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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Friday, June 30, 2006


ok...i just did the ayurveda diagnose. (thanks satovic and flowerbossa ^^)

im a 'kapha-pitta'. a 'water-fire' person..
i have so much water than fire that i think i could even burst ! :p
from the diagnosis i will hv to change quite a lot of things to balance out my lifestyle...
but where do i start??

food....f.o.o.d !!!! i know i know food has always been a culprit in my life or was it myself :p
next thing...exercise....e.x.e.r.c.i.s.e !!!! this is even worst than having to control my food intake !!!
i am sooooo SUPER LAZY that i would rather just sit and read a book than to go jogging :p

sigh...how ah?? maybe if u tell me that YJ and MY OM is coming to KL for a visit then i will DEFINITELY go for a workout to make myself better...to balance myself out al the very least :p
bwahahahahahahaha...what am i babbling about???

anyway anyway...seriously..i really r.e.a.l.l.y hv to do something about myself..
not for anyone but FOR MYSELF ! true?
later im gonna read the ayurveda passage again to get those things properly place in my fish brain.

this aside...ive been 'deprived' of football for 2 days now and finally today the Qfinals will kick off
germany x argentina and later on the azzuris against the ukrainians.
who will win? IMHO...
first game...germany bcos they hv home ground advantage
2nd game...err....can i not say about this? cos im rooting for the azzuris and i always hv tis weird tot that if i were to say my chosen team will win than it might go the other way...get what i mean? so im not gonna say it. instead i will let the action speaks for themselves.

azzuris aja ! fighting !!!

there's one more thing bugging me lately....
what should we do if we cant get Quilt back on?
should we get a new Quilt?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

NOW...im missing him.....

tho it has been daysssss since evone last 'heard' and 'seen' of him..and...altho evone has been saying n confessing how much they really miss him.

i for once...having been with the family, and im proud to be one, ever since 2002, TRY NOT to miss him. its not the first time that he goes into 'hibernation' and ive been thru the 'i miss u so much' thingy for quite a number of times already. BUT i really tried not to have such tot this time round trying to watch other dramas, getting to 'know' some other 'guys' and even having a few banchans here and there.

BUT BUT BUT tonite....frances 'broke' my 'serenity' with THIS !!!

oh~now she REALLY REALLY made me miss him sooooo much !!!
so much so that im gonna CALL HIM !!!

YJ nim could u just say hello?
용준님...정말 오래만이예요...
오늘 밤에 갑자기 많이 보고싶다
'안녕하세요 배용준입니다' 기대합니다.
요즘 태사기 대문에 많이 바빠있죠?
항상 당신의 모든일이 다 잘 되길 빕니다
건강 많이 조심하세요

절대 배용준 ! 화이팅 !!!

i know evone's missing him now....
'close to you' i guess we could just dream of that tonite~

wonderful work by coffeesarang unni
posted by visionmix unni in baeto

BYJ Seen through Ayurveda

translated and posted by flowerbossa
BYJ Seen through Ayurveda

flowerbossa : My friend satovic is passionate about at least two things in life; BYJ, and the world of Ayurveda.
Combining the two, she provided a good piece of writing for the members of B.S.J. (“Blue Sky Joonie” or “Bae Supporters in Japan”)

Originally posted in Japanese on B.S.J. on Oct. 1, 2004

Translated by flowerbossa (courtesy of satovic)

Bae Yong Joon Seen Through The Science of Traditional Indian Medicine

I’m sorry for not being able to come to this site very often recently - I was busy assisting my Indian teacher. If you are wondering what I am doing, I basically act as a translator between my teacher and patients. When my teacher diagnoses his patients, he silently takes their pulse. He would not even ask their names.

After he concentrates on taking their pulses for about a minute, he begins to tell about what is going on in their bodies in Indian English, occasionally using Sanskrit terms. It is then my job to write to them down in a real hurry, and explain it to the patients in Japanese. The content of the doctor’s diagnosis is not limited to the problems of physical health. The human exsistence is a combination of the heart, the soul and the body.

