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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Singapore 09/09-11/09

ok im back.

gotta admit...im really tired and had to sleep early yday nite after shower.
was it bcos it was a 4.5 hour bus ride or i was just plain tired from too much walking i dunno but i just had to get some sleep :p
but u know..tis 3 days trip is even more tiring than a 16 days trip to seoul. why? u tell me :p

anyway...it was a worthwhile trip ^^

firstly..of cos..bcos of shinhwa which i will tell in my next babble...

secondly..i finally gotta enjoy singapore as a tourist compare to my previous 2 trips
lastly..i finally met bb...my OM rival hahahahahaha :p

that afternoon i arrived i went looking for an orange shirt. why? bcos its shinhwa's color ^^
im just so glad that ive got both my man and 6 guys are orange ppl..
see? i don like something for no reason ok? hahahahaha

errr...i think i look like an orange myself. both in size and shape too bwahahahahahaha !!!

i was at the airport on sat nite to welcome Eric who was the last to arrive after the others who did the previous nite. there was some confusion as to which gate he'll be coming out from but he finally came thru where we were waiting.

eric...i dunno about u but to me...he's really really good looking in person.
tho he look thinner than before esp with the new hair cut his face look even smaller..heard he's kinda sick...how can he not get sick having to shoot for his drama n tis concert tour at the same time? oh~ my poor eric
but anyway...he still look soooooooo cool. he din wave but the way he nod his head a little acknowledging the crowd there was just soooooo cool. btw the screaming was surprisingly kept to the lowest as they were trying to let him get out without any further confusion. eerr...don ustand what im saying?
nvm u just ustand the part of him being so cool ^^

wanted to post the short vod i took but the blogger kept telling me my html tag not closed.
so let me find out how first n i post later ok?

after he left we went for a drink and yak. oh who are the 'we'?
well..'we' are the BYJ fans. hahahahaha...
see many of us not only like him mah...we also like others mah...
so thats why we are where we are lor ^^

next day i went window shopping down orchard rd.
i almost walked the whole stretch of orchard rd..almost..
being a person who don shop much..don really like shopping anyway...so i only got a pair of shoe. bought it bcos i like the color...silver hehehe.
oh talking about orchard rd...i gotta thank bb for all the directions and sorry for being such a bother...mian hae bb ar....

went to yell myself out that nite at the concert. concert story later ^^

then yday was D-day i finally get to meet bb
had lunch with both bb and tiff b4 i leave for home.
i think we talked quite a lot in just about 4 hours..din we?
having met for the first time..i realised bb and i share some things in common..don we?
hi-five bb ! hi-five ! hahahahahaha
ok i wont elaborate our meeting here cos i don wanna say sth im not supposed to. hehehe

here are the 2 pretty ladies i met. u gals don mind me posting hor?
pls tell me if u do and i'll blur u out.
and hor can pls email me ur sopy of the photo or not?
i dunno why i go close my eyes for this shot. aarrgghhh !!!

so thats's all for now la...
i gotta go catch up on my sleep.....


marissa said...


You are back!!! I've been looking forward to your blog entry for some time now. Glad you got the chance to see Eric at the airport and yeah heard he was sick.

By the way on the html tag problem you are encountering, vod coming from youtube? Just check on the box that says ignore and post.

bb said...

hey, emailed you our picture liao. hehe, my copy's okay, all of us had our eyes open :)

good thing we took pics that afternoon, coz i cut my hair the next day. so i still have a few pics of me with my ultra-long hair :p

wah, sure sounds like you're really really tired. but i'm glad you enjoyed your outing to singapore. sorry hor, couldn't spend more time with you this time. you know my condition la... next time we play harder, k? must at least have a drink together la.

can't wait to read your next blog post about the concert.

and ya, marissa's right. just check on the box to ignore the error and post anyway... it'll appear alright :)

yokee said...

hehehe..i just did the shinhwa post.

hope it wont bores u down :p