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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crabs & Gals !

I was looking forward to Saturday’s dinner. Emily and Miyo were in town for some weekend shopping joining bb. We were to meet for a crabby dinner near my place in Kepong. I’m glad they…or rather the cab driver managed to find the place because ‘smart cabbies’ are a rare gem here :p

Our dishes for the night. I normally don’t take pics of food but how not to when everyone is? Hehe..

View from the where the gals are staying..Maya Hotel

We almost had to literally carry our stomach walking out from the restaurant to the car. However, there was a mention about *durian and the next thing we know I was taking all of us to a durian stall. But once the gals checked in on their smartphones on their whereabouts, we were told that the delicious ‘mausan wang’ type of durian is out of stock L
Sorry gals, next round I’ll buy and let the durians wait for your arrival here instead ok? J
*durian > thorny, smelly but delicious fruit. Also known as the King-of-fruits.
(think YJ don’t really like this? because he had only bought the rambutans and mangosteens when he was here. durians were in season then too.)

Without durians we went back to the hotel. Yeah, we actually did decide to pack-away the king of fruits and sneak them back to the hotel! Bwahahahahaha… FYI, durians are banned from hotels due to its smelly nature.

You may ask, what does the 4 of us have in common, right? Eerrr….do you even need to ask???
Gals, thanks for a wonderful night out. Love the food, talk, laughter and most of all the company!
Bb, I really enjoyed the part when we think back and talk about OUR man. We are seriously and will always be a different breed ^^

Was almost 2.30am when I got home that nig..morning and next thing I know bb said she finished her bubble tea. Oh not only her all 3 of them too! Ok, they were having coffee, tea and chestnut too before I left. :o

What? Singaporeans have better digestive systems than Malaysians???

But that nigh…morning I went to sleep thinking of my share of the bubble tea calling for me in the fridge downstairs !!!

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