So, for example, if you happened to experience a psychological shock caused by a tragic incident 5 years ago, you might have liver problems stemming from this. The two aspects are related. The doctor is also able to tell your physical history from the time you were in your mother’s womb. And this is not fortune-telling. It is a form of medical science with its own theory. A record of our past is firmly stored in our bodies. Of course, it would require a long period of training to be able to tell these things, just by reading one’s pulse. However, without going through such rigid training, we do become capable of recognizing some aspects of our bodies, if we learn about this science. That is the wonderful part about Ayurveda, the science of traditional Indian medicine.I will like to talk about wuri Yong Joon through the perspective of this Indian science.

First of all, Ayurveda is founded on the premise that there are three major forms of energy in this universe. These three are symbolized in wind, fire, and water - however, we are not talking about wind itself. We call them such, as the characteristics of these three forms of energy resemble them to a large degree. For the sake of convenience, we will call it “the energy of wind”, but it is important to remember that this is not an accurate expression. This is an essential point as it will become clearer later on.

So, these three forms of energy works in everything in nature, and it is no exception with human beings. The predominant energy in each individual is determined at the moment fertilization occurs, and this depends on factors such as our parents’ physical and mental constitution, timing of conception and environment. What is determined at this time remains unchanged in the course of one’s lifetime. Although all three types of energies are functioning within us, we generally display the characteristics of two, with one slightly more dominant than the other. Therefore, if “wind” is the most predominant energy in a certain person, with “fire” about medium, and “water” functioning in an even lesser degree, we would call him a “wind-fire” type.

In Yong Joon-ssi’s case, I think his constitution is the typical “fire-water” type. The reason I say “I think” here, is because this analysis is only based on my indirect observation. I have never met him in person, let alone gotten to know him to a degree that I can see his true thoughts. Therefore, what I am talking about is the YJ I see through his works and what we hear about him through the internet – and I cannot say anything for sure.

So, how can we determine a person’s constitution? We can learn many things about a person through his build, hair, skin, eyes, lips, his way of speaking, the way of thinking, his way of behavior, his digestion, patterns of sleep, habits, hobbies,etc.

Then, when we discover the type of one’s constitution based on these observations, we are able to predict how a person might think or behave in certain situations. This will make things easier in terms of human relationships, and because we will become more accepting of the idea that we are all different, we will not get upset as much. Also, we will learn to step into other people’s shoes. And, because our constitutions will determine the type of illness we are prone to and how we can deal with them, it is useful in taking care of one’s own health and that of our family’s.

The more we learn about the relationship between one’s constitution and what one should eat, how we should sleep etc., the more interesting it gets, and the knowledge is useful in our daily lives. Not only do we become healthier physically, we can become happy through attaining a calmer state of mind. That is the great thing about this science. Although “treatment of illness” is a part of this knowledge, the prevention of illness is the essence of Ayurveda.

Alright, I’ve babbled enough on the wonders of this science. Let’s go back and talk about Yong Joon.

I will first give the characteristics of the “fire” type.The characteristics of the energy symbolized by fire (called “pitta”) is heat and sharpness, therefore, people with the pitta constitution tend to possess a lot of heat in their bodies. They perspire a lot, feel uncomfortable in hot weather, and are also “hot” in their temperament. In other words, they tend to be passionate and subject to temper tantrums.

The “sharpness” is evident in the intensity of their eyes and their minds – they are very intelligent. They are orderly and focused. If they moved something, they would not be content unless it is returned to the original position, and they are perfectionists at work, planning things carefully in the process. They like practical things. Pitta also has the function of giving color to objects, so their skin has a lot of moles or freckles. Their skin is warm, moist, and tend to be reddish or yellowish. Lips are red and give a sensitive impression. The light in their eyes is intense, but the eyes themselves are neither big nor small. They tend to get blood-shot easily.

Pitta people have good digestion, resulting in strong appetites. They tend to enjoy cold food and drinks, however, when this energy is out of balance, they crave for food that stores heat in their bodies like hot food, chicken, and alcohol. They are very sensitive to smell, and enjoy nice fragrance – especially aroma that cools, such as lavender and sandalwood.

