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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi)

my~ my~
after all these years, i find myself smitten by a Japanese actor.

it has been so so long long ago, during my jdorama craze days and when kdrama has not been heard of..wow..back in the late 90s early entry into the 21st century...

i was a big fan of Masaharu Fukuyama, Takuya Kimura & Yutaka Takenouchi though i didnt do much about them like i did with one korean man..haha..internet must have been the culprit then hehe..

anyway, Yamashita Tomohisa...
guess its by 'chance' i 'stumbled' upon this guy...

being home on Sunday afternoon means doing nothing but watch TV. we have jdoramas in the afternoon so was caught up with this one called Buzzer Beat. i immediately like the guy Naoki...think he was cute and such good looking face to look at...even mom says he's cute kakaka..

so from then on i look forward to catching with this series but didnt really get a chance to sit in every Sunday and it never cross my mind to watch online..haha.

Buzzer Beat ended. then came a new series Code Blue.

the moment i saw that heli doctor Aizawa i was like wow, he's so cool and so.CUTE!
again i try to be home every sunday just to watch the series...season 1 ended and now we are into season 2.

i was watching last sunday and Aizawa just look so much more good looking then ever during one scene when he was to give medical instruction via telephone.

so i made it a point to dig and find out his real name.
today i did and realised that both Naoki and Aizawa equals to Yamashita Tomohisa. wahhhhh!!!!
no wonder i am so so smitten. bwahahahahaha!!

btw, anyone has any idea/info about this guy?

anyway, im just so happy. this kinda prove im not bias to only korean men and im normal. HA.HA.

Yamashita Tomohisa

my favorite of all time would have to be

Masaharu Fukuyama ^^

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Tamar1973 said...

Yamapi was really good in "The Cheater". It's one of the few Jdramas I own (the only other one is the Japanese version of Hotelier).