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Monday, September 04, 2006

Kangta & Vaness in KL

i really had no idea why i did what i did..

first of all...din really hv the intention to go see the guys since it will only be a showcase and bcos im not really fond of vaness...sorry f4 fans~

but a fren called and said she has got some VIP tixs so i tot..ok la..why not hehe

so i went...

the show was scheduled to start at 8pm but since we tot we could go early n do some shopping,
we were there b4 4pm...another fren..yong was already there with her daugther who is a kangta fan..haha all bcos the mom crazy k star the daugther follows suit :p

there were already ppl sitting n waiting in the 'guarded' area at that time
our initial plan of shopping had to be dropped cos majority of us wanna start waiting there in the area. i did hv 2nd tot on having to start waiting there sooo early but then again...

so we started the wait there from 4pm

tis was the stage...notice how they put vaness infront of kangta?

guess being a taiwanese singer they tot vaness will appeal more to the market here...
anyway i was there for kangta..

so we waited and waited..oh did i tell we cant get out of the area once we r in? stupid huh?
the arrangement of the sponsors were really bad but then again...sigh....
oh i was also looking out for ajummas other than ourselves.
managed to spot 2 haha...

so we not crazy at all loving yj huh ?^^

so again we waited and waited..
time and again i was asking myself
'why am i waiting here soooo long for kangta??? tis is not yong joon n he is no yong joon.
what am i doing here??? why am i waiting so long here???'

think i said that so many times that it din seem to hv any effect anymore...*immuned*

clock ticked and finally at 8pm the MC came on..
he did some Q&A and gave out some posters but from where i am and me being so short...
most of the time i had to jump jump stretch my neck n put up my hands to take the pics..phew~
i have no idea how the MC really look like and who got what :p

then finally....FINALLY....

the guys came on...i could see them...not really a good view but i could see them..
kangta looks good..very *'yau ying' n i like his hairstyle ^^

*yau ying (canto) = stylish

vaness...well i hv to admit..he really look much much better than his F4 days
much bigger in size n more MAN now...no offence but really he's much macho now
oh and he has got a lot of fans coming in from thailand, hongkong, phillipines and even japan ! my~
they sang SCANDAL as the opening song..danced around...they were really good o.k.

tis is vaness

tis one is kangta and tis is the BEST shot i could get the whole nite :p

then they greeted in mandarin..both of them
then kangta said his 'hello-how-r-u' greetings in korean

the second song was a slow number
i dunno the title of the song but i know its a famous chinese song
very nice and the crowd sang along...
they sang it in 2 languages..mandarin n korean
i wanted to do so but cant figure out which lgg is being sung at which phrase hahahaha :p

they had the sign session after tis when my fren n i decided to make our move...
they will only sign on the Scandal album which we din buy but yong bought one for her daughter so they waited and the young gal got what she wanted and so happy that kangta shook hands with her and she said his eyes were twinkling..hahahahaha

my fren n i went for the beef balls noodles cos we din hv anything since lunch !

see thats why i said...'what in the world am i doing there when he's not even yong joon????'

tigger says...'u've got kimchi fever!'

maybe i did :p

ps : i'll be in spore tis sat n will proceed to the airport hehehe...
so...bb ar...so is it convenient for us to meet tis weekend? tiff ar...u free or not?


bb said...

you're going to be receiving shinhwa at the airport on sat?

err.. i've gotta say i ain't a fan, tho i am going to the concert. so hor, i won't go to the concert la. what time you arriving on sat, and what time you leaving on sun huh?

yokee said...

eh? what u mean..

'tho i am going to the concert. so hor, i won't go to the concert la.' ???

so u going or not?

me..taking the 8am bus so should b arriving 1pm..will go airport to receive eric hehe ^^

leaving mon 4pm..

so..apa macam?

bb said...

hehe... i mean to say i'm going to the concert, but not to the airport... sorry ah...

yokee said...

ahh..so that means i wont get to meet u la..sob sob sob...

bb said...

sorry la... in my condition, i thot i'd beta not go crowded places in case i get pushed or jostled around.

visit you in kl one day, k?

or i can have brekky with you monday morning :)

yokee said...


anyway..i think i'll be free on sun n mon so when u feel comfortable just call me la..ok?

tiffany said...

I'm not sure about airport... much as I would like to see Jun Jin. But then according to schedule, he is the last to leave, so hehehe....

See you here.

bb, want to join us for a meal? Actually Monday breakfast may not be such a bad idea... brunch maybe?

bb said...

yea, tiff... you know i'm not quite a morning person? so brunch or lunch sounds good :)

bb said...

why on earth did i suggest brekky in the first place???!!

yokee said...

yeah seems like junjin has got more time to spare...poor my eric having to leave that very nite..aiyo..poor guy...

ok..i don mind brunch...any idea where since its ur territory? ^^