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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kpop Talent Hitz !

It was on the same kimbap making afternoon that a Kpop Talent Show will be having their finale and MTV World Asia Stage at night. Both events at different end of the town and since I only got invitation to the Kpop finals I’ve got no problem deciding which way to go haha. By the way, BEAST was at MTV World Stage.

Right after kimbap the TSMY gals and i headed straight to Bentley Music Auditorium for the Kpop finals. The event was hosted by *Astro Hitz. The show was already into their 8th finalist when we arrived. The solo singers we saw were so-so but the dancers were not bad.
*Astro Hitz = One of local pay tv channel.

Top 3 finalist were, Jay-son, EGS and Ruffneckz. The latter announced as the winner with a 5D4N trip to Seoul and a chance to perform at Lotte World! Oh they should have had the chance already because they left for Seoul on Wednesday ^^

Ruffneckz’s leader was teary but quickly recovered soon enough to briefly show off their skills again in front of the camera. I tell you this guy got style and he does look a little like Korean and with a little luck the boys can be STARs.

The gals were kind of shy to ask for a pic with them. I told them that if they don't ask for one now, they'll regret it when they become famous. In the end, this kay-poh unni gotta do the dirty job for them hahahaha..

Winners trip to Seoul grand prize were sponsored by KTO KL. Mr.Yun when will you be sponsoring my trip to Seoul? ^^

Ruffneckz congrats and I’ll be watching for you. Fighting!

Gals preparing kimbap for KHJ ^^

Finally on Sunday morning(thats last Sunday morning) I went for a little shopping spree on my own. Wait. Did I just say shopping SPREE??? No no no…my wardrobe needed a serious ‘new for old exchange’ program so I got myself just a few pieces. Hehe..

The 3 KHJ FCs were invited to a Kimbap making event by Street Café. Street Café manager, Eddie suggested we make some Triangle Kimbap (삼각밥 Samgakbap) and the event was fully sponsored by them J
The 3 FCs will be collaborating with Street Café for a special KHJ treat so please contact any one of the FCs for more info.

Here’s our kimbap chef, Mr.Park + trainees for the day ^^

in and about the cafe.....

Representatives were from each of the 3 FCs. Chef prepared all stuff to be used, rice, seaweed sheet, tuna mayo, beef bulgogi, bbq chicken, triangle container, gloves etc. oh the apron..nice? Tyra (TripleS Msia) bought for the gals ^^

oh yeah..the Chef Mr.Park, he is Korean so you can be assured of the quality of food.

Call it crazy but it was real fun when out of a sudden the gals scream in while making the kimbap. The café was playing Korean MTVs when HJ’s Break Down came on. No wonder the scream la. Haha..

Oh yeah, this was my lunch that day and I gotta say the kimchi tuna jigae was delicious!

Eddie, you should suggest to Andrew about opening an outlet here in the heart of KL. Then I’ll make sure to make it a must-go eatery for the BYJ’s Malaysia Family.
Thank you Street Café!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crabs & Gals !

I was looking forward to Saturday’s dinner. Emily and Miyo were in town for some weekend shopping joining bb. We were to meet for a crabby dinner near my place in Kepong. I’m glad they…or rather the cab driver managed to find the place because ‘smart cabbies’ are a rare gem here :p

Our dishes for the night. I normally don’t take pics of food but how not to when everyone is? Hehe..

View from the where the gals are staying..Maya Hotel

We almost had to literally carry our stomach walking out from the restaurant to the car. However, there was a mention about *durian and the next thing we know I was taking all of us to a durian stall. But once the gals checked in on their smartphones on their whereabouts, we were told that the delicious ‘mausan wang’ type of durian is out of stock L
Sorry gals, next round I’ll buy and let the durians wait for your arrival here instead ok? J
*durian > thorny, smelly but delicious fruit. Also known as the King-of-fruits.
(think YJ don’t really like this? because he had only bought the rambutans and mangosteens when he was here. durians were in season then too.)

Without durians we went back to the hotel. Yeah, we actually did decide to pack-away the king of fruits and sneak them back to the hotel! Bwahahahahaha… FYI, durians are banned from hotels due to its smelly nature.

You may ask, what does the 4 of us have in common, right? Eerrr….do you even need to ask???
Gals, thanks for a wonderful night out. Love the food, talk, laughter and most of all the company!
Bb, I really enjoyed the part when we think back and talk about OUR man. We are seriously and will always be a different breed ^^

Was almost 2.30am when I got home that nig..morning and next thing I know bb said she finished her bubble tea. Oh not only her all 3 of them too! Ok, they were having coffee, tea and chestnut too before I left. :o

What? Singaporeans have better digestive systems than Malaysians???

But that nigh…morning I went to sleep thinking of my share of the bubble tea calling for me in the fridge downstairs !!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong is coming to town AGAIN!

