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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Friday, September 28, 2007

#6 & 7....주작 who is the real red phoenix?


couldnt really catch what was said and i was having so many question as to why and how the 주작 joojak could hv lighted??? for the 1st time ok..maybe it was bcos Sujini was dreaming of her past live as Sae-wu but the 2nd time?

then came gaulsan unni's summary which enlightened me on most part but still i cant get the 주작's part...


even after reading gaulsan unni's summary of tis i still don ustand why the joojak lightened :p
but if i were to assumed i would say it's bcos Kiha was once the 'guardian of fire' so she may hv the ability but may not hv the kind of power that Sujini will hv that will eventually help the King of Jyushin.

u know watching online tv over here in msia using the kind of connection here in msia is never a fun thing. first u'll see 'pixelated' faces or 'faces full of square boxes'. 2nd u'll see ppl moving like robot bcos there's too much buffer. then u'll never get to see those 'good details' that u were supposed to see cos the screen's too small and the contrast too dark.

and......ok ok...i guess i cant complain much cos AT LEAST i still get to watch it 'LIVE' give and take a delay of 5 mins.

till today i still couldnt figure out what Dae Jangro (Choi Minsoo) says each time he talk. wonder if it'll affect his actual speech even after Taesagi has finished. 기이이~~ 하아아~~님 담덕태애애~~자아아~~님에게 좋아아입니까아아아~~~? (Kiha nim do you like Prince Damdeok?) bwahahahahahaha !!! but i hv to say he's doing a great job.

in fact everyone is doing a wonderful job !
and the story itself is getting more and more excited ^^

5 more days to next wednesday !

Thursday, September 20, 2007

#4 & 5...horse, ball and kick !

i was a little worried after watching epi 4 yday....
told myself..nvm..its just starting and the characters will grow...

but first..it was really a 'relive' to finally see YJ appear as the adult Dam-deok that i gave a sigh and said "Finally !" and i just love the way they made the 'transition' scene.

ok coming back to my one worry...
story aside cos it wasnt an easy epi to ustand but enough for me to know whats going on...
my worry was...IN MY HOLY OPINION...yj's age is showing.
i dunno but i just feel at some part when he's being the mischievious and 'cute' Dam-deok, it just don quite 'fit his look. im not saying his acting is no good cos he is good n i'll come to tis later. but mayb its bcos we already know how old he is actually and the fact that he's acting as a teenager..ok a teenage prince will somehow be more matured than any ordinary teenager (i learned tis from watching Goong hehe) so say he's 25...and yet i still think the character's too young for him....know what i mean??

epi 4 captures...

but im sure it'll soon be different as Dam-deok gets more matured when things gets tougher for him...like today ^^

today....is ABSOLUTELY SUPER !!!
i knew my d-one-worry will soon be fine and true enough i got my answer today.
the scenes from the polo ground to the end were just fantastic !
Dam-deok is now really gonna start showing his 'power'...he's gonna show that he's not just a naive young man..HE is gonna show who Dam-deok is for real !

hi acting...so far i can see that there's a lot of improvement especially the kind of 'intent look in the eye' that he showed like how he was looking at Sujini quite a few times (oh~ i just love that ^^) and like when he was concentrating at what Hogae was up to during the polo game.
action wise...well, im gonna hit u on the head if u think his action today din catch ur attention. those horse riding..the swissh swooosshh, swuuusshh swaaasshhh and whack! phew~ i was worried if he'll hurt himself. and then later his challenge scene with Kak-dan (she's Dam-deok's protector and she'll be assisting him thru out) that 'wall bicycle kick' ! the moment i saw that i thought of Yo-suk (remember him??) ^^

Sujini (EJA) i agree that at times she's overacting that she became too cute to handle but i supposed thats what the character calls for sometimes like yj with Dam-deok. but as a newcomer to the scene and acting with such HUGE names in the industry especially a man called BYJ, i think she's doing very well. i like it that she's also one tough young lady. looking from the making scene at the end of epi 5 today..she too like yj din use any body-double.

nothing much to comment about Ki-ha (MSR) since there wasnt much 'contact' yet...

of cos it's still too early to tell if they are really really good so all these are of cos IMHO based on a as is where is basis..hahahahahahaha

oh...Sujini already saved Dam-deok twice today and he knows it and i love it !!! hehehe

ah...one wish..can someone just help him to tie more of his hair up???
epi 5 captures...ending scene & making...

ok i rest my case for today.

