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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

RAIN's coming 27th Jan 2007

was there for the concert press conference here at Bukit Jalil
finally they've settled some of the main issues after so long...
as usual CMG and Absolute Entertainment are the presenters and main organisers
surprise is the main sponsor for this event is Danish beer company CARLSBERG

hahaha...see any connection there? (" " )( . .)( " ")(. . )

anyway the press con went on quite well except that i think the msian media should be more active n responsive...think the kpop gals were more talkative than those reporters :p

i kinda like the fireworks and water effect. the 3 LED walls too.

pics? nope din bring my cam so too bad la.

so anyway here's the brief info of the concert for the moment..

RAIN World Tour : Live in Malaysia

Date : 27th Jan 2007 - Saturday
Venue : Bukit Jalil Outdoor Stadium
Ticket Prices : RM 752, 502, 402, 302, 202, 132 and 82.

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