I must admit that I slept like a log on Sunday night and the fact that my alarm clock had been mysteriously adjusted, to go off at 12.15am Monday morning remains a mystery, did nothing to help at all. Yeah, I woke up 45mins later that I should on a working day!!!
Hmm..is this sign of ‘age catching up’??? Dieeezzzzz…

Anyhow, it all started with a boy named Kim.Hyun.Joong.
It’s public news that he’ll be touching ground soon with us here in KL next month as part of his 2011 Asia Tour for his debut solo album ‘Break Down’ (organized by Warner Music) and The FaceShop(TFS) promo gig.

Yayy! The boy is coming back to town!! I still remember meeting him up close during his last Dec visit.  Too bad there won’t be any showcase this time round because I would LOVE to see him do his KissKiss routine. So.So.C.U.T.E.!

Should touch a little on his Asia Tour? Ok.

His management agency Keyeast (KE), officially released his KL dates as follows:
21st Aug – ‘Break Down’ Album Promotion
22nd Aug – TFS Promotion

In all hype and hoo-hahs, this *kay-poh ‘noona’ (at least to HJ haha..and I would die to hear him call me that J) decided to come out to play haha…
*kay-poh ‘noona’ = kay-poh > person who likes to meddle with other’s business. noona > elder sister, greeted by younger guy

TFS Malaysia, was really helpful in providing us with info of their event which makes things easier for us. After a successful TFS-KHJ outing last Dec, many are looking forward to another great day on the 22nd.
TFS Malaysia Kamsahamnida !

Fine. Since I'm on this topic let me just talk a bit about their current KHJ Asia Tour Purchase With Purchase mechanics.

1. Yes. It is a lucky draw game.
2. Yes. You will have to purchase RM200 & above of FACE IT BB Cream product range PLUS a copy of KHJ 'Break Down' album (Korean Version) worth RM19.90 to be eligible for the draw.
People please be smart. The rule says you will be eligible for the draw for purchase above RM200 so if you are buying RM400 or RM600 then split them into 3 bills!
3. You MUST buy the album in order to be eligible. 'Break Down' is your 'license/passport'!
4. 'Top Spender Members'. TFS have just started their membership drive about 2 months ago. So this will be applicable to those who are a member and have made purchases since becoming a member. It will be the accumulated purchases made since becoming a member. The last I heard, the highest accumulated purchases totalled at RM3000++
5. KHJ/TFS event will be held both in Pavillion & Berjaya Times Square on Saturday, 22nd Aug 2011. Being in these 2 places it is pretty obvious that they are open public places right? ^^
6. TFS is TFS. They cannot answer on behalf of Warner Music.

For more info check out TFS Malaysia Facebook.
(I would advise that you please at least read through the info and comments posted about the event before asking/questioning. Most of the time the answers to your questions are there. You just need to read and pay a little attention :) It’s kinda annoying for anyone to answer when an answer has been repeatedly answered just right in front of you. I know some of the gals from the FCs have been trying to help TFS out by providing obvious answers but frankly and sorry to say we can’t be too pampered all the time.)

As of now I am writing this there is still no news about Warner’s mechanics. Also no info in their facebook too. We all know it’s gonna be a Hi-Five session but no idea how it’ll work.
“Warner, hello hello are you there?? Please, we only want to make it a successful event so talk to us please.”

3 KHJ-related fanclubs, My_KHJ, TSMY and TripleS Malaysia, have decided to come together in preparation for his upcoming visit. You may check with any one of those 3 FCs for more info, click on their FC name for link to their FB ^^
I know there are quite a number of overseas fans will be doing their own round of ‘Asia Tour with KHJ’ so the FCs will be in assistance as much as they can and we’ll provide info if we do get any asap. Ok?

Due to all these the FCs decided to meet for a discussion last Saturday at Korea Plaza KL. Though not many came but it was a ‘cosy’ meet-up. It brings back memories as to how we all first started during our ‘hey-days of BYJ’. It was an intro session for most while the BMF sisters who came can only think back and count the years BYJ has brought us all together.

The ‘unni’s gave the younger ones some ‘Star-chasing Survival Tips’ hahahahaha.. We also suggested perhaps we should all make a ‘family’ gathering.
BMF sisters, we were reminiscing one of our best games during one of our gatherings back then, Winter Sonata Scarf game, remember that??? Wanna play again??? Let’s make it a BIG one this time haha.

