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Thursday, July 06, 2006

My First Time

i actually wanted to repost tis from Quilt when i first came back to my bloggy here. but laziness kept me on hold till now. now esp when we may not get back the whole of quilt..sob..sob...

anyway its also bcos of bb's posting about his english that reminded me that he did actually 'spoke' to me in english hehe ^^

i'll be reposting write-up of my trips..3 to be exact..to korea as day goes by.
so if u r interested pls give me sometime n bear with my laziness ok?

below is my first ever trip to korea. im glad that i actually kept a softcopy of the 'report' phew~
tis is a bery bery long write-up so if u think its boring pls feel free to click away...
i will include some 'new' explanation here n there in [ ]

i do hv pics from the trip and i prefer to load pics on my kimchi blog cos it's much easier but tonite daum seems to caught a cold. so i will load them once it gets better. so pls wait ok? ^^


My First Time - October 2003

안녕하세요 ^^ [Hello ^^ tis was my level of korean back then :p]

지금 제가 말래이자아에서...(^.^) ? 또 (ㅠ.ㅠ) ? [im now in malaysia...]
oh~ I dunno~~~

well, anyway just wanted to tell my experiences of being in the world of BYJ.
I was in Korea for 16 days (2003.09.27 – 2003.10.12)
Done many things saw many things and ate a lot of things ㅋㅋㅋ
Just hope that you wont get too bored reading it...
So here goes the first chapter of my story...

Days in 강릉 2003.09.27 – 2003.10.02

토파즈언니 [topaz unni] and I went 골무언니’s [golmu unni] house in 강릉 [kangneung or gangneung a city at the northwest of korea].
Oh u know...골무언니 [golmu unni] is very cute and bubbly.
She never seems to be tired...always on the run..up and down ^^
웃음언냐 [useum unni]...thanks for the delicious cake....we all love it very much ^^ [a korean unni delivered a 'welcome cake' from seoul ^^]

in 강릉 I experienced something that I have never done before back home in KL that is hiking (but oh not from the foot of the hill ㅎㅎㅎ)
골무언니 was suppose to paraglide on that morning we were there but the foggy condition just really dampened the spirit of the day.
I thought I would have get the chance to see 언니 fly ^^
but the view up there is really worth the climb.

Later we had coffee at the Terarosa Coffee Factory.
Really good and it reminds me of angel unni. (커피사랑님 coffeesarang unni)

토파즈언니 was really worried when she have to get back to 대전 [taejon...a city south of seoul] cos what will 골무언니 and I are going to talk about?
이거 ? 이거 ? [tis? tis? haha cos i was zero korean back then mah]
Yes ? No ? ㅎㅋㅎㅋ ^^
but 언니..we did managed to get on very well rite?
We did great ^^ we got on very well with BYJ’s language.

골무언니 took me to many places.
나매항 (빨간듬대) [Port Namae red lighthouse] Frank’s litehouse,
추암 [Chuam] the beach where Minhyoung/Junsang left Yujin,
월정사 [Woljeongsa] the famous temple and 정동진 (Sun Cruise).
Oh we had 감자옹심이 [noodle made from potato] at the village along the 동해 [Donghae..West Sea] sea. Never have I eaten so many type of potato dishes in one meal ㅎㅎ

when inneke [a twin sis from indonesia] join me later in 강릉 we went to Yong Pyong Resort.
It was a rainy day the first time we were there so we couldn’t do much except visiting the one of the famous WLS site, 처음 café. [Choum cafe...can u remember ?^^]

We made a 2nd trip back to Yong Pyong the next day and we took the cable car rite up to Dragon’s Peak ^^
Wow~! The view is breathtaking – speechless ^^

Well I really enjoyed my stay there with 골무언니 and her family.
Makes me feel so much at home. 골무언니 is a good cook and I love her 비빔밥 [bibimbap] the best ^^
The days in 강릉 were really special..very different from the where I will go to next..Seoul
Seoul (1) 2003.10.03 - 2003.10.04

it was 벙개대 [bunggae day] ^^.....but.....
선희언니 [sohn hee unni], 골무언니, inn and i....did something extraordinary ㅎㅎㅎ
we went to Nami Island ㅎㅎㅎ
the scenery there was really beautiful. there we had 김치라면 [kimchi ramyon] and yes it was delicious *^^*

well we were just on time when we reach 시네시티 [cinecity..the same cinema where we had april snow bunggae last year]
and that was the first time i ever see of yongjoon.he was soooooo handsome *^^*
i got to hold and shake his hands ^^
wow how i wish time stop at that very moment~~
but u know i was so 바보 [baboo] cos i did not tell him my name !
i only remember his name 배용준 ! ㅋㅋㅋ

