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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

#2...the child actors

Yu Seung-ho (Dam-dok) Park Eun-bin (Seo Ki-ha) Sim Eun-kyung (Sujini)

they are the stars in tis episode...

but first let me tell you...i think tis epi is more difficult to ustand than the first cos i cant ustand a word what the old white bearded man (Dae Jang-ro played by Choi Min-soo) is talking about !!!

i cant figure out if he's using the old old royal language or if he's using an old old old old accented korean. not only me but the korean sisters are also finding it difficult to ustand what he's saying hahahahahahahahaha.

at the start of tis epi the evolution of the story is again repeated and explained. guess they just wanna make sure evone ustand the mytho era before going future. see..its very important that u know whats happening in the beginning before they get into the history of the Kokuryo era. some sisters were telling that their kids are also watching the drama as they think its also a good way to learn about the king's history.

my star of today is Yu seung-ho hehehe...

don you think he's so cute? he was really good in 'Going Home'

one thing i don quite like is his Dam-dok's hair :p

should watch out for these 3 young stars again tomoro ! ^^

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roese said...

the beAUTiful you!

you are so cute.. and i like the way you cried in the "the legend"
your angelic face was caught my attention.. whoa! hahaha! crazy, right?? i mean im crazy for you!! ooohhh... coz your nice when the tears roll down on your rosy cheeks!

thats all..
p.s pls send me a letter from real you! ok?


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