett but it has 'look' so-so to me except that the name sound kinda cool :p

i'll let u know when i get another bottle of that wine...if i go la...
the strawberry cake..mm...ive tasted better ones but the strawberries were good.
oh...should anybody we both know out there who were having an ear itch last saturday nite..well it's bcos we were gossip-ing bwahahahahaha

haha..told u there's nothing to do in times sq. i myself hv only went there 3 times since they started. first during the first few months after it opened. second for Kangta & Vaness showcase n the last was shopping with my family which we only managed to get a pair of pants for my dad :p booorrriinngg~

ahh one last thing...i've written down ur IOU to me in my little bae diary hehe...
and just to confirm tis with u...u really know KL better than me hahahahaha
what do i know better? seoul maybe? hahahahahahahahaha