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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

tall or long legs?

dunno about u but i always like full length pics of him....

miracle unni posted tis in baeto ^^

언니야 예쁜사진 너무 고마워요 ^^

shopping i went today ^^

heh heh...
i went shopping alone today....again as usual ^^

my...wonder if it was bcos of the holidays, the festive season or the mega sale...
there were so a lot many ppl there !
but most of them were just 'look see look see' only :p

there were also families with young children who were there for the 'xmas deco' pictures

mid valley opted for those gingerbread house theme kind of deco
sorry...but i don think it's nice lor...i was expecting something more modern :p

anyway one nice thing they did was the artificial 'snow' made from soap bubbles which they 'sprayed' from the top floor downwards to the concourse area. not bad n the kids there were so happy.

ok la i also tot it was very nice n at that moment i REALLY wish im in seoul n the snow is REAL!
and that scene in WLS where Minhyung was looking up when it snow did came to mind too..hehe

mr.garfield was there too. i don really like cats..real cats i mean..but tis particular orange colored fur thing is an exception hahahahaha

did i spend today? yeah n kinda a lot too :p

click here to see my shopping pics ^^

other than those stuff in the pics i also bought some toiletries and a pair of jogging shoes
hahaha yeah u heard it right. jogging shoes.

so im gonna go jogging tomoro morning ^^

my dear fren angeline...r u game for a 6.30am jog tmr? :p

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

RAIN's coming 27th Jan 2007

was there for the concert press conference here at Bukit Jalil
finally they've settled some of the main issues after so long...
as usual CMG and Absolute Entertainment are the presenters and main organisers
surprise is the main sponsor for this event is Danish beer company CARLSBERG

hahaha...see any connection there? (" " )( . .)( " ")(. . )

anyway the press con went on quite well except that i think the msian media should be more active n responsive...think the kpop gals were more talkative than those reporters :p

i kinda like the fireworks and water effect. the 3 LED walls too.

pics? nope din bring my cam so too bad la.

so anyway here's the brief info of the concert for the moment..

RAIN World Tour : Live in Malaysia

Date : 27th Jan 2007 - Saturday
Venue : Bukit Jalil Outdoor Stadium
Ticket Prices : RM 752, 502, 402, 302, 202, 132 and 82.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Lotte photos Dec 2006 release

bet all of u hv seen the recent release of the lotte pics posted by style unni in quilt HERE

guess it has been a quite some time since i see some really nice lotte pics of him
like bb..i din quite like the previous sets of lotte photos released.
though they were taken at the same time...
u know tis is usual practice where they'll take a whole lot of pics n release them in batches esp when our YJ is a super bz man

somehow tis new set looks different n gives a different feel or whatever u call it

also it kinda brought me back to those days when some sisters n i will be so excited to see his new CF pics. back then 'Old & New's and Manstar's were some of the best.
now that he has dropped most of those good pics like these are hard to come by.

and bcos i like the set of lotte pics so much i had to do something to it. hehe..
style unni..thank u so much for the pics. i've modified just a few pics of yours ^^

my brain may be a little rusty but i don think ive seen him in tis pose before.
oh~ i just love the purple on him. see...purple's my fav color too hehehe ^^

hehe..tis is bb's i know something you don't know' look!
but i'll call it the 'he he he' look. he he he...

and and and....u know why i just luurrrvvveeee these 2 pics below????
the tie ! the tie ! the color ! the color ! its ORANGE !!!

i think it suits him ABSOLUTE-toly PERFECTOLY !

see? so good and smart looking eh?
and the orange color gives him such a nice fresh feel. oh~ @@~

hmm..bb ar...r u thinking what i am thinking??? he he he...

Friday, December 01, 2006

"Because our eyes met."

he was asked why he waved constantly to the crowd

he answered

"Because our eyes met."

"눈이 마주쳐가지구요"

sometimes i wonder if its true...

like this?

and i was wondering too during these times...

YJnim did our eyes meet?

용준님 우리의 눈을 마주치고 있었어요?

