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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Monday, July 31, 2006

a bit of evthing n why i don 'fancy' her...

i actually promised to babble about sth tis morning...
so that is what im gonna do...

but first i hv got sth else to say...hahaha...

number one...the torso...
aiyo...why did they hv to do it?
i mean they know very well it will make some ppl go bery bery *chisin
(like some of u who already did :p)
and our dear michelle even suggested it to be in chocolate !
goodness gracious ! like her i would also savour it if its REALLY chocolate.
bite after bite lick after lick s.l.o.w.l.y.....uuhhhhh~~~
and mind u when yokee, me, finally finishes them, u'll get a DOUBLE QUEEN sized yokee :p
but really they shouldnt hv done that n make ppl have all kinds of 'not-so-decent' thoughts bwahaha

number two...chinese valentine's day...
bb told in her i love u too post.
bb ar...yeah meh...i din know wor...
i just got to know that today's our country's warrior day..bwahahahahaha
and bb ar...enough with ur survey cum research on gosireh liao...
whatever it is..i hope one day u n i can go there together n hv OUR man buy us dinner ok?
bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha dream on~ dream on~

number three...eerrrr....do i hv number three to tell?
hmm....ahhh...got...jaime !
she did tis wonderful research 'relating' Manet n YJ in quilt here n here
its not the first time that i come across fans relating YJ to some famous ppl..
n many hv taken to like art bcos of those comparisons too...
but tis is the first time with Manet.
a great eye-opener jaime...mm koi...dou jie ^^

u know...i cant ustand how ppl describe art. i still dunno n i'll never know :p
jaime ar....what were u before u became someone's mrs.? :p
sorry..for being a *'7+1' but am really curious esp when u write so good ^^
* 7+1 = 8 hahaha in cantonese it means being nosy..hehehe

ok ok..i think i should get to where im supposed to go in the first place...
but u know...sometimes i hope u ppl here can ustand what im babbling about cos
im not like most of u who can write so wonderfully with all sorts of vocab n extraordinary words etc.
what i can actually write are just repetitive words used over n over again....aiyo boring la....

guess i can really regret now that i never pay attention to my english teacher back in school n never do my English 1119 homework properly (my score..haha not bad la :p)
oh dear...come to think of it...i cant even remember her name!
but i can remember YJ's english teacher's name hahahaha...sorry teacher...mian hae~

what i can remember is..she made me stand for the whole english period on one session bcos i made a mistake pronouncing 'almond'. yeah...i did it with the 'l' sound. so now bcos i learnt my lesson i go round correcting evone with the 'l' sound bwahahahahaha !

see...if u notice the type of writing is my kind of writing. huh?
see...i talk as i write. not talking aloud la but..u know...
so thats why i don write all the time n cant write so sophisicated-ly esp when i cant think so sophisicated-ly....aiyo talking rubbish again :p ok ok...enough enough...

oh i still havent get to the point yet haha
im actually doing tis on purpose hoping that as u'll get bored reading about my stupid babble n u'll click away so that i'll hv less eggs thrown at me when i really do get to the point haha..clever lei :p

well...why i don like her...
shouldnt say i don like her la but just that i don fancy her n im not a fan of her.
who is her? YJ's co-star in WLS (hmm that's better not having to mention her name directly)

actually im not the type that go 'step' on other stars for whatever reason there may be
cos to me..if i don like them..i just don like them. i wouldnt go talk bad about him/her.
i mean why waste time la rite? but since i said im gonna do some explanation...i'll keep to my words

but first.....no offence to her fans who may come across tis babble of mine.
i don mean to talk bad but its just what i think n its my world of babble :p

got to know her in WLS. same with our YJ ^^
she did well as yujin. n when she cry i cry. she laugh i laugh. all in all i LOVE WLS.
by epi 6 of WLS ive already fallen head over heels for YJ n by the end of the drama im already surfing around BYJ's official site (it was YY's site back then) n Quilt (wow long time huh?)

so since i already got to know the actor i tot i might as well find out about the actress.
din get to know much tho cos i don ustand korean then. but i got to know some info from the korean sisters i got to know. they gave me both plus n minus of her. i listened n kept quiet.
finally i watched 'stairways to heaven'. she starred opposite ksw.
to my surprise...i see yujin. ok u may not agree but tis is what i saw. my eyes la ok...
the same cry..the same feel...why hasnt she change? i mean....u know what i mean?
i saw one or 2 other of her work n they kinda gave me the same kind of feel too...
ok ok...conclusion is...to me...she's an actress alrite but not that of an actress.

then came some news of her from the k-news. some not so good news.
well evone hv their own share of scandal n she's one of them. don quite like what i heard.
so there goes my impression of her.

there were some 'issue's resulting from WLS...
some of u may know of it, the new ones may not but im not gonna talk about it
these issues too did influence me a little so thats it la.

if u think u don like what i said....too bad la...
thats what i think n i babbled in my own space here so its my rite lor...
u can throw the eggs but i can tell u it wont get to me lor...hahahahahaha

soooo....IF they really hv to 'work' together..i hv nothing against it.
BUT..IMHO i don think they will. promo work maybe. but for a drama or movie..i don think so lor...
anyway since there's this 'wind' out there now...we'll see how it goes.

btw..i don think her 'acting' fits the character SZNi.

wah...hv i babbled a whole bloody boring babble?

shut up yokee !


