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Saturday, July 16, 2011

BYJ having Nasi Lemak Kopi 'O'???

it was one fine afternoon that i got a call from Korea Tourism Org. (KTO).
"are you interested to appear for an interview about Winter Sonata?"

if it was you how would you answer?
i thought. i hesitated and i wondered. interview? LIVE TV????

seriously, i doubt. but on second thought...FUN!
they wanted one chinese and one malay(muslim)..
so i called Norni. she too had the same initial reaction i had haha..but she agreed. yayy!!
then i had this idea of having more of us there. even though they only need 2 to be on air, im sure it wouldnt hurt to have some sisters supporting us in the studio. so i asked around and shienyin decided to tag along.

when the producer called for a final confirmation, i asked if its possible to have all 3 of us on air. 'Yes! no problem.'
with this all 3 of us went into a 'byj treasure hunt'.
the programme segment will be talking about Winter Sonata. reminiscing WS....frankly, sometimes i really wonder what is it with WS that it is still so hot even after so so many years!!
anyway, bcos it was so so long ago and i only got the call 2 days ago i didnt have much time to prepare.
i've kept my byj goodies separately in my new home and ive been working late lately so didnt have chance to go pick them up. same with the 2 ladies. we decided to just bring whatever we had with us. so what u 'saw' was what we 'got' haha

once in the studio, the producer took us to the make up room. no, its nothing like those artiste make up room with light bulbs on the mirror. is was just a small and cramp room. i was actually kinda worried with what stuff they are gonna put on my face. i mean sure there were thousands before me who were using the SAME makeup stuff those ppl are having there but was kinda relieved when i noticed that they are using MAC. ok. that doesnt mean anything but at least they have some established brand sponsoring haha :p

after primping, we sat and waited.
we were told that our segment is to be at 8.45am.
8.30am. no signal yet and were not told to even get ready...hmm....
finally at abt 9am a staff came. fixed the mic to us and ran a check on our names.
i didnt want our full names to be screened. i wanted them to show our IDs, names as all of you know us..
Shien Yin, Norni and Yokee ^^

haha this one so funny. when i zoomed in when i took this but didnt know the guy was clasping his hands together and the card held out to the gal host was written 'help' hahahahaha

we propped the stuff we brought along with us but i noticed they kinda check thru what we took out and they kinda 'put away' those that will give away free publicity. (sorry TFS, my plan failed..mian~) oh even our BMF logo...they kept that away :p

then....5,4,3,2, we are "ON AIR"
ok. im not gonna go into the whole segment. i'll skip this but will add in the video clip once available.

all of us thought that it would only be a 15mins segment but we were on for 30mins! oh ok..minues the commercials probably 20mins. so ok 20mins of 'fame' for BMF kakakaka..

the male host were asking if he is as good looking as YJ and the 3 of us were making eye contact didnt know what to say...eerr eerrrr...hahaha..

these guys are from a new local group called 'For Teen' and shienyin and norni were both saying how that particular guy look like a korean bwahahhaha

u know even though the programme is called 'Nasi Lemak Kopi O' we werent serve any of those. yeah there were some packets of nasi lemak but kopi O was no where to be seen. so after we were done, the 3 of us went for breakky.
*nasi lemak - malaysian styled rice with spicy anchovies+eggs+cucumber. kopi O - black coffee

oh dear, we forgot to take any pics! well, that shows how hungry we were. really, we were really hungry..hahahaha..

shien yin and norni, thank you so much for doing this together.

i wouldnt have accepted the interview if none of you agreed. i had a lot of fun and our chat just now over half boiled-eggs+roti bakar+mee siam was great.
we could have talk on forever and ever..
*roti bakar - toasted bread. mee siam - thai styled fried noodle

and to all other sisters who tuned in, emailed, called and sms-ed...THANK YOU SO MUCH!
remember, you not only saw the 3 of us on tv but also BMF and of cos BYJ !!!



shienyin said...

thanks Yokee and Norni for tagging me along. I enjoy the fun fun fun. Thanks all the bae sisters for your support. we shall all go along should there be another chance ok ?

yokee 요키 said...

fun hor? haha
well lets see if we were good enough that ppl will call us for another shoot again bwahahahaha