YJ at Hallyu Expo 06/11/29 by platonic쭌님

platonic joon unni would like to share her photos taken in jeju.
she was there to witness the event.

our dear Yong Joon at the Hallyu Expo opening ceremony in Jeju on 2006/11/29
can u see that he's looking at unni? ^^

언니야 좋은 사진들 정말 감사합니다. 기자 찍은 사진보다 더 좋아요^^

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Road I Travelled - Sung SiKyung

first song from my selection....

tis was the song played at the cafe when insoo and seoyoung both 'dated'

sang by one of my favorite K singer Sung SiKyung
taken from his 1st album 처은처럼 (choum chorom - Like First Time)

내게 오는 길 (성시경)
naege onun gil (sung sikyung)

지금 곁에서 딴 생각에 잠겨 걷고 있는 그대
chigum gyeot-eso tan saenggak-e chamgyeo kotgo i-nun gudae

설레는 마음에 몰래 그대 모습 바라보면서 내 안에 담아요~♪
sollenun maum-e mollae gudae mosup barabomyonso nae an-e dam-ayo

사랑이겠죠 또다른 말로는 설명할 수 없죠
sarang-i getcyo todarun malronun solmyonghal su oppcyo

함께 걷는 이 길 다시 추억으로 끝나지 않게 꼭 오늘처럼 지켜갈게요~♪
hamkke kotnun i-gil dasi chu-ok-uro kkut naji ann-ge kkot onulchorom jigyeo galkeyo

사랑한다는 그 말 아껴둘 걸 그랬죠 이젠 어떻게 내 맘 표현해야 하나
sarang handanun gu mal a-kkyeodul gol guraesscyo i-jen otokke nae mam pyohyunhae-ya hana

모든 것이 변해가도 이 맘으로 그대 사랑할게요~♪
modun kosi byunhae-gado i mamuro gudae sarang halgeyo

망설였나요 날 받아주기가 아직 힘든가요 그댈 떠난 사람
mangsol-yos-nayo nal bat-a-jugiga a-jik himdun-gayo gudael tonan saram

그만 잊으려고 애쓰지 마요 나 그때까지 기다릴테니~♪
guman itju-ryeogo ae-ssuji mayo na guddae-kkaji gida-ril-teni

사랑한다는 그 말 아껴둘 걸 그랬죠 이젠 어떻게 내 맘 표현해야 하나
sarang handanun gu mal a-kkyeodul gol guraesscyo i-jen otokke nae mam pyohyunhae-ya hana

모든 것이 변해가도 이 맘으로 그대 사랑할게요~♪
modun kosi byunhae-gado i mamuro gudae sarang halgeyo

눈물이 또 남아있다면 모두 흘려버려요
nunmul-i to nama-i-damyon modu hulryeo-boryeoyo

이 좋은 하늘아래 우리만 남도록~♪
i-choun hanul-arae wuriman namdorok

사랑할 수 있나요 내가 다가간 만큼 이젠 내게 와줘요
saranghal su i-nayo naega dagagan mankkum i-jen naege wa-chuo-yo

내게 기댔나요 사랑이 아니라 해도 괜찮아요
naege gidaes-nayo sarang-i a-ni-ra haedo kwaenchan-nayo

그댈 볼 수 있으니 괜찮아요 내가 사랑할 테니~♪
gudael bolsu i-suni kwaenchan-nayo naega saranghal teni


thanks so much to a korean sister who posted tis in cafe
got hook to it so much that i was listening to it for so so many times
will find out from her the rest of the songs from the selection i posted as my background

룰루언니 노래커렉션을 많이 뗑규여 ^^

Friday, November 10, 2006

its here ! its here !

Kino called yday evening to tell me that my Crea has finally arrived !