Friday, July 28, 2006

lurrvve HIS hands !

i tot i was weird

i tot i was crazy

but now i know im not (bb ar u there? ^^)


i dunno why but i ALWAYS have tis habit of looking at men hands
never mind if they r not good looking but still i will look at their hands
what more if they r good looking...the more i look la :p ^^

i dunno what im looking for in them but somehow
i will kinda 'fall n love' with their beautiful hands

n somehow even with the slightest touch of these hands
u'll feel as though u r gonna melt right there n then ! @@~
i remember having this crazy talk with helen about OM's hands
hahahaha..helen ar...remember?

i went searching thru what i hv in my pc's brain at the moment n found some of these
nice beautiful hands ^^

sure no need to tell whose these are ^^
u know...when u r holding them u just don exactly realise how beautiful they are
cos u r already 'numb' just having to hold his hand.
tell u..they are BIG and baery baery nice to hold @@~ ^^

n let me tell u...his is DEFINITELY very much more beautiful than mine :p
wonder what he think of holding my stupid hand
oh~ as though he can remember...aiyo thick-skinned me :p

then tis one....so jisub's
u know his fingers are much longer than yj's
n looks to me even more slender
havent got a chance to hold them yet
so cant tell u how it feels...hehe...

next my banchan.....hehehehe...
nice or not?

oh? u dunno who's my banchan is?
ok..what is banchan in the first place?
well it means side dishes in korean..hahahahaha
so u get it?

marissa will know who my banchan is...marissa are u there? ^^

and finally.....finally

who can guess whose THIS one is?
no prize tho..hahaha ^^

Thursday, July 27, 2006

neck n necklace....n CHEST !!!

evone seemed to be REALLY interested in his neck-----lace lately haha
who wouldnt huh? esp with the recent pic that shows up to his CHEST !!!
i agree with frances about him knowing really well how to give chest pain hahahaha

his or should i say ms.hong's latest choice...

a Louis Morais (bb posted on the necklace info here)

very nice hor...the price is $4485 from the shopping link that bb provided
(jaime ar...i supposed it should be in yen lor..no?)

well...if its diamond i guess the price is ok lor...no? :p

this one... err cant remember exactly when this was taken
but he was wearing a necklace too
korean sis told me sometime b4 that he love to wear crystal or should i say ms.hong love to wear him in crystal? :p what the heck am i babbling about??

anyway...can u figure out who's tis is?

im never good in accessories n designer stuffs

i really like tis kind of accessories.

i once gave him a piece of onyx. oh din buy it but i had to had it cut n polished from an original piece of 'rock' into a nice rectangular shape. how i go it? from 'outer space' hahaha
well...its from my dad who used to work for a co. that does tin mining research. it was said that these rocks 'fell' from the sky long long time ago when those rock stars collided. so these rocks are said to bring u luck n to ward off evil.
eerrr...i dunno how far tis is true or if its even true but ive made one into a ring n hv been wearing it from almost 10 years now. n so far...ive been feeling great all along ^^
those who hv met me might noticed the big black ring im wearing...thats the one ^^

so evtime i saw him wearing a black crystal like thingy i'll be hoping he's wearing mine ^^
or should i go dreaming on?? :p

anyhow...be it mine or not....i hv to admit he really do hv a thing for necklace. n mind u he's one of the very few men (i think) that can actually wear necklaces.

not every man can wear a necklace ok? cos some of them look really....aiiyyeeee..yikes :p

but for a man with a neck n chest like this ↓

what is there that cant be possible?
aiyo...what am i babbling again huh?
i think im going nutssss !!!!
help !!!!
p/s : oh dear....came back from liezle's blog n she posted about CHEST too
and she said sth like.... "whats with these bof guys?"

goodness gracious ! the thought about connecting BOF guys with the chest
u know....MY OM + chest + necklace
OMG !!!!!!!
im fainting already @@~~~

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

welcome home ^^


i hv been trying for the last hour to upload some modified images of his look today but dear blogger not allowing me. must hv caught some cold in this weather :p


i hv to agree he look ABSOLUTELY soooooo dashing today
esp in those dark glasses of his..aiyo....
today i bet he must be so happy that he got to finished all his work in tokyo n can finally return to concentrate on the King's work.

많이 수고하셨습니다 용준님 ^^

but yet i would wanna see his eyes
but im not complaining either...eerrr...
what the heck am i babbling about?? must hv been star-strucked hahaha :p

well...ive read some write-up of some sisters who were there at the airport today
there werent any 'complication' except for some minor chaos when he came out from the gate...
as usual la...u know...when they see him they all rushed forward lor....
there were some who followed him from japan in 3 different plane. why?
they cant get ticket on the same one lor...wait...
im not trying to imply any negative point here but im curious why they cant get the tixs..
unless there were many of them ...k sis din tell exactly how many followed tho...hmm...

a sis managed to talked and send some messages to him n him. im glad they did ^^
(hehehe..YES ! he was there today ^^)

so u gals r head over heels with him all over again huh?
who wouldnt? i know..ok...
that neckline of his..ok ok....i see that...
n i wanted to post a super-imposed pic of that but....
sigh~ so u just use ur wildest imagination la on how deep that neckline could go @@~

oh i wont be sleeping till 2am korean time today..why?
hehehe something wonderful is gonna happen today ^^

oh Mr.Sohn...nice guy Mr. Sohn.
i always think the managers working with/for YJ are alll really nice gentlemen ^^
and the fact that he write and post in JOB is such a wonderful thought to the family.
how i wish the same can be done in gongsik (KOB)....
but by who? oh..........him?

i wish i wish i hope i hope....

i beg to differ.....a little...

evone saw his latest outlook....

no doubt he look real good in that smart suit of him
but beneath that charming smile n good looks i see tiredness in his eyes

a fellow sister just told me "that is what makes a business man"

i wish for the day to come when he finishes his drama for him to take a nice vacation which he must hv been putting on hold for soooooo long.
so while he goes on vacation we watch the King in action.

giving him all the space he needed so much. ok?

용준님 태사기를 많이 잘 하세요
건강이 가장 중유한 거예요.

그래서 항상 건강 많이 많이 조심하세요

oh dear why am i writing in korean to him?
as tho he will come visiting :p haha
anyway..i wish him alll the goodness and health !

and of cos to all of u too ^^

p/s : anyone see MY OM????

