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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

'K' deprieved yokee

if any of u hv been wondering about me lately...
well im fine, im ok...

thanks jaime..ngo mo si...mo chuen mo larn

BUT...its my tis old pc here...

lately it has been 'in war' with some 'foreign elements' and sadly its too much to bear that i had to drain and refill it with new brain liquid.
goodness..what the heck am i babbling about???

to make life easy...my pc was infected..i mean REALLY infected that i had to have it formatted and so now im with only the very basic of stuff.

im so so so SO LOST now...
no yj's stuff no OM's stuff no banchan's stuff..no korean stuff..NOTHING !
ok ok..i managed to backup but still its different...

and worst still my bro is so clever to install the newer version of Office 2003 that cant support the korean IME which can only be used with Office XP.

so i cant view ANY korean websites..not even Quilt which cant be displayed properly without the korean language pack !!!
(one reason why i was so determined to learn korean was bcos i wanna read and ustand the lgg. so now that i CAN read them but cant SEE them !!! aaahhhhhh !!!!!!)

evthing is just so funny looking with weird characters, question marks (????) and boxes [] [] [] !!!
like this !

and evtime u click a page u got that 'pls install lgg pack' pop-up...oh~ so damn irritating !!!!!!

oops sorry for being rude but im so so so sad ah.....sob sob sob.....

GGRRRRR !!!!!!!!

so being in that mood i just cant seem to do anything rite or think rite
u know...somehow i just feel so empty @@~ ohh~~~~~

well anyway..i hope to get things up and well again asap at least by tomoro *pray pray*

oh...i also realised that bb was also absent during my absence...
(hmm what a coincidence..r we related bb? :p)
but u said u came back from hospital wor...are u ok?

n tis morning someone really made my day with her posting on him here ^^
tiff...ok i admit. im REALLY GREEN with all the good times u had with him !
how can i not be???? i mean..u met the REAL YGH.
u know...the sort of off duty YGH...the YGH wearing torn jeans..aahhhh!!!!

ok ok ok...i should be so lucky that i saw all of those YGH
the sort-of-off-duty-wearing-torn-jeans YGH.
thanks to the generosity of the sisters who shared those pics with me before hehehe ^^
i really nearly fainted when i first saw the torn jeans pic hahahahahahaha

and tiff ar....i din forget his bday and din mean to wish him happy bday and not him...
just that the downtime came right at the wrong time. sob sob...
mian haeyo..yongjoon nim...

ahh...what should i do without the korean keyboard???? help !!!

oh..untold scandal is on tv now..but having been thru our msian censorship board...sigh~~~~~

kangta is in town with vaness now and i'll be going to see them tmr nite
actually i only wanted to see kangta hehe :p

aiyo...ok la..i better go watch my banchan to relief myself off tis stress @@~~


jaime said...

haha yokee, it's good to hear that you are 'han duck jou duck, sik duck fun duck'; that's all we ask for, right?

I was scratching my head, how come you give Mr. Yang his seaweed soup, but nothing for the #1 guy on his special day? Funny enough, both you and bb didn't post that day! makes this newbie wonder if it's supposed to be some kind of Korean superstition to keep it low key (or no key)?!

ok, please do not let me stall you any further from getting a 'K' injection, you are indeed deprived!

marissa said...


After you catching the virus, it was your pc's turn to be infected, hope everything will be restored by tomorrow (fingers and toes crossed) ~ lol

So you're seeing Kangta and by Sunday it will be Shinhwa, good luck and hope you can take some pictures.

bb said...

hehe, so both you and i didn't wish our man happy birthday properly huh? luckily i already posted something on kob quite a few days before his birthday. hehe, it's almost as if i had foresight :p

good to see you back :)

really no way to solve the korean character problem? reinstall MS office XP version?

yokee said...

its just so exciting to just think that im really gonna go see shinhwa...gonna go see ERIC !!!!!

yes ! eric ! hehehehe

i also did post something simple the morning of his bday in OB just b4 i got the box formatted.