They are passionate people, very brave and open to challenges. They have a warm heart that enables them to help other people, even enemies, however, once they are betrayed, they will never trust the other again. They are very stubborn. They are good leaders, and have a strong sense of responsibility, and very proud. They enjoy exhibiting their wealth. They like beautiful objects, and are fashionable. They are very interested in fashion and decorative objects, and sometimes like name brand goods, but have their own value system and are proud about that. Because they do not compromise, others may find them stubborn. Once under stress, they tend to develop problems caused by acid, such as skin disease and stomach ulcer, and tend to have diarrhea. People of this constitution move their bowels more than once a day. Because they have strong will power, they are able to manage their daily lives to be orderly, but persevere too much when they are busy. They get irritated when they are hungry. Favorite colors are red and yellow. Also, they tend to be argumentative.

Next, I will talk about the “water” type.The energy symbolized by “water” or “kapha”, is like water itself - heavy, cold, slow-moving, easygoing, and smooth. Also, just as water solidifies when it turns into ice, kapha has the quality of solidifying.

Therefore, people of the kapha constitution tend to gain weight. They have well-developed bodies, and their build is larger than average and stocky. Because they are slow moving and slow-paced emotionally, they are calm and tolerant. They even may give the impression of being thick. Their way of speaking is smooth and not aggressive. They have a resonant voice that is thick and full, giving a gentle impression. Because they like to keep still, they enjoy staying at home. They like water, and water related places, and such places appear in their dreams.

Because solidification means aspects coming together to stabilize, their personality has a similar trait. People of this type like to collect memories and preserve them. They also like to collect knowledge. They are slow in learning, but what is learned is definite.

When this characteristic is applied in financial matters, these people like to collect money, exhibiting traits of greed, and can be stingy. Also, because they do not like to be active, they tend to be lazy and slob around.

They enjoy things like reading, listening to lectures, and like to spend time meaningfully by doing something that does not require movement. They are slow in taking action because they are slow in comprehension, and contemplative. But once they start something, they have the perseverance to complete it. Kapha people are not very interested in things such as fashion, and care little about what they are wearing, because substance means more to them than the exterior. However, they like things to be clean.

This type likes the colors blue and white. Skin tends to be fair, smooth and cool to the touch. They are quiet people, kind at heart, appreciative and tolerant.

They are considerate towards others. Like sweet things. Has the tendency to be resistant to disease – asthma and respiratory problems are some of the few disorders that this type may face. Is patient and complains little of discomfort such as pain and itchiness. Eyes tend to be big and captivating, lips are big and full, and teeth are white. Hair is black, straight and tends to be moist and heavy. This type likes to eat, but because digestion is slow, they can tolerate hunger.

There you have it, and I did not give the descriptions with Yong Joon in mind. They are all typical traits. But don’t you think many of these apply to wuri man? To sum things up, we can find the characteristics of pitta and kapha in Yong Joon, so therefore we can guess that he has the constitution of a “pitta – kapha” or a “kapha – pitta” (the predominant one comes first). Actors require “vata”, or the “wind” quality, but this seems to be scarce in Yong Joon. When one possesses this quality, inspiration comes first, so emotions can move quickly.

But I think Yong Joon is more of the type that needs to comprehend the situation in his head first, and then make his body take in the information through repetition. “Fire” and “water” is the polar opposite. Therefore, people who have both of these characteristics have an easy time maintaining their health, but if they placed themselves in either of the extremes, they would loose their balance. So, it is very important to keep the middle path.

If Yong Joon-ssi would ask me directly for advice on his diet and general care, I would be so willing to give him everything there is to know!

I would like to suggest this to all of you, too - if you could find out your constitution type, you will have a better idea of how to care for yourself on a daily basis. As for me, after I received Ayurveda treatment, and started to eat in the way suitable for my constitution, I became free of most of my physical problems such as asthma and constipation. And because my days have become more refreshing and pleasant, I am more able to concentrate on a variety of things. This is why it is my wish to share this knowledge with many people as possible.

In Japan, too, there seems to have been a period when Ayurveda was introduced. In the ancient city of Nara, lies the Imperial Repository, called the Shosoin, and this building built in the seventh century contains numerous items from the Nara period. Among the medical herbs preserved there, there are a substantial number of plants with Sanskrit names printed on them, which is used in Ayurveda. Buddha himself received Ayurveda treatment, as it is recorded in Buddhist scriptures, and it is considered that these documents came to Japan through China. If this is so, it would be no surprise if this knowledge went through Korea as well. As a matter of fact, there are many aspects of the diet and bathing methods (such as sauna) in Korea that show great resemblance to that recorded in the classic documents of Ayurveda. When I saw this on television for the first time, I was amazed. In Korea, the knowledge of ancient India is applied in their daily lives, to a greater degree than in Japan. So, I hope one day to visit Korea to collect such knowledge.