Sunday, July 23, 2006

My 'Private' Seoul-out ^^

tis was my 2nd trip to seoul
i din write about tis anywhere b4 cos it was really a personal holiday trip ^^
why i decided to babble now? well i afraid to say my brain's really shrinking by the day so i better babble tis out b4 i forget about the whole thing :p n im still having tis stupid headache..oh i think its 'migraine strikes back !

oh sorry..let me get back to the trip.

i was there for just a short trip at the last few days of march 2005 (2005.03.26-2005.03.29)
well i actually hv got a choice of going for tis one or to go later for the April Snow concert which was about a month later in april. ive already got the concert info n all n i even know who's and what's gonna be there at the concert ! yes..if i hv chose the concert i will surely get to see yj and JO SUNGMO !!!!!! aaahhhhh!!!!!

BUT...i chose the former. and so...that begin my agony of missing out on JSM esp when tiff came back 'bragging' non-stop about him !! aaahhhhhh!!! *dush dush*hammering tiff on her head* :p

ok ok anyway....so...bcos i'll get to meet and travel with my dear bae sister i decided to put frenship first ! cheh wah..hehehe

frankly..really...tis was really supposed to be just a personal trip WITHOUT BYJ in mind

tis was how he 'greeted' me during the first few hours after ive touched down in Seoul ^^

after checking in and stuff...we decided to head down to myeongdong.

we were just starting to dig into our very first korean lunch when my mobile rang...

a k sis called
"yokee-ar..where r u? quick ! come over here quick ! YJ's gonna hv shooting here!"
believe me or not...i was really calm except for being a little haywire having to speak in korean n with eyes in the restaurant looking at me :p
but u really hv to believe me when i tell my frens the news. they practically just put down their spoons n said "ok. im done. let's go !"
my god...we havent even started !! so explained that we still hv sometime so we can finish our lunch n then go. btw i remember i was really hungry at that time hahaha.
told u it was supposed to be a trip W/OUT BYJ but look how things can change a person :p

the shooting was at Mokdong. it was just a
short scene where Insoo buys sth at the mart near his apt. but too bad tis scene was not included in the movie. but i wonder if they will in the coming 'un-cut' version to be shown in Japan soon. anyone watching the movie later pls do let us know ok? ^^

it was really great to see YJ again. n even though i cant remember how many times ive seen the real him b4 it still amazes me how amazing it is to just look at the real him ! eerr..u know what i mean?

din take pic while he was shooting cos its forbidden but haha 'someone' did n i guess most of u hv already seen them ^^
so i just spend my time looking at him 'fully' with all my FOUR EYES.
i cant remember how long we were there but it was quite a long while cos by the time evthing finishes it was already dark. n they shifted to hv shooting in the apt. so it was the end for us.

**aiyo..why tis yokee so much talk n still no pics??
ok ok its here but i tot u could wait till u finish reading evthing here but if u cant the pics r here ^^ **

really...having that 'i-really-din-expect-to-see-him' thought when i touched down in seoul that morning..it was really more than icing on the cake for me and us ^^

we took a trip to Yeonse Uni the next day. that was to 'make-up' for what we'll be missing during the AS concert. i mean at least ive been there seen it...minus the star tho :p
the uni is really huge. n all of a sudden i got all those drama scenes coming to my mind hahaha

the next day we were off to samcheok.
bcos shooting began only a month or so b4 when we were there...
we could still feel the real samcheok town as it is...
insoo's n seoyoung's motel, bicycle cafe, the hospital, eunhye restaurant (where YJ has his lunch)
palace hotel etc...been there seen it...felt it and tasted them (?)^^

we did some shopping around town back in seoul the day b4 i leave.
was in an arranged gathering with some k sisters when one of them came to me and said...
"yokee-ar we will be meeting YJ after tis.."

at that time i wasnt really sure if ive heard those korean words correctly or i was having trouble ustanding korean.
"what? really? where?" was what i sad the next moment.

so off we went to mokdong again.
he was again having location shooting there but when we got there we realised that its gonna be an indoor shooting. inside insoo's apt.
i dunno what we were waiting for but it was quite a while we waited n it was a chilly afternoon. i love the weather but it was really really cold.

then suddenly..out of no where i dunno how...he appeared.
he came out of his caravan holding a cup of coffee and BYJ being BYJ he smiled...
Insoo smiled...YJ smiled...Insoo smiled....YJ smiled....YJ smiled......YJ smiled @@~

see...how he smiled at me???????? or was he?????????

i left seoul the next day on a late afternoon flight so i did manage to do some last minute shopping.
i really did hv fun with my dear bae sis. n despite being a
'supposed to be without BYJ' trip, frankly...we all went home feeling more than satisfied. but of cos living up to the name of the trip 'supposed to be without BYJ' we will still enjoy the trip very much bcos we really did get to enjoy all the places we went.

but of cos the icing wouldnt hv happen without my k sisters. from day one they knew i'll be making a trip there they hv been 'digging' for info on where he'll be. hehehe...
talk about having connections CIA? in tis case its BIA - 'BAE Intruding Ajummas' hahahahaha
no no no...just joking. but really they hv been really wonderful ever since i knew them

and to my dear bae sis whom im with on tis private trip...thank u soooooo much
and i love u sister !!! *muah muah muah*

so what do u think? am i just pure lucky or what?
from a 'supposed to be without BYJ' trip to a 'ive seen BYJ twice' trip

u call that luck or fate? :p

and finally to see more of my private pictures (hey don go thinking anything else ok? :p)
and more write-up click HERE to my kimchi blog ^^

will i die?

im now having a headache
i normally don take any painkillers for that cos it never work for me
but bcos its too early to go to sleep i tot i just give it a try.

found 2 tablets of paracetamol somewhere among my pile of papers next to tis keyboard here
took a look at it...n it says...'EXP 05/05' tot about it for a while....
then took them out n swallowed them down with 2 gulps of water...

look...if u don hear from me tomoro here on the internet...
u better go check out the obi------s in malaysian papers
that is if u care la :p haha

ok now...lets see if i can find those pics i took during my 2nd seoul-out...
if i can find them n IF im still not dead yet...u'll be reading my private seoul-out later ^^


