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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

saying "goodbye"

"goodbye...mr. goodbye"

i finally finished watching Mr.Goodbye after keeping it aside for more than a month now...

mr. goodbye stars Ahn Jae Wook and Lee Bo Young.

read synopsis here...not really accurate but can la cos im really bad at synopsis..mian~

u should be able to guess the ending from the title
watching mr goodbye somehow reminds me of jaeho.

but let me first talk about mr goodbye...

tho i din really wanna watch it at first cos i don really fancy watching AJW act...
i would say he sings much much better....
but it was so highly recommended to me by the korean sisters that i hv no choice but to watch it after i saw one of the MV which did make me cry.

true enough i still don think AJW acts better than he sings but somehow he did his character Hyun Seo enough justice. the other problem is with LBY. there wasnt much chemistry btw them n i don think the PD gave them any chance to develop further. ok..they wont be together after all but still i think it will gives the story a little more zest.

my saddest part is not when she found out that he's gonna die but when he has to tell his son that he's gonna die. and i gotta say..the kid who played his son is really cute ^^

i got really depressed after watching 12 epis of it that one morning..
i woke feeling dizzy n had to go get my pressure checked.
result...BP was a little above normal and pulse rate....58
the lady told me it funny how the machine couldnt detect my
heartbeat for a moment...@@~
anyway i suspect their machine not working well n when i got home i kept checking my pulse rate at intervals which gave me reading of btw 65-70...so ok la....

anyway...the drama was ok n sad all thru until the last epi 16...
i expected a much sadder scene but to me..
the way it ended was such an anti climax to me cos i din even drop a tear...

funny huh? how u were crying crying all thru but in the end u cant cry

ok now jaeho...evone knows he's my all time fav rite?

with jaeho u can feel as tho he's real. not just a character but a real person.
of cos with a 44 epis drama u can do much more compared to 16 epis drama

but both tells the same kind of story...
both men know that they r gonna die n tis is what makes me so so sad...

jaeho was told that he's gonna die so he knew he don have much time left
and somehow foresee his final day

hyun seo too was told that he's gonna die when the 'clock' in his heart stops ticking.
problem is 'when' its gonna stop?

oh dear...am i talking in sequence? if u think im babbling nonsense then pls do stop reading n click somewhere else bcos i know im gonna babble more nonsense :p...mian~

ok back to jaeho and hyun seo....

with jaeho it was heart breaking to let him 'go' and even after he has left he still remains in ur heart
but with hyun seo its a scary feeling. the fact that his life depends on the ticking of a clock scares me.

and that is what made me think...
is it better to know when it wil be ur final day?
will it be better to be told that 'u only hv 3 months left' or 'till the clock stops ticking'?
can u actually be prepared to really say "goodbye" ?

i dunno why im feeling tis way but really...after that epi 12 of mr gbye..
i kept thinking of the above question....

am i crazy???

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

i must be crazy !!!

what has got into me?
i absolutely have no idea

but out of a sudden i just had tis feeling of looking at his smile

it is becos of his smile and the way he laugh that i like him so much @@~

if you think u wont be able to take tis then pls leave tis post IMMEDIATELY.

i will NOT be responsible for any untoward happening :p

if not just click HERE to see how bad ive been :p hehehehe

Saturday, September 16, 2006

"are you still absolutely BYJ?"

it was strange today that i was asked the above question today..
or maybe some of you might hv been wondering lately if im really still absolutely BYJ..

i actually hv been doing so many non-BYJ stuff lately...
my kangta outing, my eric post, my shinhwa outing, watching one of my banchan's drama for the 7th time and tis morning i posted in one of my banchan's cafe hehehe...
for ur info i hv not watch any of yj's drama more than 3 times. not bcos i don like them but somehow its different

i knew something will happen when i posted in that cafe n i was just right when a dear sister asked me that particular question haha..

i know i din babble about his latest taewang look when the official outlook of the king was released and i also din comment on his latest Secom CF.

why? well...i dunno...

calling myself an absolute BYJ fan since 4 years ago....is it taking toll on me now?

fans have come and go over the years...
some managed to hv space for others to 'come in'...
while some other remained but became quiet...
the rest who has been 'underwater' remained underwater.