And, it is my dream to give a luxurious massage to Yong Joon’s beautiful back with oil containing herbs…oh, but it’s no good…I will probably be too mesmerized by him….(^ ^;)

Thank you for reading, everyone!

thank u sooooooooo much flowerbossa and satovic !!!
now i will wonder about the 'wind' type...hmm....


i guess by now evone should know about yj's 3rd restaurant soon to be opened in Tokyo
no? then u read bb's trans HERE la...

platonic unni posted some pics of the interior of the restaurant in baeto some days ago but she din state where she got the pics

name of the restaurant... 고시레 'Gosireh'

really nice huh? so very class.
the setting so serene. the ambience so 'typically BYJ'

the food...how to eat food that is being served soooooooooo 'artistically' nice?
just like those very expensive french cuisine...how to eat la....??

looks like there'll be no end ever to my mission impossible..now impossiblessssssss !!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

laughter. the parody...

liezle's posting on the WLS trivias reminded me on something that is soooo funny..
at least to me la.. :p

anyway....this is purely JUST FOR LAUGHS

so laugh away bwahahahahahaha

*click to play* http://www.njoyschool.net/data/club/bbs023/겨울응가.swf

parody script :-

Min Hyung says : sorry sorry this time its for real !

Gyeul 'Ung' ga

[Q-Joanne]For Quilt family

(To BYJ fans-I hope you understand me for posting this to the Quilt family as the Quilt site is down at this time)

Dear Quilt family,

I am sorry that I could not tell you anything about the Quilt even though the site has been down for several days, because I myself did not know what had happened.

I just got the message from Hyeon, our webmaster, who contacted our hosting server. It seems that they have lost all the data of the Quilt while the company was working on routine maintenance work. At present, they cannot restore the Quilt. Hyeon, who does not have back-up program, has requested the company to try to restore the Quilt at any cost. However, I am afraid that we lost the Quilt.

A similar thing had happened about 2&1/2 half year ago, when server company disappeared. At that time the Quilt was able to get the framework although all the precious data got lost.

At this time we are anxiously waiting for the result and are praying for the best.

If the Quilt is indeed lost, I and Hyeon will discuss for the further plan. We will use this board to update you.

Again, I apologize to you for keeping you in dark for several days. I would like you to share this information with the Quilt family who do not have access to this board.

Thank you for your tremendous love for BYJ and the Quilt.


Monday, June 26, 2006

my half cent worth of feedback...

you asked for it...

liezle posted a 'i need your feedback' posting in her blog today...
bb posted her feedback here

tho..like bb...im one who seldom cares about things like that but reading what bb hv to say...
i tot i'll hv my share of 2 cents...maybe half....being a copy-cat lor :p

anyway...really...i don give a damn what ppl hv to say(bad) about YJ
to me...its just...'i don care what u think as long as i like him. its MY business'

u know..the reason why i limit myself from surfing too many sites be it pro-BYJ or anti-BYJ related is that i don wanna hear and see too much especially when some things tend to be too fabricated too much salt and with too many an opinion. i know i wont like it if its something negative so why wanna give myself a hard time? this is also one good way to minimize myself from getting involved in any 'political issues' among the family members.

whenever i visit soompi forum, there's only 2 places that i go to...
liezle's thread on YJ and the korean drama thread...thats it.
ive never touch on the 'korean celeb photo' (or whatever u call it) thread that liezle often says '...plenty of anti byj....'

now for my feedback to that post...

liezle...is that all she has to say? how blunt.
she sounded like a korean to me. so my guess would be..she felt betrayed.
i know of some korean fans who think that way esp when Japan came into the picture.
they may not hv been a fan long enough to 'learn' about the family matters thus feeling dissappointed and left out when the focus is slightly turned away from home.
i would hv this to say to her....
"if that is what u think he is doing is wrong in any sense. then u r even more wrong. if u r still a new fan of him then u should learn more about this man first before giving any judgement. but if u hv been a long time fan of him n still hv this to say, i guess u'll always be just a fan. bcos we r not his fans WE ARE HIS FAMILY. and as family we all learn and understand enough to hv trust in the man himself.
BUT..of cos if u r not a fan of him in any sense then please don waste ur time being here at all. we don mind the criticism but do u think he is worth ur precious time?"