Friday, July 21, 2006

absolutely 'bae-b' looking !!!

ok...i really hv to do tis quick...

u know...i was hesitant to repost tis here when i saw these 2 pics
cos i tot its some kind of invasion of privacy of the person taking the pics cos evone knows very well that its all supposed to be P&C and 'not to be official yet' kind of thing...err how to say ah? in korean it means '비공개' oh dear..whats wrong with me??

haha then i tot..ahhh as long as its him...what the heck ! :p

so yeah..he look rreeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallllllll good !
absolutely !

then the news about him to japan...haha not news anymore today tho
ok i'll save all those 'don go chase him around' comment cos i guess its all in our heads now..oh~

BUT..whats news is today is his look at the airport yday...

huiyo...u know tis is actually made me post tis today at tis hour of the morning !
he is sooooooooooo absolutely.......oh is there any other word to describe how good he look?
he should hv a new word all to himself.
i'll make one for him...

absolutely 'bae-b' looking !!!

hahaha..hows that..'bae' for him 'b' for best !
aiyo...cant really think now..jaime any idea?

oh dear gotta go now...im late..


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the man is so man @@~

ok i really dunno how to title tis

these bae-tiful pics are fresh from KOB's gallery

so just gaze at him with all the eyes u have la..

i myself have got FOUR !!! hahahahahaha


Monday, July 17, 2006

no subject...

haven't been babbling for some days now...
why? cos of so many things that seemed to happen at once....

first im re-watching jaeho...oh~ jaeho-ya~~

then one of my closest korean bae sister will be leaving KL to japan
had dinner with her during the weekend n it was a sad sad farewell...sob sob...

then...its Mr. Goodbye din really wanna watch it cos i don really like Ahn Jae Wook. but unnis kept talking about the drama in cafe n today one of them posted tis vod...

so..rite now im downloading it :p
but okla...i like Lee Bo Young...very pretty..
talk about the influence of a 'crying man' huiyo~

i actually wanted to babble about my 2nd 'seoul-out' but my brain kinda hibernating now so cant think much. my 2nd 'seoul-out' is one that ive never put down on papers b4 like the first one cos it was supposed to be a personal venture haha....
ok la....lets see if i can work sth out of my head in few days later :p

and today...its bb's blog's first bday...errr...a belated one to be exact...happie bae-day !! ^^
come to think of it...if i take into account the day i started tis blog of mine...
n record shows....its...14th january 2005
wah...thats exactly 1 year 6 months & 3 days to be exact !
cheh wah..bb..i beat u to that ! :p...B.U.T.
thats only the days la...cant beat u with any of the ingredient or substance u hv injected into ur blog...u win hands down sista !

wow...i also got special mention by bb for being part of the bae's world of blogs...
but me being vivid and vivacious? serious ah? never know those 2 words exist in my dictionary wor....hahaha thank u thank u ^^

aiyo...what am i babbling here ah?
see la...thats why i say i only can only babble
sigh...better go look for jaeho before i go 'out-of-line'


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Images of my first 'Seoul' Out

who is that peeping from behind???

what's this? a new print on the 'walk of fame'?

and where's tis place??

ive just uploaded some pics of my first time in seoul to my kimchi bloggy
if u r interested its HERE

but i hope u've read my posting about my first trip to seoul
to ustand what my pics mean ^^

ok..rite now
im all 'seoul' out~

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


reposted from marissa's blog ^^


I saw this in one of the forums I regularly visit that is not BYJ related and I want to share it with you.

Fandom is focus. Fandom is obsession. Fandom is insatiable consumption. Fandom is sitting for hours in front of a TV screen a movie screen a computer screen with a comic book a novel on your lap. Fandom is eyestrain and carpal tunnel syndrome and not enough exercise and staying up way, way past your bedtime.
(fandom is instant technical know how on downloading, uploading, making websites, forums, videos and just about anything related to the world wide web. fandom is exorbitant electricity and dsl fees)
fandom is something i never tot i'll part of it and being stuck to it...scotch tape, UHU glue, contact adhesive..you name it.

Fandom is people you don't tell your mother you're meeting. Fandom is people in the closet, people out and proud, people in costumes, people in T-shirts with slogans only fifty others would understand. Fandom is a loud dinner conversation scaring the waiter and every table nearby. (fandom is people you sometimes tell your mother, you're meeting though she absolutely cannot understand what on earth would you still be talking about when you see each other, that you havent discussed, dissected, and digressed on the forums, emails, sms, and phonecalls. fandom is staying for more than four hours in the mall's food center with the occasional trip to starbucks)
fandom is when i only tell mom what i think she may be interested in what im crazy about and trying very hard not to create any suspicion and trying to make her think im still very very sane

Fandom is you in the US and me in the Philippines and him in Korea and her in Japan. Fandom is a sofabed in Singapore, a roadtrip in Hawaii, a friend behind a face in Malaysia. Fandom talks past timezones and accents and backgrounds. Fandom is conversation. Communication. Contact.
fandom is learning a language u'll never use in your everyday life. fandom speaks as though u understand itself but in actual fact u understand nothing.

Fandom is drama. Fandom is melodrama. Fandom is high school. Fandom is Snacky's law and Godwin's law and Murphy's law. Fandom is smarter than you. Fandom is stupider than you. Fandom is five arguments over and over and over again. Fandom is the first time you've ever had them.
(fandom is feeling sadness, hurt, anger, joy, elation all in the span of one day, over news that absolutely has NO obvious and direct relevance to your everyday life - ouch! ahahahaha)
fandom is 'why are so crazy about that man?' :p

Fandom is female. Fandom is male. Fandom lets female play at being male. Fandom bends gender, straight, gay, prude, promiscuous. Fandom is fantasy. Fandom doesn't care about norms or taboos or boundaries. Fandom cares too much about norms and taboos and boundaries. Fandom is not real life. Fandom is closer than real life. Fandom knows what you're really like in the bedroom. Fandom is how you would never, could never be in the bedroom.
fandom is messy room. fandom is running out of space.