*dreaming with Dam-deok riding a horse*

드라마 최고시청률 순위 TOP50

다음의 신지식판에서 퍼왔습니다.

드라마 최고시청률 순위 TOP50

1위 - 첫사랑 (KBS2) -----65.8% (1997년4월20일)(최수종,배용준)
한국 드라마 최고 시청률

2위 - 사랑이 뭐길래 (MBC) ------- 64.9% (1992년5월24일)(최민수,하희라)
3위 - 모래시계 (SBS) ------------ 64.5% (1995년2월6일) (고현정,최민수)
4위 - 허준 (MBC) ---------------- 63.7% (2000년6월27일)(전광렬,황수정)
5위 - 젊은이의 양지 (KBS2) ------ 62.7% (1995년11월12일)(이종원,배용준)

6위 - 그대 그리고 나 (MBC) ------ 62.4% (1998년4월12일)(박상원,최진실)
7위 - 아들과 딸 (MBC) ----------- 61.1% (1993년3월21일)(최수종,김희애)
8위 - 태조왕건 (KBS1) ----------- 60.2% (2001년5월20일)(최수종,김영철)
9위 - 여명의 눈동자 (MBC) ------- 58.4% (1992년2월6일)(채시라,최재성)
10위- 대장금(MBC) --------------- 57.8% (2004년3월23일)(이영애,지진희)

11위-파리의 연인(SBS) ----------- 57.6% (2004년8월15일)(박신양,김정은)

12위- 보고 또 보고 (MBC) -------- 57.3% (1998년10월12일)(김지수,정보석)
13위- 진실 (MBC) ---------------- 56.5% (2000년2월24일) (박선영,최지우)
14위- 질투 (MBC) ---------------- 56.1% (1992년7월21일) (최수종,최진실)
15위- 바람은 불어도 (KBS1) ------ 55.8% (1996년2월26일) (최수종,유호정)

16위- 목욕탕집 남자들 (KBS2) ---- 53.4% (1996년8월25일)(이순재,강부자)
17위- 국희 (MBC) ---------------- 53.1% (1999년11월16일)(김혜수,정선경)
18위- 청춘의 덫 (SBS) ----------- 53.1% (1999년4월15일)(심은하,유호정)
19위- 토마토 (SBS) -------------- 52.7% (1999년6월3일)(김석훈,김희선)
20위- M (MBC) ------------------- 52.2% (1994년8월30일) (심은하)

21위- 폭풍의 계절 (MBC) --------- 52.1% (1993년12월22일)

22위- 야인시대 (SBS) ------------ 51.8% (2002년12월9일) (안재모,김영철)
23위- 엄마의 바다 (MBC) --------- 51.6% (1993년12월26일)(최민수,고현정)
24위- 내 이름은 김삼순(MBC)--------- 50.5% (2005)김선아, 현빈)
25위- 주몽(MBC)-----------------50.3% (2006)(송일국, 한혜진)

26위- 야망의 전설 (KBS2) -------- 50.2% (1998년10월25일)(최수종,유동근)

27위- 여인천하 (SBS) ------------ 49.9% (2001년11월13일)(강수연,도지원)
28위- 아들의 여자 (MBC) --------- 49.7% (1994년2월22일)
29위- 용의 눈물 (KBS1) ---------- 49.6% (1998년5월30일)(유동근,김무생)
30위- 별은 내가슴에 (MBC) ------- 49.3% (1997년4월29일)(안재욱,최진실)

31위- 야망 (MBC) ---------------- 49.0% (1994년2월23일)

32위- 서울의 달 (MBC) ----------- 48.7% (1994년3월27일)(한석규,최민식)
33위- 정때문에 (KBS1) ----------- 48.7% (1997년12월11일)(이재룡,하희라)

34위- 마지막 승부 (MBC) --------- 48.6% (1994년2월22일)(손지창,장동건)
35위- 이브의 모든 것 (MBC) ------ 48.3% (2000년7월6일)(장동건,채림)