i can tell u who i don like or hate but i definitely WILL NOT waste my time searching for that person(s) thread or website just to say how much i dislike of him/her. leave the written comments to urself n save it for rainy days when u meet face to face with those who hate the same person as u do so that u can talk till the rain stop n no one will even care to bother u.

ok..enough feedback said...i'll save some for my rainy days too n before i get shoot at :p

with regards to BYJ's Quilt

ive tried to contact joanne unni over this matter but hv yet to get any reply from her...
this may due to her busy schedule at the hospital and some personal matters.

for ur info...there shouldnt be any problem with the web hosting term for this year. the problem we are facing now may due to the server's capacity which we once had the last time quilt was down. if this is the case pls allow some time for hyeon unni(the webmaster) to do the rectification.

dont worry as far as i know quilt will still be an 'open house' to everyone...

on behalf of the quilt administrators, my apologies to everyone should there be any inconvenience or 'heartbreak' caused during the downtime.

thank you so much for always supporting BYJ's Quilt

Sunday, June 25, 2006

So Ji Sub

im shovelling liezle's write up again..mianhae liezle...

she posted about sjs's visit to japan for MISA promo and about some comment sjs fans have
with regards to sjs looking like yj and their say on sjs joining BOF.
liezle's post HERE

of cos i was also surprised when it was announced that sjs will join BOF

i got to know sjs thru MISA. i like him so much there...
apart from his cute looks n shy smile...
i really think he's a great actor...'ajossi' really did him great justice..
afraid that he might only be another 'temporary' good actor...
i went on to get Glass Shoe.....actually my mom wanted it more than i did cos she is halfway thru the drama on tv when the station stopped its transmission :p
but when i know that sjs is part of the line up...i got helen to help out..thanks twin ^^
i wanna know if he's really good...n truly he is equally good in GS...
then Bali...he was so fresh and he's so young n good looking in Bali but u know....
i hate that drama...sorry to those of u who likes it but i really hated the story where EVERYONE actually died in the end ! i mean..what kind of ending is that????? ok enough said..

from all these..i knew sjs IS another great actor in the making..
so when BOF signed on him...i was both glad n happy...
glad that im a fan of sjs BEFORE he joins BOF...proves that i like sjs sjs NOT bcos of yj or bof
happy bcos i know with BOF he's not only gonna be successful but he'll also be expose to so many other things .

sjs fans said that they r afraid that he'll be 'commercialised' by BOF...
don worry...we never want OUR BYJ to be commercialised too...n till now he has never been.
they know what they r doing n im sure sjs knows very well too what he's doing when he put his name on the white paper.

about him being a copy of BYJ....nah....no way !
THE BOSS wont wanna sign on someone n make a biscuit mould out of himself rite??
do u think he wanna see a mirror image of himself ? :p
but maybe ms hong should start going the opposite way when shopping for both guys hehe..

anyway anyway....i love the fact that sjs is with yj in BOF n being managed by MY OM

Saturday, June 24, 2006

the day i met famous Root Lee ^^

bb posted THIS in her blog today
and it reminded me about something that geunmi unni posted previously on her homepage

so i reposted geunmi unni's post in kimchi bloggy ^^

football is footbal

football is football and football is cruel...

defeated 2-0 by the suisse..south korea going home from the worldcup...
asia's final quest at the worldcup ends in hanover...
(sorry i don consider aussie as asian tho they r in the asian group)

it was a slow start for the koreans...
there were some very good midfield play but the swiss had the upper hand with several misses towards the last 15 mins of the half the koreans started to heat up n created some good chances
it ended 1-0 to the suisse at halftime

coming back after the break the koreans got most of the ball playing around the field...
i finally get my 'dream' team of forwarders when coach advocaat made 2 changes..
lee chunsoo, ahn junghwan and seol kihyun...BUT...it just din seem to work...
they got the ball but just...