some may lament when they don 'see' enough of him
some continue to do just anything that will remind them of him

for me...maybe it has been 4 years now n going into my 5th year...wow~
things may have changed, may be different...
i may now talk about so many other things...
have managed to squeezed out that little space or should i say widen that little space as ive always been having banchans all the while..just that i don talk about them much before hehehe...
became a little quiet..gone underwater with only seasonal 'show of face'

well maybe these are my remedies so that i don miss him too much...haha

believe it or not ever since the 3 words BAE YONG JOON
days have never gone by without the thought of him...
how can u not think of him when u even talk to urself in korean???

met a fren for brunch today and she got me tis from her holiday...
see? even tis reminds me of someone 'related' to him...
MY orange man and my shinhwa ^^

was so happy when i read the news today that Lee Seung Chul will be singing TWSSG's theme song. he's another favorite of mine.
see? how can i ever limit myself to only one?
there's just too many good stuff out there....in tis case only korean stuff ok? :p


like i always say.....

there is and only will be ONE BAE YONG JOON !

never will i ever do what ive done for him with any other...

so u can be rest assured that im still and very much ABSOLUTELY BYJ !!!

what about you? ^^

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Shinhwa - State of the Art

frankly speaking..tis is the first ever concert ive ever been to.
yes..first time for me n it was such a great one ^^
for the record...all my 'first time' seems to be evthing to do with korea hehehe...


lights were still on when we got into the stadium at about 7.30pm
attendance wasnt that good..guess it was only about three four thousand?
read some korean reports that att. was about ten thou...errr....were they trying to make things look better or thats how media should say? :p

our seats were quite good being just next to the audio guys...hehe meaning more korean guys to look at ^^
finally slightly after 8pm LUG came on for the opening act.
from what i read spore was there first oseas outing. new young and fresh they were quite good.
n the best thing was after they finished they came to sit just behind the audio guys. so as they were walking past...urs truly here waited with her hands outright and said *'안녕하세요. 잘 했어요' to each of them while shaking their hands n the last guy who came put out both of his hands so i just grab them la. hahahahaha...no shinhwa LUG will also do la. they are not bad looking u know ^^

*'안녕하세요. 잘 했어요' = annyeong haseyo chal haessoyo = hello. u did well

and whenever there's a break i'll turn around n take their pics. one guy was so cute that he nodded each time i look at them and posed for me. hahahaha

ok back to the guys....
they started off very energetically..don ask me what song cos i hv bad memory of sequences :p
the crowd was already very high when they made they first hello.
it was eric who said it first speaking in english. tot his english was even better than in Firebird (불새 poolsae). hyesung too greeted in english while the rest was mixing n playing around with korean n english except for minwoo.

loved all the songs sang that nite cos i know almost all of them by heart hehehe...
except hyesung's n minwoo's solo..they were good but it was first time i heard of them.
hyesung as always has got really good vocals which i think it was right of him to do a solo.
minwoo too was great on his own n best part was when he almost took it off. those ladies behind us was practically kneeling down on their knees begging for him to take it off. mind u they r no young kids ok they were ajummas. hahahahaha

there was a part when the guys stop to do another round of talking.

minwoo : 재밌어요? (is it fun?)
crowd : yeh !
minwoo : 즐거웠어요? (are you enjoying urself?)
crowd : yeh !!
minwoo : 어? 뭘 듣고 알 수 있어요?? (huh? can u understand??)
crowd : yeh !!!

at tis point eric was already laughing so much and hyesung had to say sth in english.
and i myself was also laughing so much looking at how naughty they can be hahahaha..
they were all really playful boys.

there was also once when junjin din know what to say when the guys asked him to say sth in english. i think it was dongwan who asked him 'u know english? huh?'
hahaha as tho he know very well.
junjin was so clever at that point when he had the crowd repeat after him with
'say oh! say oh ! oh ! oh ! say shinhwa ! say saranghae !'

and dongwan...dongwan dongwan...the most playful guy that nite...he said...
'i will go back singapore...' and 'thank you very kamsahamnida'
bwahahahahahahhahahahahaha..see..how naughty can he get ^^

it was mostly hyesung minwoo and dongwan who did most of the talking. eric did too but he was really 'performing' that nite and i don blame him cos he looked really tired. heard he was sick too..sob sob sob...
oh..did i tell that he was wearing a black suit with white shirt when he arrived on sat nite so i guessed he must hv come straight from his drama shooting.
while andy was more quiet as usual.

here's the airport vod i took. kinda bad cos i wanted to focus on him more with my own eyes than thru the camera lens so just make do with what i have la..

