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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

watudo in singapore?

에릭아 나 온다 !!! Eric im coming !!!

hahahahaha :p crazy eh? but im really really excited...very kan cheong leh ^^

well i'll be leaving tis saturday morning for spore
should reach waterfront copthorne yj stayed here last time..no im not staying here tis time..will stay at a fren's place at tampines one something n will rush to the airport cos eric's flight's at 2.15pm...thats if there's no changes la...Outram is the nearest mrt...if i reach on time will take the mrt if not will hop on the cab...hope it wont be too exp :p...any idea?

ok now...though tis will be the 3rd time im going to spore, i really hv no idea what to do in spore.

the 1st was 20 years ago..when i just go where my parents go...
2nd was 2 years ago when yj visited...and it was really just a 'see-BYJ' trip and we were in a group being led by jenny (a fellow fan who's a tour leader herself)

so that means i hv no chance to really 'see' and explore spore before...i don even know how much is the mrt fare..how much ah?

i dunno what i'll be doing there except that i'll be having lunch with a k sister on sunday and brunch with bb n tiff on monday...still on hor sisters? hehe...

so...my questions....

1. mrt fare..whats the range like? do i need to hv small change?
haha aiyo what stupid question eh?

2. any place i should go see/visit?
3. whats there at the discovery centre?
4. orchard road shopping...which has the best bargain? aiyo my aunt may wan me to get her burberry so where ah?

eerrr....what else ah?
i know i sound stupid asking tis questions hahaha like ive never been out of the country before aiyo....

spore sisters....any idea? pointers please..........

oh i'll be leaving mon 4pm..hheeee....

*mm koi ah....thank you ^^


bb said...

huh? you're really not v familiar with singapore hor? hee...

about MRT, no, you don't need small change, since you can always change your bigger notes into smaller ones at the passenger service counters at the stations. how much ah... err... i dunno leh, but you can click here to find out more.

what to do in singapore? you don't really have that much time right? you have saturday evening, and sunday daytime, right?

i guess it all depends on what you like... most pple come here to singapore for shopping. you're still young, so i guess you can check out orchard lor. the super-young and trendy like hereen and level 1 at far east plaza. these two places are at two far ends along orchard road.

burberry? you do know that the blue label is only available in japan, right? so, what we have here in singapore are the international range. there's a burberry boutique in ngee ann city [that's where takashimaya is], level one.

ngee ann city is one of our largest malls. other than takashimaya, you can find all the international labels here lor. if you're into branded shopping, like LV, chanel, celine, dior, this is the place la. oh, there's also rather big kinokuniya bookstore here.

other than that, i personally usually shop at wisma, coz my fave shops are all there, like FCUK, warehouse, topshop, maxstudio... & of course starbucks :)

food-wise, nothing that special la, since we've got quite similiar palette, here and m'sia. guess you should try at least one or two of the following:

- hainanese chicken rice [boon tong kee or loy kee or nam kee at novena mrt station]
- chilli crab [jumbo at riverwalk is quite convenient]

or if you want to try some swanky or hip restaurants, do let me know. like you can try out the PS cafe, or go to one rochester park or something.

or maybe you want to try ding-tai-feng? they're famous for their xiao-long-bao? you know, the famous chain from taiwan, the one that YJ went when he was there? we've two in orchard, actually.

discovery centre... err... haven't been there for ages man... thought it's more for kids :p

maybe it's easier to point you to where to go if you tell us what you like to do...

and yes, tiff and me 'booking' you monday lunch :)

bb said...

btw since you're staying at tampines, that's in the east... ask your friend to bring you to bedok for the minced pork noodles for supper la... it's not bad. i prefer the soup version.

there's also a suburban mall at tampines... actually there are two. tampines mall and century square.

yokee said...

oh wah...u really info provider hor ^^

ok so i guess it'll be just shopping or rather window shopping for me. im absolutely NOT a 'branded' shopper..not up to that level yet :p but may look around for a pair of shoe ^^

the burberry..no i don even know what blue label :p its my aunt's shopping list.
oh..thanks for mentioning kino..tho we also hv kino here but i guess sg kino has got more to offer hehe..

anyway im not there to splurge..err spelling correct ah? so i'll just do the ordinary n eat the ordinary way hahahaha...

oh my tampines fren..u know her la...lina ^^ ok i'll ask her about the noodles.

thanks so much dear ^^

bb said...

ah... lina would know lots of places to tell you la... hehe, she's quite familiar with orchard too :p

bb said...

hehe, ask lina to take you drinking at clarke quay, boat quay, holland v... or balaclava at suntec, or villa bali at lock road. neat places.

sorry ah... me not in the 'right condition' to party or walk around that much :p

yokee said...

haha..ok but i tot i better ask around first hahaha..kiasu mah... :p

yokee said...

aiyo...such a pity lor..if not maybe we can go 'yam seng' hahahahaha..can ah?

bb said...

want to buy shoes? what sort? if sports shoes, your best bet is probably queensway shopping centre.

if you're looking for going-out shoes... i don't know your budget la. if got abit of money to spend, you must check out on pedder, hue and tangs shoes [ngee ann city or the tangs dept store]. foot fetish & lulu also have pretty neat collections.

otherwise, there's a vincci equivalent here in singapore, charles & keith. mainly heeled sandals, i think. i haven't been into charles & keith for ages.

otherwise, there're plenty of neat shoe shops at far east plaza. cheap and quite nice. think most are going from S$29 - S$69.

yokee said...

hmm..good ques there...actually no idea what im looking for also la :p

but the thing with shoe is that..to me its always 'love at first sight' ^^

thanks for the advice bb..lets see if i'll be wearing a new pair when i meet u monday hehe..

bb said...

oh yes! and how can i forget!

i posted a pair of red heels on my blog sometime back? that's from pazzion... they've wonderful shoes if you're into going-out shoes like heels and stuff. cheap too. they have an outlet at wisma basement.

bb said...

hehe, guess you can tell by now i'm a shoe freak huh?