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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Friday, July 28, 2006

lurrvve HIS hands !

i tot i was weird

i tot i was crazy

but now i know im not (bb ar u there? ^^)


i dunno why but i ALWAYS have tis habit of looking at men hands
never mind if they r not good looking but still i will look at their hands
what more if they r good looking...the more i look la :p ^^

i dunno what im looking for in them but somehow
i will kinda 'fall n love' with their beautiful hands

n somehow even with the slightest touch of these hands
u'll feel as though u r gonna melt right there n then ! @@~
i remember having this crazy talk with helen about OM's hands
hahahaha..helen ar...remember?

i went searching thru what i hv in my pc's brain at the moment n found some of these
nice beautiful hands ^^

sure no need to tell whose these are ^^
u know...when u r holding them u just don exactly realise how beautiful they are
cos u r already 'numb' just having to hold his hand.
tell u..they are BIG and baery baery nice to hold @@~ ^^

n let me tell u...his is DEFINITELY very much more beautiful than mine :p
wonder what he think of holding my stupid hand
oh~ as though he can remember...aiyo thick-skinned me :p

then tis one....so jisub's
u know his fingers are much longer than yj's
n looks to me even more slender
havent got a chance to hold them yet
so cant tell u how it feels...hehe...

next my banchan.....hehehehe...
nice or not?

oh? u dunno who's my banchan is?
ok..what is banchan in the first place?
well it means side dishes in korean..hahahahaha
so u get it?

marissa will know who my banchan is...marissa are u there? ^^

and finally.....finally

who can guess whose THIS one is?
no prize tho..hahaha ^^


bb said...

hehe, i wasn't here... but with bloglines, i can get here pretty quickly!

yea, you ain't crazy. or if you are, then you've company... coz i'm crazy about men having great hands too!

wuri yong joon's hands are sort of different from sjs or your banchan's. his hands are somehow more masculine and stronger and have got more character. though not rough or anything, there's a steely strength in those big hands. and whenever i see his hands, i imagine them warm. will be lovely to have his hands envelope mine all the time.

now sjs has great hands too, but it's more of an artist hands, as opposed to yong joon's man hands, if you get what i mean. his fingers are so slender! there's this princely and even aristocratic thing going on when it comes to sjs's hands.

i think JJH's hands are closer to what sjs' hands are like. nice too, but more tanned, i guess.

all nice! including yours la, cute but nice :p

thanks for sharing!

p.s. i remember some fans did a few artwork of wuri yong joon's hands... anyone still has that?

bb said...

errr... sorry ah, don't know how to do short comments, esp when it comes to BYJ and SJS :p

me belong to shin-gun camp too, okie?

yokee said...


aiyo....u made me laugh like siao poh so early in tis sat morning
love ur comments ^^

im nodding nodding all the way down to ur comments. 120% agree !

u shin gun too? hahahahaha so im not really crazy after all bwahhahaha

but hor? where u got see my hand?
the last oe not mine wor...

bb said...

whose hand was that...??

yokee said...

asked u to guess mah....:p

HeippieH said...

Hi Yokee,

I like it - the light reading about his hands. Agreed with you and bb, his hands are more manly, a sense of strong, different angles, you see an elegant side too. As YJ said himself, his left hand looks different from his right hand. Then I started paying attention to the difference of his left hand and his right. Noticed his left is on the elegant side and his right, strong, with some vague scare. Isn't this a demonstration of his own personality too? A gentle side and a musculine side, or even more facets.

bb said...

yokee, if it's his hands, then this pic must be from quite sometime ago? think he no longer wears this ring :p

yokee said...

hi H...

next when u get to shake his hand..ask for the other one too ^^

bb ar...mmm who his? him? our him?
ya la..quite long time liao..esp when i din get up close n personal with him for so long already..sob sob...

bb said...

me too, yokee, me too...

sighs... wondering if i'll get a chance to get up close again... forget about personal, just close will do :p

marissa said...


I know who your banchan is cause he's mine too. I love how masculine BYJ's hands are. They have marks that show how hardworking he is.

HeippieH said...

Got it, Yokee, I'll keep it in mind :-)