MY copy...the last of the first batch of order (of 3) has finally arrived ! yippeeee !!!

so..im going down to KLCC to pick it up tomoro...yes ! yes ! yes !

the rest of u who is on the second batch of order will hv to wait a little...
sorry sisters....정말 미안해요 chongmal mian haeyo....really sorry....

but don worry...u should hv read tomato's info that its already available again on amazon so that means japan is having more stock ready.
i shall confirm with Kino tomoro...ok?

meanwhile a k sister posted tis comparison pics in baeto yday...

my chin to chest pic ^^

i just love the intent look on his face

ohhh~~~ @@~~

the k sister...she's the one who intro me to some of my fav korean stars...
so we do share the same kind of interest in men...hehe ^^

언니 우리 블로그으로 오면 좀 인사 주세요...
좋은 하고 잘생긴 한국 남자분들 나한테 많이 '소개'했어서
진심으로 고마워요. ㅋㅋ

근데 언니...난 언젠가 후니는 볼 수가 있어요? 어?

thanks bb for the trans YJ's essay
i wanted to ustand thoroughly what he wrote so i hv been waiting since i read the translated korean version done by yukihosi nim in gongsik.

gongsik (공식) = literally it means 'official' but fans of stars refer it as 'official board/site'

well...BYJ Classics-Hero shall remain on my wishlist for christmas tis year..sigh..sigh...

ok ok..i shall forget what i cant get and instead think of what i can and am going to get tomoro

bwa.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha !!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

the 'hair' issue

ok i'll just post this and go to sleep....

'hair' issue THEN....


'hair' issue NOW...

black & white


처믕부터 지금까지 사.랑.합.니.다.

영원히.....120 %

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

CREAzy 4 U !

ok i know its ALL over the net now or at least our bae-net

though i was among the first few who saw the latest CREA photos posted in KOB tis morning
i shall be among the very last few to post something about it.

i really wanted so much to babble something right after i saw the pics but i really gotta go 'water my money tree' so i had to wait till now. and so.....for the whole day i was CREA-talking about CREA-BYJ the whole day. those nice nice photos kept 'appearing' in my head the whole day. kept thinking if i could still get my hands on it...keep wondering if there's anymore pics ive not seen yet...etc etc etc...

thanks bb for telling me about the mag order.

Kinokuniya KLCC only ordered 3 copies of the issue saying that if they knew who's gonna be on the cover they would hv gotten more :p
2 of the 3 was already preordered n so thank god i managed to get the ONLY one ^^
i already place in another order for more but they couldnt promise me that they'll get it since its already out of stock so msian sisters hang in there...we'll see what we can do...

anyway...lets talk about the photo shoot...

most of us should hv seen most of his CF or work photoshoot. u may hv seen some 'repetitive' pose that u don mind seeing them again and again.
but tis time, mr.photographer Leslie Kee has really done some difference and created a whole new 'style' to our BYJ.

frankly...it has NEVER cross my mind that he will do those 'Ahh!~' kinda of pose. what more to have those 'almost-striptease' pose that makes u wonder?? ohhh~~ @@~~

ok ok here's some of my favorites ^^

love the way his chin almost touches his chest

i always love it when they take FULL length pic of him ^^

just nice for a tailed-tux ^^

now...tis is what i call 'new style in bae-photography'

the almost-striptease pose
goodness ! i wonder how it looks like from the other side??
ohh~~~ @@~~

and THIS is the 'Ahh!~~' pose i was talking about ^^

see what i mean?
have u ever seen him this way???

ohhh~~~ @@~~

and finally THIS is my favorite ! ^^

i dunno why but i really really love this one !
do i need to explain why?

ohhh~~~ @@~~

so what do u think? which one is ur fav?
i know which is bb's fav..hahaha...is it that blue tale??? :p

and u know...
today's fuss about tis CREA issue kinda brought back the feelings of the good old days to me. remember those time when i and some other sisters who were still fresh and new with evthing BYJ. we would be so so happy each time we see some new pics, CFs, news of him. and if there are things like magazines books or videos that we can buy, we will be so busy but happy to help arrange for purchases from in and out of korea or other places to one another.