36위- 댁의 남편은 어떠십니까(SBS) 48.2% (1993년5월25일)
37위- 신데렐라 (MBC) ------------ 48.0% (1997년7월13일) (황신혜,이승연)
38위- 인어아가씨 (MBC) ---------- 47.9% (2003년2월5일)(장서희,김성택)

39위- 올인 (SBS) ---------------- 47.7% (2003년4월3일)(이병헌,송혜교)
40위- 사랑할때까지 (KBS1) ------- 47.1% (1997년2월27일)(류시원,전도연)

41위- 장밋빛 인생(KBS2) -------------47.0% (2005)최진실, 손현주)
42위- 파일럿 (MBC) -------------- 46.2% (1993년11월2일)(최수종,이재룡)

43위- 딸부잣집 (KBS2) ----------- 45.9% (1995년1월22일)(하유미,변소정)
44위- 마지막전쟁 (MBC) ---------- 45.5% (1999년9월7일)(강남길,심혜진)

45위- 미스터Q (SBS) ------------- 45.3% (1998년7월16일)(김민종,김희선)

46위- 사랑을 그대품안에 (MBC) --- 45.1% (1994년7월12일)(차인표,신애라)

47위- 왕과 비 (KBS1) ------------ 44.3% (2000년3월11일)(안재모,채시라)
48위- 장미와 콩나물 (MBC) ------- 44.1% (1999년9월5일)(손창민,최진실)
49위- 신고합니다 (KBS2) --------- 43.4% (1996년8월20일)(이휘재,구본승)

50위- 이 여자가 사는 법 (SBS) --- 43.1% (1995년3월6일)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

#3...its not easy...

im still quite blur with epi 3 so don think i'll hv much to say...

anyway..im having problem understanding the royal languages phew~

though i know Ki-ha is gonna be a not so nice character im still surprised to see the 'other side' of her. think PEB carried the character quite well.

and young Dam-dok...who would think he'll say such thing at such young age.
"stay by my side always. and please be there whenever i want to see you" ~~

i dunno if im being weird but evtime im watching YSH i kept seeing and thinking of our yj.
and somehow i think YSH look and acted a bit like him. hmmm...maybe the director made him do so since he's the younger version of yj..hahaha..

well...shall be waiting eagerly for next thursday to come when our dear yj will finally make his appearance. i may not comment anything from now on (yet) unless...................

the talented young ones again...

Yu Seung-ho as Dam-dok

Shim Eun-kyung as Sujini

Park Eun-bin as Seo Ki-ha

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

#2...the child actors

Yu Seung-ho (Dam-dok) Park Eun-bin (Seo Ki-ha) Sim Eun-kyung (Sujini)

they are the stars in tis episode...

but first let me tell you...i think tis epi is more difficult to ustand than the first cos i cant ustand a word what the old white bearded man (Dae Jang-ro played by Choi Min-soo) is talking about !!!

i cant figure out if he's using the old old royal language or if he's using an old old old old accented korean. not only me but the korean sisters are also finding it difficult to ustand what he's saying hahahahahahahahaha.

at the start of tis epi the evolution of the story is again repeated and explained. guess they just wanna make sure evone ustand the mytho era before going future. see..its very important that u know whats happening in the beginning before they get into the history of the Kokuryo era. some sisters were telling that their kids are also watching the drama as they think its also a good way to learn about the king's history.

my star of today is Yu seung-ho hehehe...

don you think he's so cute? he was really good in 'Going Home'

one thing i don quite like is his Dam-dok's hair :p

should watch out for these 3 young stars again tomoro ! ^^

yesterday once more?


with our dear yj making his comeback to our 'tv box' (literally to those out of korea) it seems like the good old days are back.

back in 2002/2003 when Winter Sonata made its debut in most asian tv stations (other than korea itself) there were so much 'noise' made to the fact that everyone has finally found their own first love.at that time all postings, feedback, comments, pictures and song were mostly posted in yj's official homepage. evone will be so busy doing all sorts of postings to share with the family. there will be so many post/messages in a day that one can barely catch up. u really cant imagine the kind of speed some sisters will have when it comes to uploading of vods and photos/pics especially the korean sisters.we were all having such great time until some things started to change slowly (i should say its for the better...) and quietly......

i really miss those days when i'll come home to find heaps of messages/postings and news.now with TWSSG finally on air..those wonderful days seemed to be back once again...though they may not only be in the official homepage but also anywhere and everywhere where a home was built with BYJ at heart.

to those 'older' sisters im sure u know what i mean...
or the newer sisters...tis was part of what we enjoyed most as part of the family.