suisse's 2nd goal...may sound controversial...
even i tot that it was off side n had wanted to bill the argentinian referee as being the worst BUT
watching the replay...the referee was right to overrule the linesman..
the ball was a flick off the korean so the flag should hv stayed down
i would hv blame it on the inexperience linesman cos Elizondo(the referee) is an experienced guy
so that goal was legal n the koreans were just too unlucky to be 'fooled' by the flag~

park jisung was best in midfield with kim namil...and they did just as expected

my man of the match today would be cho jaejin
he was just great today creating many chances for himself n others
u can see his frustration evtime he misses..oh~

korea should hv scored from that 'so very near' position but.....ahh no...

see? thats football...tis is one game that u will never know what will happen till the whistle is off

congrats to the better team who won today~

whatever it is...
it was a wonderful outing for the red devils n im sure they will be back again in 4 years to come..

lastly..a pat on the back for each and every red devils supporters out there
esp those in the stadium...they hv never stop supporting even till the very last moment
it was 'Dae Han Min Guk' allll the way~~~

so...guys..u hv done well !

태극전사들 많이 수고했다. 잘 했다 !
4년 후에 다시 열심히 하겠다 !

대에~~~한민국 !!! 짝짝 짝짝 짝!!!

i was having trouble posting pics here so i resorted to my ever-so-reliable kimchi bloggy
click HERE for my picture commentary hehe ^^

Friday, June 23, 2006

love the man love the ball

liezle blog about my fav ball game today

so im shovelling it here for 'safe-keeping' hehehe

if u r interested...read about it HERE

as regards to the ball game tonite...
im hoping coach advocaat to use a more offensive game against the suisse
it was already stated in on papers that that's what he's doing n i like the 3-4-3 formation he's using but...looking at the line-up....hmm....i don see AJH leh...
he's putting PJS up front which i think should be push back into his best position in midfield
PJS is a creative player so having him in midfield with Kim Nam-il would be a better choice.

i would really like to see Seol Kihyun Lee Chunsoo n AJH up front doing the running n attacking ^^

LYP n Kim Dongjin hv been doing well behind so i hope they do much more tonite..

liezle mentioned Cha Duri...eerr....i don think he came with the squad tis time leh....
i was hoping to see him tis world cup cos he debuted quite well in the previous cup.
for ur info...CDR is son of a famous korean footballer Cha Bum Kum...it runs in the blood ^^

oh...gotta go shower now....

대에~~~한민국 !!!

Men in Japan

haha men in japan...
actually should be Korean men in Japan :p

babbled about 'the other 2' famous korean guys who are now in japan HERE

always prefer to babble there cos the functions there r much easier ^^

thanks tomato for the info n pics that i shoveled from her gorry in liezle's blog

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

yokee's kimchi ^^

anyone out there game for a treat of kimchi? hehe

i just posted a 'how to make kimchi' in my kimchi blog

interested? here's the way to kimchi ^^

oh..ok time for my kimchi ramyon now...


Sunday, June 18, 2006

come get ur kimchi pls...

annyong annyong...

this will be specially dedicated to my non-BYJ frens...
my very very long time frens since school...
ok ok cut the crap i know i know..
haha u gals must be surprised why i 'directed' u here
n must be asking since when i started a blog leh...

haha was sometime ago lor but very lazy to keep it only
but recently i realised that it one good place to stor stuff too
hehe n i wanted to proof that i am still very very SANE.
see...i must ONLY be SANE to show u gals this blog...RIGHT??? :p
i know u gals don like the idea that im getting too 'involved' with all these k stuff
so i wanna let u know that im still 'mo si' still very 'jeng siong' hahahahaha

anyway...NEVER MIND the 'non-related' stuff just read this posting here ok? :p

anyway anyway...i told geline that i'll be making kimchi today so i did.
geline here's ur share ↓ u come collect tmr after ur work la

look delicious leh....yummy yummy..

yilin n yeeling im sorry but if u want u hv to come get it urself lor...

meiho...errr...u r way too far la...so how?
can u pls settle for a simple packet of kimchi ramyon u can get over there?
btw...how far is LA from NY?

yeeling can u pls email me the perhentian infor pls...thank u

oh u gals know how to leave comment la hor?
u see the comment just at the end of this message?
click n the comment box will appear so just go ahead la ^^

ok hv to go get some sleep now for s.korea game against france later...
by the time u read this we already know the score so lets just see..

good day dears~~

Friday, June 16, 2006

wherever he may be...