Fandom is shipping, never shipping, het, slash, gen, none of the above, more than the above. Fandom is love for characters you didn't create. Fandom is recreating the characters you didn't create. Fandom is appropriation, subversion, dissention. Fandom is adoration, extrapolation, imitation. Fandom is dissection, criticism, interpretation. Fandom is changing, experimenting, attempting.
(fandom is IMX, Broasia, cdjapan, hmv, kinokuniya, yesasia, SINO center etc. etc. etc. - shipping lah? )
fandom is a tree grown in the desert. fandom credits the bank account. die~

Fandom is creating. Fandom is drawing, painting, vidding: nine seasons in four minutes of love. Fandom is words, language, authoring. Fandom is essays, stories, betas, parodies, filks, zines, usenet posts, blog posts, message board posts, emails, chats, petitions, wank, concrit, feedback, recs. Fandom is writing for the first time since you were twelve. Fandom is finally calling yourself a writer.
( fandom is expression of a creative genius you may or may never know existed within you. and the best part - a matter of perspective really, you enjoy doing it even though you dont get PAID for it)
fandom is regretting not paying attention during english classes. fandom creates the so called 'writer' in u. fandom scores u an 'A' when nobody cares.

Fandom is signal and response. Fandom is a stranger moving you to tears, anger, laughter. Fandom is you moving a stranger to speak.
( fandom is subtitles and no subtitles, bad and good dubbing and everything in between. fandom is habitual marathon, overnight videofests. )
fandom is emotion. fandom gives u the ups and downs of reality.

Fandom is distraction. Fandom is endangering your job, your grades, your relationships, your bank account. Fandom gets no work done. Fandom is too much work. Fandom was/is just a phase. Fandom could never be just a phase. Fandom is where you found a friend, a sister, a kindred spirit. Fandom is where you found a talent, a love, a reason.
(fandom is insanity and sanity, spending hard-earned money for a 7 day trip, a seat at a concert or a movie premiere, a meet and greet, and knowing it was well worth it. fandom is workdone when you should be WORKING really. fandom is where i found BAE YONG JOON!!! and where i found you (yes guys..)
fandom makes u crazy. fandom makes u sane. fandom equals spending time doing something u don even know what u are doing. fandom is doing something u shouldnt be doing. fandom is 'BOSS i don care !' fandom is because of BYJ! fandom is me because of you!

Fandom is where you found yourself....(MAYBE.... ahahaha)....im glad

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sympathy ~ Fourth Story

im so glad im able to do this posting finally ^^

had wanted to write about the new 4th Sympathy album when it was released late last month.

i do hv the sympathy vod in my collection but was just too lazy to search for them so thank u so tomato for posting it there ^^

we all know that YJ was featured in the 2nd Sympathy together with Kim Jae Won, Jo In Sung, Jang Hyuk and Cha Sung Won.

YJ's Purple album LOVE~

the 2nd series has got 6 cds...and they were allllll bery bery nice songs ^^

2..purple ~ Love ~ BYJ

3..red ~ Passion ~ CSW
4..green ~ Freedom ~ JH
5..blue ~ Reflection ~ JIS
6..white ~ Purity ~ KJW

ok..here's the vod that tomato posted..thank u sister ^^


Sympathy 4 - The 4th Story

again..they'll be using selected 'leng-chais' to grace the cover of the albums and they are...

Eric (Shinhwa), Lee Dong Gun, So Ji Sub, Ji Jin Hee and Yoo Ji Tae

for tis series there'll be 2 compilation cds n 4 themed dvds

CD 1 ~ 4 Season ~ SJS
CD 2 ~ 4 Season ~ SJS, LDG, Eric, YJT, JJH
DVD 1..Spring ~ Propose ~ LDG
DVD 2..Summer ~ Vacation ~ Eric
DVD 3..Autumn ~ Wine Party ~ YJT
DVD 4..Winter ~ Christmas ~ JJH

one of the song in the albums...Lovers (연인) by Lee Seung Chul.
its the theme song of the drama 'Firebird' (불새) starring the late Lee Eun Joo and Eric.

had wanted to post another fav of mine but cant find the link :p
so tis one altho a little sad but also can la..its very touching.

ahh..SJS cant be in any of the season cos he's still under military service so i guess he cant go for any of the photo shoot. even the one on the front cover was super-imposed.
hmm...look kinda weird eh? but nvm la better than nothing lor..hor? ^^

oh..know who's my fav among those guys? eric..eric...ERIC !!!! aahhhh!!!!

sympathy 4....i want ahhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!

u know? shinhwa's gonna hv a concert in spore...so im now trying to 'work' towards it. aiyo why no come msia la???

에릭아 왜 여기에 안 와? 어? 왜요?

oooppss.. sorry off topic tim...mian mian....

ok back to sympathy...
so ladies if u r thinking of getting a new k-album i suggest u get this one.
its a MUST for the year...of cos there's so many others out there but tis one is a must..MUST !

look..i actually hv sooooooooo many on my shopping list
n the fact that my tree got stunted is really REALLY NOT helping at all !
uuuhhhhhwwwaaaahhhhhhhh !!!!!

bb ar...now im hoping MY very long time frens are listening too...get what i mean?? :p
aiyoo...thick skin thick skin....bwahahahahahaha !!

ok ok...should stop now n go listen to my old but ever so good YJ's Purple~Love~Sympathy ^^


Monday, July 10, 2006

We Are The Champions !

it was D-day for Italy

Italy...Champions of the 18th World Cup !

it was a 'heart-sunking' game esp when it went into penalty shootout.
i hv always this 'italy-penalty-taking' phobia
all bcos of what happened back in 94.

coach Lippi seemed to hv brought out sth thats long hidden in the heart of the azzuris
known for being the most defensive side ever Lippi managed to show that besides a rock solid wall the azzuris are also capable of being an effective attacking side. what more they r damn good at it. even del piero can shoot well now hahaha :p

wont delve much into the game cos there's just too much to say...
so let me just talk about
MY MAN of the world cup....Fabio Cannavaro(5)

he is absolutely wonderful all thru out the whole competition
anyone who has watched him play knew exactly what i mean.
tho i think he deserves more than just the silver ball award..