u know..we all tot he was the one in white shirt n blue cap but when they got closer i was like..
'eh? how come he look so different?' then i realised he's the one in suit. gosh~

thanks marissa for the pointer ^^

it was only slightly after 2 hours when the guys sang their last song n said goodbye.
eric had a 11.50pm plane to catch. yep he's the last to arrive n first to leave...so sad...
really wish he could at least rest a bit but i heard the guys did go for some supper after the concert.
to me..it was a great concert but just a tad too short. wish they did more talking cos they r so funny.

well guess thats all i could write for now...my shinhwa experience will be forever in my mind..
really really had a great great time. ^^

i hv some other pics posted in my kimchi blog. they arent that good cos i was just moving too much. see..if they move i move they jump i jump..bwahahaha so just bear with me la.

shinhwa forever !!! 신화 만새 !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Singapore 09/09-11/09

ok im back.

gotta admit...im really tired and had to sleep early yday nite after shower.
was it bcos it was a 4.5 hour bus ride or i was just plain tired from too much walking i dunno but i just had to get some sleep :p
but u know..tis 3 days trip is even more tiring than a 16 days trip to seoul. why? u tell me :p

anyway...it was a worthwhile trip ^^

firstly..of cos..bcos of shinhwa which i will tell in my next babble...

secondly..i finally gotta enjoy singapore as a tourist compare to my previous 2 trips
lastly..i finally met bb...my OM rival hahahahahaha :p

that afternoon i arrived i went looking for an orange shirt. why? bcos its shinhwa's color ^^
im just so glad that ive got both my man and 6 guys are orange ppl..
see? i don like something for no reason ok? hahahahaha

errr...i think i look like an orange myself. both in size and shape too bwahahahahahaha !!!

i was at the airport on sat nite to welcome Eric who was the last to arrive after the others who did the previous nite. there was some confusion as to which gate he'll be coming out from but he finally came thru where we were waiting.

eric...i dunno about u but to me...he's really really good looking in person.
tho he look thinner than before esp with the new hair cut his face look even smaller..heard he's kinda sick...how can he not get sick having to shoot for his drama n tis concert tour at the same time? oh~ my poor eric
but anyway...he still look soooooooo cool. he din wave but the way he nod his head a little acknowledging the crowd there was just soooooo cool. btw the screaming was surprisingly kept to the lowest as they were trying to let him get out without any further confusion. eerr...don ustand what im saying?
nvm u just ustand the part of him being so cool ^^

wanted to post the short vod i took but the blogger kept telling me my html tag not closed.
so let me find out how first n i post later ok?

after he left we went for a drink and yak. oh who are the 'we'?
well..'we' are the BYJ fans. hahahahaha...
see many of us not only like him mah...we also like others mah...
so thats why we are where we are lor ^^

next day i went window shopping down orchard rd.
i almost walked the whole stretch of orchard rd..almost..
being a person who don shop much..don really like shopping anyway...so i only got a pair of shoe. bought it bcos i like the color...silver hehehe.
oh talking about orchard rd...i gotta thank bb for all the directions and sorry for being such a bother...mian hae bb ar....

went to yell myself out that nite at the concert. concert story later ^^

then yday was D-day i finally get to meet bb
had lunch with both bb and tiff b4 i leave for home.
i think we talked quite a lot in just about 4 hours..din we?
having met for the first time..i realised bb and i share some things in common..don we?
hi-five bb ! hi-five ! hahahahahaha
ok i wont elaborate our meeting here cos i don wanna say sth im not supposed to. hehehe

here are the 2 pretty ladies i met. u gals don mind me posting hor?
pls tell me if u do and i'll blur u out.
and hor can pls email me ur sopy of the photo or not?
i dunno why i go close my eyes for this shot. aarrgghhh !!!

so thats's all for now la...
i gotta go catch up on my sleep.....

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Our Mafia Boss !


saw his look at kimpo airport today?
he returned from jeju only after a day there...
hmm...why ah? maybe he's getting ready to go kyrgyzstan...hmm....

anyway platonic unni was there at the airport just now n took these pics

really like his almost all black style...
soooooooo *yau yeng (canto) = cool

tho i still think he's a little too thin...see his sunken cheeks?
i wanna see his eyes...his eyes can tell a lot~~

oh..he tied up his hair...oh @@~~

u see his chest??? know what i wanna do?
would really REALLY love to just help take out his necklace from there..

just holding the necklace slightly in hand....

the other, slightly pull the shirt neckline to place the necklace in front..
while doing tis...
u may touch or have ur fingers or hand brush against his chest

oooohhhhhh @@~~~


anyway...see his sunglasses? look kinda new to me...