'non-stop sharing of BYJ!'

ok..i gotta go get ready to watch epi 2 ^^

happy watching evone !!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

finally 태왕사신기....

i didnt intend to write so soon (ok ok as though ive been writing :p) cos i din hv much to say before and i told myself and bb that i at least hv to watch tis week's episodes before i could tell if the drama is good or not. even with the special preview yday one cant tell much bcos it's just snippets here and there.

anyway i thought i could wait till the end of epi 3 on thurs to comment but my ~~ after watching epi 1 just now im just so awed that i somehow wanna say something.

first and foremost...this is the first ever drama that i cried during the very first episode. normally ppl will cry after getting 'close' to a particular character after sometime like Jaeho. but today....with Hwan-oong it was just..what...30 minutes? my ~ that moment he turn slowly and look at Sae-wu with those watery red eyes..... oh~~ mine started to well as well ~~~

frankly i didnt think i would like the long white haired BYJ but my~ is Hwan-oong just so superbly handsome or what??? (arent they the same person? hahahaha)

ok now..the story itself. it was already known that tis drama, a period one to add, will be much difficult to understand even to the koreans themselves. to me yeah...language will be the number one difficulty especially Ga-jin's (MSR's character) speech. she must be speaking in those olden olden days korean and also those olden dynasty/royal language that will be listening in episodes to come. the mytho era was told in flashback as a story by Hyeon-go to Sujini which i think made it easier to ustand.

then the CG. never mind if its too much bcos its really good. and mind you tis is not WETA's work. tis is 'made in korea' ! u know what i like most? those white aurora kind of thing that circles Hwan-oong making him/BYJ look sooooo magical...ooohhhhh~~

next Moon Sori & E Jiah (i dunno why they make it 'E' instead of 'Lee' :p)
havent watch any on MSR's work before but so far nothing much to say from her character as Ga-jin. but many were saying that she'll be a little too old to play opposite yj's character Dam-dok.

being a newcomer to the scene, i think the character Sae-wu is being played very well. many were worried if she's gonna be up to the mark especially now that she's part of the family. she has gotta be ready for much attention and critics in time to come.

lastly our dear king....

i cant comment much as tis is just the beginning and i tend to be more critical when it comes to him. even though im 'absolutely byj' i don think he is perfect when it comes to his acting. see...i always think he has space to improve after every work he has done. so lets just wait and see.

but right now...i just love love love love Hwan-onng nim !!!!!!

below are some of the screen caps from daum news...

p.s : thanks bb for the tvants link. more of you should join to make it 'smoother'. no wonder they call it 'ants' ^^

Monday, September 03, 2007

태왕사신기 千年恋歌 천년연가 (동방신기)

태왕사신기 주제곡
千年恋歌 천년연가 (동방신기)

파고 드는 거친 한숨에 매달리네

천년의 눈물을 모으면 이 맘 다 대신할까

노을이 떠난 저 하늘 끝에 오늘도 서성거리네

이른 새벽 아침 여린 햇살이 지난 밤 꿈에 깨어날 때

막막했던 어제 그 꿈들이 전설 속으로 사라지네

천년의 소원을 모으면 이 맘 다 대신할까

햇살이 떠난 저 들판 끝에 오늘도 서성거리네

저 혼자 떠놀던 늦은 바람이 지친 숨결만 헤매일때

한 나절에 내린 이 빗물로 세상에 설움 달래오네

천년의 사랑을 모으면 이 맘 다 대신할까

달빛이 잠든 저 하늘 끝에 오늘도 서성거리네

천년의 그리움 모으면 이 맘 다 대신할까

해오름 비침 저 들판 끝에 오늘도 서성거리네