(golden ball went to 'dunno-what-happened-to-him' Zizou :p tho he may hv been provoked i still think a person of his calibre should know better than to do what he did esp at this time of his career...aiyo.....)

anyway...im really R.E.A.L.L.Y happy that Italy has now lifted the cup for the 4th time ^^

Azzuris the CHAMPIONS !!

Jules Rimet is now an Italian
bwahahahahahaha !


more pics HERE

Sunday, July 09, 2006

As day goes by...

still more pics of him during his younger days...
during one of his 'best' day..at least to me...

my Jaeho~~~

i shovelled all these pics from baeto cafe
original pics from 'JoongAng Ilbo'

these taken during the launch of his Image exhibition in Seoul ....

and then Busan...

Forever young...

when u were this young
i was just finishing high school

would i be 'interested' in you at that time?
hmm...i wouldnt know...

but what i know is...

im just glad...bery bery glad
i 'met' u when i met u

Thursday, July 06, 2006

My First Time

i actually wanted to repost tis from Quilt when i first came back to my bloggy here. but laziness kept me on hold till now. now esp when we may not get back the whole of quilt..sob..sob...

anyway its also bcos of bb's posting about his english that reminded me that he did actually 'spoke' to me in english hehe ^^

i'll be reposting write-up of my trips..3 to be exact..to korea as day goes by.
so if u r interested pls give me sometime n bear with my laziness ok?

below is my first ever trip to korea. im glad that i actually kept a softcopy of the 'report' phew~
tis is a bery bery long write-up so if u think its boring pls feel free to click away...
i will include some 'new' explanation here n there in [ ]

i do hv pics from the trip and i prefer to load pics on my kimchi blog cos it's much easier but tonite daum seems to caught a cold. so i will load them once it gets better. so pls wait ok? ^^


My First Time - October 2003

안녕하세요 ^^ [Hello ^^ tis was my level of korean back then :p]

지금 제가 말래이자아에서...(^.^) ? 또 (ㅠ.ㅠ) ? [im now in malaysia...]
oh~ I dunno~~~

well, anyway just wanted to tell my experiences of being in the world of BYJ.
I was in Korea for 16 days (2003.09.27 – 2003.10.12)
Done many things saw many things and ate a lot of things ㅋㅋㅋ
Just hope that you wont get too bored reading it...
So here goes the first chapter of my story...

Days in 강릉 2003.09.27 – 2003.10.02

토파즈언니 [topaz unni] and I went 골무언니’s [golmu unni] house in 강릉 [kangneung or gangneung a city at the northwest of korea].
Oh u know...골무언니 [golmu unni] is very cute and bubbly.
She never seems to be tired...always on the run..up and down ^^
웃음언냐 [useum unni]...thanks for the delicious cake....we all love it very much ^^ [a korean unni delivered a 'welcome cake' from seoul ^^]

in 강릉 I experienced something that I have never done before back home in KL that is hiking (but oh not from the foot of the hill ㅎㅎㅎ)
골무언니 was suppose to paraglide on that morning we were there but the foggy condition just really dampened the spirit of the day.
I thought I would have get the chance to see 언니 fly ^^
but the view up there is really worth the climb.

Later we had coffee at the Terarosa Coffee Factory.
Really good and it reminds me of angel unni. (커피사랑님 coffeesarang unni)

토파즈언니 was really worried when she have to get back to 대전 [taejon...a city south of seoul] cos what will 골무언니 and I are going to talk about?
이거 ? 이거 ? [tis? tis? haha cos i was zero korean back then mah]
Yes ? No ? ㅎㅋㅎㅋ ^^
but 언니..we did managed to get on very well rite?
We did great ^^ we got on very well with BYJ’s language.

골무언니 took me to many places.
나매항 (빨간듬대) [Port Namae red lighthouse] Frank’s litehouse,
추암 [Chuam] the beach where Minhyoung/Junsang left Yujin,
월정사 [Woljeongsa] the famous temple and 정동진 (Sun Cruise).
Oh we had 감자옹심이 [noodle made from potato] at the village along the 동해 [Donghae..West Sea] sea. Never have I eaten so many type of potato dishes in one meal ㅎㅎ

when inneke [a twin sis from indonesia] join me later in 강릉 we went to Yong Pyong Resort.
It was a rainy day the first time we were there so we couldn’t do much except visiting the one of the famous WLS site, 처음 café. [Choum cafe...can u remember ?^^]

We made a 2nd trip back to Yong Pyong the next day and we took the cable car rite up to Dragon’s Peak ^^
Wow~! The view is breathtaking – speechless ^^

Well I really enjoyed my stay there with 골무언니 and her family.
Makes me feel so much at home. 골무언니 is a good cook and I love her 비빔밥 [bibimbap] the best ^^
The days in 강릉 were really special..very different from the where I will go to next..Seoul
Seoul (1) 2003.10.03 - 2003.10.04

it was 벙개대 [bunggae day] ^^.....but.....
선희언니 [sohn hee unni], 골무언니, inn and i....did something extraordinary ㅎㅎㅎ
we went to Nami Island ㅎㅎㅎ
the scenery there was really beautiful. there we had 김치라면 [kimchi ramyon] and yes it was delicious *^^*

well we were just on time when we reach 시네시티 [cinecity..the same cinema where we had april snow bunggae last year]
and that was the first time i ever see of yongjoon.he was soooooo handsome *^^*
i got to hold and shake his hands ^^
wow how i wish time stop at that very moment~~
but u know i was so 바보 [baboo] cos i did not tell him my name !
i only remember his name 배용준 ! ㅋㅋㅋ