or not..we will just talk and talk and talk about how he look like in those new photos or if we found something new about him or we 'discovered' something about his body (like how bb discovered the scar below his chin...bb ar..how can u not see it previously?? :p) ..hehehehe

well...things have changed a little now...the oldies would hv noticed...
but really...today i really felt great...like a walk down memory lane...

and today bcos of all the fuss about ordering the magazine...
someone just asked me...'what is so great about this man that we are doing all these???'

well...thats for u to ask for me to say 'i dunno'

but..how can u NOT love this man???

ps : thanks so much to the person who scanned and posted the pics ^^

Monday, November 06, 2006

Hallyu Expo in Asia

the latest info was just posted a while ago here

and according to this info...

pic credit : vivarijuni unni

YJ will be attending the opening ceremony on nov 29th
he's scheduled to be from 3pm-5pm

frankly....im both happy and sad about this...
happy...the expo is finally on its way
sad...i cant be there when there's gonna be sooooooo many stars !

there's already info on appointed japanese tour agency to this expo
but nothing for other overseas fans...or are there gonna be any??


제주도 ! 난 가고 싶다 !!! 정말 !!!!!!!!

IF miracle do happen i'll be in JEJU tis Nov 29 ~

Sunday, November 05, 2006

bits and pieces

today...i have been lazy...again...as always...:p
woke up at about noon today..yeah a record for me but still din manage to sleep all the way thru
cos there were 2 phonecalls from about 8-10am ggrrrrr.....why cant they just let me sleep???

din do anything today...and i REALLY mean NOTHING at all..except that i was watc
hing 6 episodes of Misa. my cousins were watching so i just sat there n watch la. think it was the 3rd time im watching it...

Misa=Mianhada Saranghanda=Sorry I Love You >> So Jisub & Im Soojung

yday..some bae sisters n i met up for dinner. we went to tis restaurant named after 'Dae Jang Geum'.
tot they will hv BIG Lee Youngae's poster greeting us when we walk in but NO !

the very person that greeted us was


can u believe that? hahaha so as any bae gal would do we greeted him 'Yong Joon-a annyong' interior deco..of all the other k restaurant ive been to in KL so far tis one made a lot of effort. and mind u.. k restaurants are now springing like bean sprouts around town. previously most of them are centered in the mini korean town in Ampang.

since there were only 5 of us we din order too much and more over urs truly here is supposed to attend a wedding in 2 weeks time n she din wanna scare evone away !

so we ordered bulgogi, ribeye beef, kimchi jeon, kimchi ji
ge n im so happy to discover that tis restaurant do serve one of my fav dish...nakji bokum which is spicy fried octopus !

tis is the beef..already barbeque-ing ^^

tis one..bulgogi...wah...steaming hot n so the delicious ! ^^

of cos there were lots of banchans around too...hey hey don get me wrong... the banchans here means real banchans ok? not MY banchan :p

and tis...MY nakji bokum !

gotta admit that it wasnt that delicious compared to those i had in korea but i guess i just got to be satisfied since im here. those in korea are normally served steaming hot n very very spicy. the last time i had it was with inneke together with a korean sister. i remembered both inn n i ate soooo much n our lips got kinda big n red due to the spicyness hahahaha but yet we still enjoyed ourselves soooo much n we vowed to eat that again together next time.

5 very tummy-satisfied ladies..hehehe

wonder how much i put on after dinner yday..hmm....

dinner was fun cos as usual like what every bae gal will do when they get together so we were the loudest around there n we were there for so long even after we finished that the boss had to say sorry n ask us to leave. they were doing great business yday so i don blame him. but he'll be hearing from me again soon ^^

no..we din go home yet..how can we go home when we just started??

we left the restaurant but got into a kopitiam just downstairs and had...what else?
kopi la ^^

kopitiam(hokkien)=coffee shop

we talked and laughed and talked and laughed so much
till i din even notice a fren that came.
it was only when he was leaving that he came and said bye bye that i realised he was sitting just behind us...sorry ronny :p

we left only at about midnite..

i was at someone's blog here tis morning which made me wanna talk about my banchan hehe..

so...it wasnt only me that think he's good looking huh? im glad ^^
the movie rumor is no rumor..its TRUE !!! haahhaha im sooo happy !

dunno if ive said tis before but i somehow 'see' a 2nd BYJ in him...
ok ok some of u might not agree with me n i dunno how long i can stay with him but hey its my bloggy so i hv the right to babble..hahaha :p
and till now he's THE banchan among my banchans.

but one thing foremost..i don think i will do what ive done for YJ for any other guy anymore. period.

look he was at his uni festival few days ago where he sang an old song.

