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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

finally 태왕사신기....

i didnt intend to write so soon (ok ok as though ive been writing :p) cos i din hv much to say before and i told myself and bb that i at least hv to watch tis week's episodes before i could tell if the drama is good or not. even with the special preview yday one cant tell much bcos it's just snippets here and there.

anyway i thought i could wait till the end of epi 3 on thurs to comment but my ~~ after watching epi 1 just now im just so awed that i somehow wanna say something.

first and foremost...this is the first ever drama that i cried during the very first episode. normally ppl will cry after getting 'close' to a particular character after sometime like Jaeho. but today....with Hwan-oong it was just..what...30 minutes? my ~ that moment he turn slowly and look at Sae-wu with those watery red eyes..... oh~~ mine started to well as well ~~~

frankly i didnt think i would like the long white haired BYJ but my~ is Hwan-oong just so superbly handsome or what??? (arent they the same person? hahahaha)

ok now..the story itself. it was already known that tis drama, a period one to add, will be much difficult to understand even to the koreans themselves. to me yeah...language will be the number one difficulty especially Ga-jin's (MSR's character) speech. she must be speaking in those olden olden days korean and also those olden dynasty/royal language that will be listening in episodes to come. the mytho era was told in flashback as a story by Hyeon-go to Sujini which i think made it easier to ustand.

then the CG. never mind if its too much bcos its really good. and mind you tis is not WETA's work. tis is 'made in korea' ! u know what i like most? those white aurora kind of thing that circles Hwan-oong making him/BYJ look sooooo magical...ooohhhhh~~

next Moon Sori & E Jiah (i dunno why they make it 'E' instead of 'Lee' :p)
havent watch any on MSR's work before but so far nothing much to say from her character as Ga-jin. but many were saying that she'll be a little too old to play opposite yj's character Dam-dok.

being a newcomer to the scene, i think the character Sae-wu is being played very well. many were worried if she's gonna be up to the mark especially now that she's part of the family. she has gotta be ready for much attention and critics in time to come.

lastly our dear king....

i cant comment much as tis is just the beginning and i tend to be more critical when it comes to him. even though im 'absolutely byj' i don think he is perfect when it comes to his acting. see...i always think he has space to improve after every work he has done. so lets just wait and see.

but right now...i just love love love love Hwan-onng nim !!!!!!

below are some of the screen caps from daum news...

p.s : thanks bb for the tvants link. more of you should join to make it 'smoother'. no wonder they call it 'ants' ^^


bb said...

hey, good to hear the ants are working out fine for you :)

MYMY said...

hi yokee! me 2 me 2! i did cried!!!
and that is so crazzy bec i didnt even cry when i watched winter sonata...
marikoo onni was kindda laughing in the phone bec i told her that im not emotional and then i was like crying after sec *--*

I think it was the first time im leaving a comment here (? MY MEMORY???)
i always visit your blog though yokee (^o^)

yokee 요키 said...

hehe..thanks for bringing me the ants ^^

hi mymy ^^

u cried too huh? i think that moment was a 'climax' for Hwan-oong. how's mariko? my regards to her ^^

jaime said...

hi hi yokee,

it's so good to read that you like his 'grey' look too. And you are a life saver, I've always been terrible with names, let alone Korean names. You listed out all 3 main characters' mythical & Kokuryo names in 1 post, thank Q thank Q! Now I know what to call them :)