*용준님 밥을 잘 먹고 건강이 많이 조심하세요...오케?

*YJ nim..pls eat well and take good care..ok?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

watudo in singapore?

에릭아 나 온다 !!! Eric im coming !!!

hahahahaha :p crazy eh? but im really really excited...very kan cheong leh ^^

well i'll be leaving tis saturday morning for spore
should reach waterfront copthorne yj stayed here last time..no im not staying here tis time..will stay at a fren's place at tampines one something n will rush to the airport cos eric's flight's at 2.15pm...thats if there's no changes la...Outram is the nearest mrt...if i reach on time will take the mrt if not will hop on the cab...hope it wont be too exp :p...any idea?

ok now...though tis will be the 3rd time im going to spore, i really hv no idea what to do in spore.

the 1st was 20 years ago..when i just go where my parents go...
2nd was 2 years ago when yj visited...and it was really just a 'see-BYJ' trip and we were in a group being led by jenny (a fellow fan who's a tour leader herself)

so that means i hv no chance to really 'see' and explore spore before...i don even know how much is the mrt fare..how much ah?

i dunno what i'll be doing there except that i'll be having lunch with a k sister on sunday and brunch with bb n tiff on monday...still on hor sisters? hehe...

so...my questions....

1. mrt fare..whats the range like? do i need to hv small change?
haha aiyo what stupid question eh?

2. any place i should go see/visit?
3. whats there at the discovery centre?
4. orchard road shopping...which has the best bargain? aiyo my aunt may wan me to get her burberry so where ah?

eerrr....what else ah?
i know i sound stupid asking tis questions hahaha like ive never been out of the country before aiyo....

spore sisters....any idea? pointers please..........

oh i'll be leaving mon 4pm..hheeee....

*mm koi ah....thank you ^^

Monday, September 04, 2006

Kangta & Vaness in KL

i really had no idea why i did what i did..

first of all...din really hv the intention to go see the guys since it will only be a showcase and bcos im not really fond of vaness...sorry f4 fans~

but a fren called and said she has got some VIP tixs so i tot..ok la..why not hehe

so i went...

the show was scheduled to start at 8pm but since we tot we could go early n do some shopping,
we were there b4 4pm...another fren..yong was already there with her daugther who is a kangta fan..haha all bcos the mom crazy k star the daugther follows suit :p

there were already ppl sitting n waiting in the 'guarded' area at that time
our initial plan of shopping had to be dropped cos majority of us wanna start waiting there in the area. i did hv 2nd tot on having to start waiting there sooo early but then again...

so we started the wait there from 4pm

tis was the stage...notice how they put vaness infront of kangta?

guess being a taiwanese singer they tot vaness will appeal more to the market here...
anyway i was there for kangta..

so we waited and waited..oh did i tell we cant get out of the area once we r in? stupid huh?
the arrangement of the sponsors were really bad but then again...sigh....
oh i was also looking out for ajummas other than ourselves.
managed to spot 2 haha...

so we not crazy at all loving yj huh ?^^

so again we waited and waited..
time and again i was asking myself
'why am i waiting here soooo long for kangta??? tis is not yong joon n he is no yong joon.
what am i doing here??? why am i waiting so long here???'

think i said that so many times that it din seem to hv any effect anymore...*immuned*

clock ticked and finally at 8pm the MC came on..
he did some Q&A and gave out some posters but from where i am and me being so short...
most of the time i had to jump jump stretch my neck n put up my hands to take the pics..phew~
i have no idea how the MC really look like and who got what :p

then finally....FINALLY....

the guys came on...i could see them...not really a good view but i could see them..
kangta looks good..very *'yau ying' n i like his hairstyle ^^

*yau ying (canto) = stylish

vaness...well i hv to admit..he really look much much better than his F4 days
much bigger in size n more MAN now...no offence but really he's much macho now
oh and he has got a lot of fans coming in from thailand, hongkong, phillipines and even japan ! my~
they sang SCANDAL as the opening song..danced around...they were really good o.k.

tis is vaness

tis one is kangta and tis is the BEST shot i could get the whole nite :p

then they greeted in mandarin..both of them
then kangta said his 'hello-how-r-u' greetings in korean

the second song was a slow number
i dunno the title of the song but i know its a famous chinese song
very nice and the crowd sang along...
they sang it in 2 languages..mandarin n korean
i wanted to do so but cant figure out which lgg is being sung at which phrase hahahaha :p

they had the sign session after tis when my fren n i decided to make our move...
they will only sign on the Scandal album which we din buy but yong bought one for her daughter so they waited and the young gal got what she wanted and so happy that kangta shook hands with her and she said his eyes were twinkling..hahahahaha

my fren n i went for the beef balls noodles cos we din hv anything since lunch !

