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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Shinhwa - State of the Art

frankly speaking..tis is the first ever concert ive ever been to.
yes..first time for me n it was such a great one ^^
for the record...all my 'first time' seems to be evthing to do with korea hehehe...


lights were still on when we got into the stadium at about 7.30pm
attendance wasnt that good..guess it was only about three four thousand?
read some korean reports that att. was about ten thou...errr....were they trying to make things look better or thats how media should say? :p

our seats were quite good being just next to the audio guys...hehe meaning more korean guys to look at ^^
finally slightly after 8pm LUG came on for the opening act.
from what i read spore was there first oseas outing. new young and fresh they were quite good.
n the best thing was after they finished they came to sit just behind the audio guys. so as they were walking past...urs truly here waited with her hands outright and said *'안녕하세요. 잘 했어요' to each of them while shaking their hands n the last guy who came put out both of his hands so i just grab them la. hahahahaha...no shinhwa LUG will also do la. they are not bad looking u know ^^

*'안녕하세요. 잘 했어요' = annyeong haseyo chal haessoyo = hello. u did well

and whenever there's a break i'll turn around n take their pics. one guy was so cute that he nodded each time i look at them and posed for me. hahahaha

ok back to the guys....
they started off very energetically..don ask me what song cos i hv bad memory of sequences :p
the crowd was already very high when they made they first hello.
it was eric who said it first speaking in english. tot his english was even better than in Firebird (불새 poolsae). hyesung too greeted in english while the rest was mixing n playing around with korean n english except for minwoo.

loved all the songs sang that nite cos i know almost all of them by heart hehehe...
except hyesung's n minwoo's solo..they were good but it was first time i heard of them.
hyesung as always has got really good vocals which i think it was right of him to do a solo.
minwoo too was great on his own n best part was when he almost took it off. those ladies behind us was practically kneeling down on their knees begging for him to take it off. mind u they r no young kids ok they were ajummas. hahahahaha

there was a part when the guys stop to do another round of talking.

minwoo : 재밌어요? (is it fun?)
crowd : yeh !
minwoo : 즐거웠어요? (are you enjoying urself?)
crowd : yeh !!
minwoo : 어? 뭘 듣고 알 수 있어요?? (huh? can u understand??)
crowd : yeh !!!

at tis point eric was already laughing so much and hyesung had to say sth in english.
and i myself was also laughing so much looking at how naughty they can be hahahaha..
they were all really playful boys.

there was also once when junjin din know what to say when the guys asked him to say sth in english. i think it was dongwan who asked him 'u know english? huh?'
hahaha as tho he know very well.
junjin was so clever at that point when he had the crowd repeat after him with
'say oh! say oh ! oh ! oh ! say shinhwa ! say saranghae !'

and dongwan...dongwan dongwan...the most playful guy that nite...he said...
'i will go back singapore...' and 'thank you very kamsahamnida'
bwahahahahahahhahahahahaha..see..how naughty can he get ^^

it was mostly hyesung minwoo and dongwan who did most of the talking. eric did too but he was really 'performing' that nite and i don blame him cos he looked really tired. heard he was sick too..sob sob sob...
oh..did i tell that he was wearing a black suit with white shirt when he arrived on sat nite so i guessed he must hv come straight from his drama shooting.
while andy was more quiet as usual.

here's the airport vod i took. kinda bad cos i wanted to focus on him more with my own eyes than thru the camera lens so just make do with what i have la..

u know..we all tot he was the one in white shirt n blue cap but when they got closer i was like..
'eh? how come he look so different?' then i realised he's the one in suit. gosh~

thanks marissa for the pointer ^^

it was only slightly after 2 hours when the guys sang their last song n said goodbye.
eric had a 11.50pm plane to catch. yep he's the last to arrive n first to leave...so sad...
really wish he could at least rest a bit but i heard the guys did go for some supper after the concert.
to me..it was a great concert but just a tad too short. wish they did more talking cos they r so funny.

well guess thats all i could write for now...my shinhwa experience will be forever in my mind..
really really had a great great time. ^^

i hv some other pics posted in my kimchi blog. they arent that good cos i was just moving too much. see..if they move i move they jump i jump..bwahahaha so just bear with me la.

shinhwa forever !!! 신화 만새 !!!!!!!!


jaime said...

welcome back yokee, so you have caught up on your sleep already?
Me too, I love to 'fun gaw gaw jeu', must have been a pig in past life.

Eric is pretty tall eh, at least I can see his head among the sea of cops. His hair is short now, I remember seeing his hair braided once in a concert. It's amazing you can remember all of the 6 guys names and faces, that's the beauty of being young. Now don't tell me you can tell their voices apart all the way from the stage?! Otherwise I have to write a 'folk jee'(convinced). Are you playing a Shinhwa song now? Shinhwa translates to 'Legend' in Chinese, am I right?

bb said...

ah... so you've blogged about it already. this was your first concert?! really?! glad you've enjoyed yourself.

i've always liked going to concerts, though i've gotta say that's about one of the most subdued concert crowds i've seen in my time :p

about eric, yea... at one point, i was telling tiff he didn't seem into it. in fact, in a few of the numbers, he looked disinterested even. then later, i read that he has an eye infection. oh... must have been pretty tired too, i guess.

btw jaime, shinhwa doesn't quite translate into legend... shinhwa is 神话,whilst legend is more like 传奇... in most casese, shinhwa is not real, while legend might be real, i guess.

yokee said...

hi jaime..long time no 'see'...

their voices? well for tis 6 guys u can tell who is who cos they r quite distinctive haha

glad bb explained the shinhwa in chinese. i wouldnt know if u ask me :p

i was scrutinizing (spelling correct?) on eric thru bino all the while and at one point u can actually see he was having an 'uncomfortable' look on his face.

*어~에릭아 아프지마~
(eric-a apujima = eric don get sick)

jaime said...

oh thank you bb, so shinhwa in chinese is like 'fairy tale', not real. that's why yong joon's drama is 'legend', part of it is real history. i see, kamsumphamnida!

marissa said...

So you finally did your blog entry on your encounter with Shinwha. Glad you also like the interaction that they have as a group I like that they know how to have fun. And you were able to sing along with them too, that is great!

My friends are still in Cloud 9 and I don't really know how long they intend to stay there.

yokee said...

hi marissa..

i was actually wondering if the ladies seated behind us were some of ur frens cos i think they r filipinos.

well...all in all boys will be boys. there were some news of what they did in spore but to me...they r still young n i don blame them lor. as long as they stay together as shinhwa n keep up their good work i'll be with them forever ^^

marissa said...

My friends were at the standing section but away from most of the crowd because the constant pushing was just to much for one of them. But I heard there were another group of Filipinos who came over to watch.