기억이란 사랑보다 (giok-iran sarang boda) 'Memory is sadder than love'

a sad song..i dunno why he sang such a song tho...hmm...후니아 속상하지마 어?
wont say he sang well but not bad he can still improve...

such a good looking young man...sigh~~~~~

and this ↓

tis is the smile i fell in love with
tis is what made me all so crazy
tis is the very smile i see some 4 years ago
the kind of smile that can just kill
tis was the kind of smile i see first in BYJ
tis smile makes me smile

having said all these...im missing HIS smile too.....

내 멋있는 남자들 보고싶다 !!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

absolutely so good looking !!!

wow~ finally~~

at long last we got to see how the king look in action ^^
i have been 'reserving' my comments re 'what he's doing/ whats happening around him/ hows the filming going' till today that i see these pics. why?

bcos i wanna try giving him some 'silent support'
apart from having all those 'loud support' that he's already having from so many ppl
i think he also need the 'silent support' which i define to be 'support from within the heart mind and soul'
don ustand what im talking about? nvm hahaha (too much butter waffle i guess :p)

thanks to the person who uploaded these 2 pics in cyworld

really really 감사합니다 !!!

really really think he look sooooooooooo good !!!
sooooooooooooo good looking !!!

but frankly..both pics showed his face from the side so how he actually looks like from the front?
yeah...i know even better and more good looking rite?

well i always like to see things as a 'whole' so i still would like to see him from the front but as of now i'll say...


ok..i know there's one latest pic...tho it must hv been taken some time ago...

this one from the latest Dec issue of Crea.

ok...to be frank...i don really like his hair like that. why?
maybe it made his face look a little small n kinda emphasized on his 'thin' face..
i always like a little 'meat' on his face that he look more healthy ^^

but but but....

one thing that u can NEVER deny looking at this pic is...
how SEXY his body is !!!

huiyo~ look at those chest !!!

previously he only had the first 2 or 3 buttons unbuttoned with his necklace dangling which made u wonder whats 'beneath' or 'below' there...

but now...he had them all unbuttoned !!!
and more he's wearing black ! my~

huiyo~ phew~~

hmm....i wonder what if he's wearing a red shirt...my~ my~~

Sunday, October 29, 2006

신 받다 ! ㅋㅋ

hahaha !

i finally got my 'shin goon' ~~

look !

came home on friday and wah lah !~

a dear korean sister sent 'him' to me in tis little box

the 'goong' package contains a cartoon version of the drama..
err not really cartoon but shots of the drama in sequence with their dialogue in bubbles. haha..know what i mean??
then the bear book is a note book. then the Yoon eun Hye's pack are some DHC beauty product sample where she's a spokesperson.

there was actually a mini version of the 두부인형 (dubu in hyeong) the tofu pillow..hehe..but the dubu is only given out as gift in random when the package is ordered online.
so my fren said...'we were in no luck' sob sob sob...

but anyway as compensation she got me my banchan's banchan..hahahahaha
see the golden yellow box? its crown's butter waffle.
like our YJ my banchan's models for tis waffle.
and it taste absolutely sooooooo good and of cos its absolutely sooooooo fattening !!! :p

oh sorry that i had to babble about tis rather than to post what im supposed to but tis is much easier to do. hahaha

and oh btw...i din managed to get any blouse or whatever so im gonna go thru my wardrobe and wear something thats already 3 years old :p

ok im done for today...

잘 자요~ jal jayo~ goodnight~