[tis is really an additional write-up...at that time all i could remember was his name. i was repeating his name over n over again to him ! he must hv tot i must be crazy. oh forgot...at this moment too i was ACTUALLY holding his hand ! it was supposed to be a handshake but i held on to his hand. i wasnt clear about what i was doing then but i know very well i was holding his hand. his right hand. held on to it long enough that HE had to do something to 'wake me up' ! what did he do? hahaha he squeezed my hand. YES ! u read me correctly he squeezed my hand. oh~~@@~~ u know...i was so mesmerized at that moment that i just had no idea what i should do or what i did until he did that squeeze. that was when i 'woke up' n knew its time to let go. so i did. he walked by n 'dissappeared' among the fans. when he finally left the cinema n i got to my seat only did i realised i din tell him my name ! how STUPID can i ever be??? i was so angry at myself that i din tell him my name..i mean yeah even if i did he wont remember but still !!?? SO STUPID !!]

watching for the first time....
well speechless ~ was he the BYJ i know ?
i was really happy getting to meet so many unnis and frens ^^
there were so many people and i know i have missed so many people.
the next day inn n i went to some palaces of the chosun dynasty and also to Jungmyo the place where frank and jin young went to on their first date ^^
inn and i bought some souvenirs when we got to insa-dong.

Busan 2003.10.05 - 2003.10.07

wow the drive from seoul to busan was really really a long one..
poor youngsun 언니 (잔돌밭님) had to drive such a tiring journey.
i would have taken the wheel if i've had an international driving license..
hmm maybe next time i should apply for one ^^

when we finally got to the cinema we saw many other unnis and fans are already there...
and the singaporean fans were there too. no one can miss them.
we went for our dinner when the show started (since we don have the tickets for that day)
at about half an hour before the show was suppose to end, many people from the press and managing staff of YJ came.

and for the first time i met Mr Yang (양실장님)^^
haha..was kinda of excited too since he is also a star of his own ^^
so i went up to him and say hello and asked to take a pic with him.
he was really surprised and said..'huh? me?' (pointing to himself)i said..'yes of cos' ^^
then we took position and he put his arms over my shoulder and i was actually kinda shock and i din know where to put my hand..
at first i put it around his waist which i think that's what people will do but then i put my hands down again..
hahaha..oh..see even with mr. yang i dunno what i should do...what if he's Yong Joon??? ㅋㅋㅋthen inneke helped to take the picture ^^ (thanks inn..the pic came out real good ^^)
after that i asked for his autograph..again he said..'me??' ㅎㅎㅎ see he's so cute ^^
then i took out the pic that 웃음언니 [useum unni] gave.
when he saw the pic he laughed ㅋㅋㅋ and signed at the back of the pic ^^

finally YJ walked into the lobby thru the back lift.
cant really take good pics of him cos people were all blocking.
it was really difficult to get a real nice shot of him with so many people around..
he was really good looking in that smart suit and people around me were saying..
'아~~~세상아....용준씨~~~~' ['oh my~ yongjoon ssi'] thanks goodness no one fainted ^^
when he went in to the cinema..we went down to the parking lot and waited for him there.
and yes we found his car there (after confirming with the driver ^^)
and there were also 3 other girls waiting there but i think there were rather new cos they were holding blank paper hoping to get his sign.
unni told them that YJ doesnt sign on white paper but they said they'll just try ^^
we waited and waited...finally he came down. the lift door opened and there he was....
so dashing oh~~~

i have actually tell my self that this time i MUST tell him my name first but when i saw him..everything changes.
instead i said...'YJ can i have a pic with u??'
he turned and smiled upon hearing this and then i said..'I come from Malaysia'
he smiled again..this time a bigger smile...put out his hand...and we shook hands again ^^
wow handshake #2 ^^ feel sooo good...
then i remembered and said..'my name's Yokee' haha finally i told him my name ^^
then he went into the car and woosh~~

that nite i really felt soo good...taking my own hands as though it was his...ㅎㅎㅎ
oh it smelled sooooo good ^^ oh~ i'm crazy~~~
we all went home satisfied that nite and i slept good ^^

the next day we went touring around 경주 [gyeongju] town...
(oh unni what was the name of the temple again? bulguksa?)
it was kinda late when we decided to go to 하회마을** but we took the risk.
when we reach 욱연정사** it was about 5 something..still ok...

[** these 2 are scandal locations. i don think i wrote them down correctly at that time cos of my poor korean back then. i will change when i check on it again later]

so we managed to see the place there...and tried to stand where Jowon stand..ㅎㅎ
then we went to the other side of the village...
though it was already getting dark we could still see the surroundings...
tried to look for some familiar places but they all look the same..
unni stopped to asked a lady if she knows where are some of the shooting location..
the lady said it was actually taken here and there...
i was actually amazed at the place cos its really wonderful how such a plcae can be kept and maintained even after such a long time.
the structure of the houses..wow..it's just great.

when we get back to Kyongjoo it was kinda late and unni was really tired...so i offered to cook ㅎㅎㅎ
everything was actually prepared by unni n i only have to cook them..
u know...heat up the pan, fry the meat this and that ㅋㅋㅋ
so that nite we all had bulgogi and mi-ok soup ^^

unni left early in the morning for seoul as she has to get back to work..sorry unni~~
that morning i cook kimchi ramyon ^^
after that inneke and i took the bus down to busan.
checked into a motel and then we walked around the town.
before the show start..we met some unnis...
and then later topaz unni came..oh i was really happy to see her again.
that nite was the nite we finally get to watch Scandal with english subtitles ^^
so at last we know what was exactly been said ^^

an interpretator was present this time in the session with YJ.
so inneke and i felt glad that we can understand all that's being said ^^
i din get to shake hands with YJ this time cos he was whisked out of the cinema so quickly.
and that is when the 'interview thing' got started..sigh~~~
i still think i look soooo tung tung and said rubbish ! sigh~~~

when we got out of the cinema...Mr Yang was there again...haha...so we meet again ^^

[haha..tis was when i really get to 'talk' in sign language with him. he was absolutely sooooooooo cute. i still remember when i 'asked' him if i could take a pic of him n he did a 'oh? me?' pointing to himself n then nodded his head. then he strike a pose and made a victory sign. i was so surprised that he can be so sporting but too bad i din manage to get that on pic. so that cute pose will only be forever in my mind ^^ will upload the pic later in my kimchi blog. btw notice that at that time i still call him MR.Yang? hahaha]

he left later and unnis and us had some drink and took some pics before we all go on our way home.

