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Saturday, June 24, 2006

football is footbal

football is football and football is cruel...

defeated 2-0 by the suisse..south korea going home from the worldcup...
asia's final quest at the worldcup ends in hanover...
(sorry i don consider aussie as asian tho they r in the asian group)

it was a slow start for the koreans...
there were some very good midfield play but the swiss had the upper hand with several misses towards the last 15 mins of the half the koreans started to heat up n created some good chances
it ended 1-0 to the suisse at halftime

coming back after the break the koreans got most of the ball playing around the field...
i finally get my 'dream' team of forwarders when coach advocaat made 2 changes..
lee chunsoo, ahn junghwan and seol kihyun...BUT...it just din seem to work...
they got the ball but just...

suisse's 2nd goal...may sound controversial...
even i tot that it was off side n had wanted to bill the argentinian referee as being the worst BUT
watching the replay...the referee was right to overrule the linesman..
the ball was a flick off the korean so the flag should hv stayed down
i would hv blame it on the inexperience linesman cos Elizondo(the referee) is an experienced guy
so that goal was legal n the koreans were just too unlucky to be 'fooled' by the flag~

park jisung was best in midfield with kim namil...and they did just as expected

my man of the match today would be cho jaejin
he was just great today creating many chances for himself n others
u can see his frustration evtime he misses..oh~

korea should hv scored from that 'so very near' position but.....ahh no...

see? thats football...tis is one game that u will never know what will happen till the whistle is off

congrats to the better team who won today~

whatever it is...
it was a wonderful outing for the red devils n im sure they will be back again in 4 years to come..

lastly..a pat on the back for each and every red devils supporters out there
esp those in the stadium...they hv never stop supporting even till the very last moment
it was 'Dae Han Min Guk' allll the way~~~

so...guys..u hv done well !

태극전사들 많이 수고했다. 잘 했다 !
4년 후에 다시 열심히 하겠다 !

대에~~~한민국 !!! 짝짝 짝짝 짝!!!

i was having trouble posting pics here so i resorted to my ever-so-reliable kimchi bloggy
click HERE for my picture commentary hehe ^^


bb said...

i didn't watch the match :p

but i've read yours and jos' entries... so was it offside or not...?

kindda sad that the korean team's journey had to end so soon, and it'll be another 4 years' wait from now

so you're having problems with photo uploading too? went to my blog today? i tried using mozilla firefox instead of IE and it seemed to have gotten around the photo uploading problem.

yokee said...

technically speaking it wasnt an offside. the ball was deflected off a korean so the flag should hv stayed down.

in 4 years to come...the asian teams will be the powerhouse !

mm..as for the pics..i guess i'll just stick to my kimchi bloggy cos using it i just need to copy the pic itself n paste it on the editor so save me lot of work :p