see thats why i said...'what in the world am i doing there when he's not even yong joon????'

tigger says...'u've got kimchi fever!'

maybe i did :p

ps : i'll be in spore tis sat n will proceed to the airport hehehe...
so...bb ar...so is it convenient for us to meet tis weekend? tiff ar...u free or not?

im back ! im back !

i finally got my korean keyboard ..yippee !!
not the one using office xp but somehow my bro got it done !

so u can imagine the kind of 'proud talk' he had boasting how good he is n how stupid i am..as usual :p

but he din do it for free ok? i bought him beef balls noodles for supper ^^

ahh..did i tell about our msian gathering? did i?

well it was supposed to be just a simple luncheon n it was a simple one...
had a few new members joining us...
hello..joanne, carine, ann, clara and michelle ^^
really nice to meet u ladies n clara...thanks for coming out of hiding hehe..

food wise...well...its buffet style..sukiyaki cum bbq style...a mix of local n korean dishes..
not bad..i especially like the spicy squid..mmm..yummy..
but environment wise...mmm...eeerrrr....
let's just say i wont do another gathering there
too small for big ppl like me :p

all in all...it was really nice meeting up with the ladies again...
and maybe the luncheon wasnt really up to their expectation...my apologies for that..soli soli...
so some were asking if we r gonna hv another one at the end of the year...
eerrr....i really dunno leh...i'll try to make something out..ok?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

'K' deprieved yokee

if any of u hv been wondering about me lately...
well im fine, im ok...

thanks jaime..ngo mo si...mo chuen mo larn

BUT...its my tis old pc here...

lately it has been 'in war' with some 'foreign elements' and sadly its too much to bear that i had to drain and refill it with new brain liquid.
goodness..what the heck am i babbling about???

to make life easy...my pc was infected..i mean REALLY infected that i had to have it formatted and so now im with only the very basic of stuff.

im so so so SO LOST now...
no yj's stuff no OM's stuff no banchan's stuff..no korean stuff..NOTHING !
ok ok..i managed to backup but still its different...

and worst still my bro is so clever to install the newer version of Office 2003 that cant support the korean IME which can only be used with Office XP.

so i cant view ANY korean websites..not even Quilt which cant be displayed properly without the korean language pack !!!
(one reason why i was so determined to learn korean was bcos i wanna read and ustand the lgg. so now that i CAN read them but cant SEE them !!! aaahhhhhh !!!!!!)

evthing is just so funny looking with weird characters, question marks (????) and boxes [] [] [] !!!
like this !

and evtime u click a page u got that 'pls install lgg pack' pop-up...oh~ so damn irritating !!!!!!

oops sorry for being rude but im so so so sad ah.....sob sob sob.....

GGRRRRR !!!!!!!!

so being in that mood i just cant seem to do anything rite or think rite
u know...somehow i just feel so empty @@~ ohh~~~~~

well anyway..i hope to get things up and well again asap at least by tomoro *pray pray*

oh...i also realised that bb was also absent during my absence...
(hmm what a coincidence..r we related bb? :p)
but u said u came back from hospital wor...are u ok?

n tis morning someone really made my day with her posting on him here ^^
tiff...ok i admit. im REALLY GREEN with all the good times u had with him !
how can i not be???? i mean..u met the REAL YGH.
u know...the sort of off duty YGH...the YGH wearing torn jeans..aahhhh!!!!

ok ok ok...i should be so lucky that i saw all of those YGH
the sort-of-off-duty-wearing-torn-jeans YGH.
thanks to the generosity of the sisters who shared those pics with me before hehehe ^^
i really nearly fainted when i first saw the torn jeans pic hahahahahahaha

and tiff ar....i din forget his bday and din mean to wish him happy bday and not him...
just that the downtime came right at the wrong time. sob sob...
mian haeyo..yongjoon nim...

ahh...what should i do without the korean keyboard???? help !!!

oh..untold scandal is on tv now..but having been thru our msian censorship board...sigh~~~~~

kangta is in town with vaness now and i'll be going to see them tmr nite
actually i only wanted to see kangta hehe :p

aiyo...ok la..i better go watch my banchan to relief myself off tis stress @@~~