It was way past lunchtime when we finished. Yong & Shien Yin first left so Rohana, Norni, Lyana with her 2 kids and I went for lunch at Subway. It was my first time having Subway so I walloped the whole thing before I can even think of taking a picture of it hehe..hmm not bad can eat again but this time must double on the sauces!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

BYJ having Nasi Lemak Kopi 'O'???

it was one fine afternoon that i got a call from Korea Tourism Org. (KTO).
"are you interested to appear for an interview about Winter Sonata?"

if it was you how would you answer?
i thought. i hesitated and i wondered. interview? LIVE TV????

seriously, i doubt. but on second thought...FUN!
they wanted one chinese and one malay(muslim)..
so i called Norni. she too had the same initial reaction i had haha..but she agreed. yayy!!
then i had this idea of having more of us there. even though they only need 2 to be on air, im sure it wouldnt hurt to have some sisters supporting us in the studio. so i asked around and shienyin decided to tag along.

when the producer called for a final confirmation, i asked if its possible to have all 3 of us on air. 'Yes! no problem.'
with this all 3 of us went into a 'byj treasure hunt'.
the programme segment will be talking about Winter Sonata. reminiscing WS....frankly, sometimes i really wonder what is it with WS that it is still so hot even after so so many years!!
anyway, bcos it was so so long ago and i only got the call 2 days ago i didnt have much time to prepare.
i've kept my byj goodies separately in my new home and ive been working late lately so didnt have chance to go pick them up. same with the 2 ladies. we decided to just bring whatever we had with us. so what u 'saw' was what we 'got' haha

once in the studio, the producer took us to the make up room. no, its nothing like those artiste make up room with light bulbs on the mirror. is was just a small and cramp room. i was actually kinda worried with what stuff they are gonna put on my face. i mean sure there were thousands before me who were using the SAME makeup stuff those ppl are having there but was kinda relieved when i noticed that they are using MAC. ok. that doesnt mean anything but at least they have some established brand sponsoring haha :p

after primping, we sat and waited.
we were told that our segment is to be at 8.45am.
8.30am. no signal yet and were not told to even get ready...hmm....
finally at abt 9am a staff came. fixed the mic to us and ran a check on our names.
i didnt want our full names to be screened. i wanted them to show our IDs, names as all of you know us..
Shien Yin, Norni and Yokee ^^

haha this one so funny. when i zoomed in when i took this but didnt know the guy was clasping his hands together and the card held out to the gal host was written 'help' hahahahaha

we propped the stuff we brought along with us but i noticed they kinda check thru what we took out and they kinda 'put away' those that will give away free publicity. (sorry TFS, my plan failed..mian~) oh even our BMF logo...they kept that away :p

then....5,4,3,2, we are "ON AIR"
ok. im not gonna go into the whole segment. i'll skip this but will add in the video clip once available.

all of us thought that it would only be a 15mins segment but we were on for 30mins! oh ok..minues the commercials probably 20mins. so ok 20mins of 'fame' for BMF kakakaka..

the male host were asking if he is as good looking as YJ and the 3 of us were making eye contact didnt know what to say...eerr eerrrr...hahaha..

these guys are from a new local group called 'For Teen' and shienyin and norni were both saying how that particular guy look like a korean bwahahhaha

u know even though the programme is called 'Nasi Lemak Kopi O' we werent serve any of those. yeah there were some packets of nasi lemak but kopi O was no where to be seen. so after we were done, the 3 of us went for breakky.
*nasi lemak - malaysian styled rice with spicy anchovies+eggs+cucumber. kopi O - black coffee

oh dear, we forgot to take any pics! well, that shows how hungry we were. really, we were really hungry..hahahaha..

shien yin and norni, thank you so much for doing this together.

i wouldnt have accepted the interview if none of you agreed. i had a lot of fun and our chat just now over half boiled-eggs+roti bakar+mee siam was great.
we could have talk on forever and ever..
*roti bakar - toasted bread. mee siam - thai styled fried noodle

and to all other sisters who tuned in, emailed, called and sms-ed...THANK YOU SO MUCH!
remember, you not only saw the 3 of us on tv but also BMF and of cos BYJ !!!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

[News]Bae Yong Joon is coming back with his next work in 5 years, a drama or movie? “He selected several works.”

reposted from suehan's blog

Newsen 2011-07-13 14:27

[Newsen Reporter Park Jung Hyun]

It’s known that Bae Yong Joon will be coming back sooner or later.

On July 13th, his agency, Keyeast said, “Bae Yong Joon has been selecting his next work. Currently, he selected several works.”, “He might come back in the first half of next year (2012) at the earliest” He also stated that “It could be a drama or a movie. He is getting offers from overseas as well”

Bae Yong Joon didn’t act after “TWSST” in 2007. Recently, he appeared in “Dream High” briefly. Thereupon, expectations from his fans are getting higher.

Recently, Hallyu around idol star is very strong. Dramas are also exercising their power. Bae Yong Joon introduced Hallyu with a drama, “Winter Sonata”, and it’s interesting to see how Bae Yong Joon will be able to put more power on current dominant entertainment condition. Also, everyone is expecting to see how Bae Yong Joon will be changed from a come back work in 5 years.

Reporter Park Jung Hyun pch46@