i was having tis weird feeling when i saw 'that' post in quilt saying that someone in soompi saw him in frankfurt. really wanted to do 'something' to that posting but then again it wont be fair n not an ethical move to take

first sth about soompi...i do look around the place once in a while cos its really one 'big market' over there and u can get all sorts of infos and 'non-infos'. so when i saw the post n being a '7+1' i went straight to soompi and clicked on KSW's thread (haha i knew right away it will be there cos i know KSW's in germany :p) found the particular posting about the 'sighting' but it was stated there as the leading man from WLS. huh??? why such statement??

i quote michelle "Some places call Sad Love Song/Story "Sad Sonata", which can confuse."
so i am very SURE that this is absolutely a case of mistaken identity which in this case identity of the drama :p

anyway anyhow wherver he may be...just let him be la....just let him hv some real air around him
stop speculating where he is or what he is doing for a moment...
he really need his time off...who knows he may even be here with me :p

hahaha see my point??

ok i need to ciao too...annyong~

Thursday, June 15, 2006

finally again...

again...finally again....

today ive finally and successfully 'renovated' my english bloggy here ^^
for the past few days i was both struggling with Blogger itself (cos the features here kinda weird or maybe im still new to it AND the server kinda acted up a bit on me. evtime i try to submit or republish/post, the next thing i knew it shows me the error page. DUHH !! am i to be fire up or what??!!) oh dear how come i talk so much in the bracket?? :p sorry sorry let me start again..

so for the past few days i was both struggling with Blogger itself and THE BALL. hahaha
what ball u may ask? well its THE BALL(pronounced the american way) that evone is watching now all over the world (ok not evone) including our BOSS ^^

as ive explained in my kimchi blog WHY i started on the kimchi instead of this english blog i din expect myself to come play with this again until i realised many of u were having trouble with it.
btw ive actually posted the 'how to comment' with pics for u guys HERE...just in case u need it..

oh and thank u so much for visiting my bloggy there and reading my babbles ^^

so i tot i should just restart on this for evone's convenience..just in case again la....

why am i free tonite and not watching the ball?
cos right now its ecuador vs costa rica...
eerrrr do u think i'll be interested? nahhh~~~
so thats why i can finally finished tis lor...
but later my eyes will be on the ball again when england plays tri&to
whats my prediction? well england DID NOT play well in their first match
so i just hope they play better this time and not 'blame' the weather again for 'non-performance'
if england plays as they should...the game tonite should be to their favor with say...a 2-1 score?
(i hv no professional training whatsoever so its just my holy opinion :p)

bb was talking about the birds and fishes in her blog and come to think of those 2 animals...
gosh~ i don think i hv seen any of those in a week except the cooked fish i had for dinner..
my~ something must be wrong with me somewhere @@~

How to comment in my kimchi blog?


but first here's some explanation about the blog 'outlook'

ok at the bottom of each posting u'll find this ↓

then ↓ will appear. just fill in accordingly...click submit when u are done..

next...if you find a particular comment that u would like to reply to...
this is how u can do so...↓

do u still need anymore help? pls feel free to ask ^^

Wednesday, June 14, 2006



at last...
now that i managed to 'rectify' the prob i faced yday nite with this bloggy here..
i dunno what to say...but i still lots of 'renovation' to do leh...

cos evone was having trouble with my korean bloggy i had to come back here n make this work..

but frankly i still prefer the korean one cos its easier for me hehe...
but but...since i restarted on this one..i will try to babble both places...

ok la...just dropping by to let u know im also 'available' on blogger now ^^

gotta go now to water my plant...annyong~

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

DAE~~~~HAN MIN GUK !!!! 대~~~~한민국 !!!!!!

finally its our beloved 'second country's' turn to kick off in this edition of World Cup
they face Togo in Frankfurt Germany...at almost 5 mins from now...
me...in my supporting outfit ^^

let's cheer with our BOSS

대~~~~한민국 !!!
*짝짜 짝짝 짝*
Dae~~~Han Min Guk !!!
*clapclap clapclap clap*

Man, Ball & Me 대한민국 !!!

ok...time's running out for me to figure how to repost the whole posting here from my korean blog

so just make do with this la..

anyway HERE is my original post ^^

대~~~~한민국!!! *짝짝* *짝짝* *짝*

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