Seoul (2) 2003.10.08 - 2003.10.12

inneke and i took a bus back to seoul and it was a long long ride..phew~
since there was still time when we reached, we went to Myeondong, Namdaemun and Dongdaemun, places where i call the 'streest of shopping' ^^

in myeondong we met Won Bin ㅎㅎㅎ
well actually he is the guy that sells souveniers of stars and since we say we r BYJ fans he says he himself is better looking and call himself Wonbin ㅋㅋㅋ

on oct 9th we went to Walker's hill.
wow it really lives up to its name of Walker's hill. the walk from the Gwangnaru station was really challenging.
but for me its good exercise since i'm tung tung ㅎㅎㅎ [tung tung means fat in korean :p]
the guard at the sapphire villa was reluctant to let us in at first but when i told him that we r BYJ fans he smiled and said 'OK! 5 mins' ㅎㅎㅎ
see BYJ can really work magic ^^

after that we went to Namsam Park.
oth of us were like looking for treasure there cos we were trying to identify familiar scenes from the movie and yes we found some of them ^^
(inn remember that scene, where he turned and walked thru the door ? ㅎㅎ he's so cute ^^)

we wanted to walk to Itaewon from namsan but couldnt find any way.
at that time we saw a smartly dressed korean man talking to 2 foreigners.
guess he must be a hotel chauffeur or something, so we asked him.
he said we cant walk to itaewon from there cos its really far away so he offered to take us there in his car..
well actually its really dangerous getting into stranger's car but i thought we should be fine in BYJ's land so we got in ^^
in the car he asked what most people would ask so again we told him we are BYJ fans and told him that he must watch Scandal ㅋㅋㅋ
oh YJ..do u know we are such good promoter ?
hahaha..or should i tell this to Ms.Lee ? hahaha [ms.lee was the producer of scandal]

we watch Scandal again that nite with Youngsun unni (잔돌밭님)
and this time i could really understand the whole thing as one since that we have both seen the movie twice including the english subtitle ^^
it was really a pleasure to see Jowon again ^^

we met with 장미래언니 [rose unni] the next day for lunch.
she bought us some gifts..oh so sweet of her ^^
later in the afternoon after mirae unni went home we took the train down to apgujeong.
u know we cant find any information board in that district of CheongDamDong so both of us were kinda blur @.@~~ ^^
but we can remember the CineCity where the bunggae was held and Frank's McDonalds so we find our way there.
we took a long break with coffee at frank's McDonalds while waiting for 아무르언니 [amour unni] and 청언니 [chong unni]
아무르언니 came first and she took showed us some 'famous' places around ^^
she bought us dinner at the chinese restaurant on the 51st floor of the world trade center.
the view up there was very beautiful and we were lucky that nite cos there was a fireworks display so it was ;sugar on the icing' for us ^^
청언니 came later to join us and we had a great chat ^^

oct 11th...we watch Scandal again for the 4th time.
it was at seoul cinema and this time with some other unnis and this time YJ will come again...
so we were really excited ^^
this time...is the forth time i am meeting YJ and i am more composed becos...
was able to say..'hi my name is Yokee' ^^
he smiled and we shook hands and he said..'Oh~ nice to meet you'
wow~~ i almost fainted when i heard that...
'nice to meet you' well i think he say this to many people but to me i think its very special..
hahahaand he sound sooooooooooo good in english ^^

[tis is what i told about his english. it was really a perfect pronunciation ^^]

so that was the last time i shake hands with him..the 3rd time ^^

after lunch inneke, pastel blue unni and i went over to Dongdaemun where he will also be there.
u know we were like mad lady running around dongdaemun becos we dunno where the MMC theatre is and people around don seems to know too..
but we found it in the end of cos and it was almost time..
we waited and he came...it was very fast.
saw mr. yang again hahaha...when he saw me..he was like..'huh? u again??'
hahahahe must think that we r crazy..well i think i am ^^

i din try to shake hands with YJ this time when he left cos i din wan him to be like mr yang and think..huh? u again? ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
so that was the last time i see YJ

that day inneke and i went home quite early cos i have to leave the next morning ㅠ.ㅠ..

youngsun unni came over and we had a mini farewell party and of cos chat chat chat ㅋㅋㅋ
our topic was no other than BYJ ^^ poor YJ his ears must have been so itchy ^^


my last day in korea ㅠ.ㅠ.....i left quite early in the morning...
inneke and i said farewell at the homestay cos her flight was in the late afternoon.
thanks to pastel blue unni and eunyoung unni for taking me to the airport.
and joo unni called to say goodbye...phew~ i din cry there at the airport...yet....
but when i get on the plane and during take off..............

well i guess..that's the end of my wonderful stay in korea.

i bade farewell......

~~~~ THE END of First Time ~~~~

did u read until here?
thank u so much..hope it din bore u...
i had wanted to at least post one pic here but for the sake of not getting any fire started on top of my head i better stop trying cos i can already smell smoke gggrrrrrrr......
i know the report is a litlle 'haywire' cos i did the whole thing while i was on my flight back here then.
looking back...there are something ive missed so will try to 'piece them back' when i upload the pics later.
if u r 'unclear' about tis report pls do question me ^^