[tis is really an additional write-up...at that time all i could remember was his name. i was repeating his name over n over again to him ! he must hv tot i must be crazy. oh forgot...at this moment too i was ACTUALLY holding his hand ! it was supposed to be a handshake but i held on to his hand. i wasnt clear about what i was doing then but i know very well i was holding his hand. his right hand. held on to it long enough that HE had to do something to 'wake me up' ! what did he do? hahaha he squeezed my hand. YES ! u read me correctly he squeezed my hand. oh~~@@~~ u know...i was so mesmerized at that moment that i just had no idea what i should do or what i did until he did that squeeze. that was when i 'woke up' n knew its time to let go. so i did. he walked by n 'dissappeared' among the fans. when he finally left the cinema n i got to my seat only did i realised i din tell him my name ! how STUPID can i ever be??? i was so angry at myself that i din tell him my name..i mean yeah even if i did he wont remember but still !!?? SO STUPID !!]

watching for the first time....
well speechless ~ was he the BYJ i know ?
i was really happy getting to meet so many unnis and frens ^^
there were so many people and i know i have missed so many people.
the next day inn n i went to some palaces of the chosun dynasty and also to Jungmyo the place where frank and jin young went to on their first date ^^
inn and i bought some souvenirs when we got to insa-dong.

Busan 2003.10.05 - 2003.10.07

wow the drive from seoul to busan was really really a long one..
poor youngsun 언니 (잔돌밭님) had to drive such a tiring journey.
i would have taken the wheel if i've had an international driving license..
hmm maybe next time i should apply for one ^^

when we finally got to the cinema we saw many other unnis and fans are already there...
and the singaporean fans were there too. no one can miss them.
we went for our dinner when the show started (since we don have the tickets for that day)
at about half an hour before the show was suppose to end, many people from the press and managing staff of YJ came.

and for the first time i met Mr Yang (양실장님)^^
haha..was kinda of excited too since he is also a star of his own ^^
so i went up to him and say hello and asked to take a pic with him.
he was really surprised and said..'huh? me?' (pointing to himself)i said..'yes of cos' ^^
then we took position and he put his arms over my shoulder and i was actually kinda shock and i din know where to put my hand..
at first i put it around his waist which i think that's what people will do but then i put my hands down again..
hahaha..oh..see even with mr. yang i dunno what i should do...what if he's Yong Joon??? ㅋㅋㅋthen inneke helped to take the picture ^^ (thanks inn..the pic came out real good ^^)
after that i asked for his autograph..again he said..'me??' ㅎㅎㅎ see he's so cute ^^
then i took out the pic that 웃음언니 [useum unni] gave.
when he saw the pic he laughed ㅋㅋㅋ and signed at the back of the pic ^^

finally YJ walked into the lobby thru the back lift.
cant really take good pics of him cos people were all blocking.
it was really difficult to get a real nice shot of him with so many people around..
he was really good looking in that smart suit and people around me were saying..
'아~~~세상아....용준씨~~~~' ['oh my~ yongjoon ssi'] thanks goodness no one fainted ^^
when he went in to the cinema..we went down to the parking lot and waited for him there.
and yes we found his car there (after confirming with the driver ^^)
and there were also 3 other girls waiting there but i think there were rather new cos they were holding blank paper hoping to get his sign.
unni told them that YJ doesnt sign on white paper but they said they'll just try ^^
we waited and waited...finally he came down. the lift door opened and there he was....
so dashing oh~~~

i have actually tell my self that this time i MUST tell him my name first but when i saw him..everything changes.
instead i said...'YJ can i have a pic with u??'
he turned and smiled upon hearing this and then i said..'I come from Malaysia'
he smiled again..this time a bigger smile...put out his hand...and we shook hands again ^^
wow handshake #2 ^^ feel sooo good...
then i remembered and said..'my name's Yokee' haha finally i told him my name ^^
then he went into the car and woosh~~

that nite i really felt soo good...taking my own hands as though it was his...ㅎㅎㅎ
oh it smelled sooooo good ^^ oh~ i'm crazy~~~
we all went home satisfied that nite and i slept good ^^

the next day we went touring around 경주 [gyeongju] town...
(oh unni what was the name of the temple again? bulguksa?)
it was kinda late when we decided to go to 하회마을** but we took the risk.
when we reach 욱연정사** it was about 5 something..still ok...

[** these 2 are scandal locations. i don think i wrote them down correctly at that time cos of my poor korean back then. i will change when i check on it again later]

so we managed to see the place there...and tried to stand where Jowon stand..ㅎㅎ
then we went to the other side of the village...
though it was already getting dark we could still see the surroundings...
tried to look for some familiar places but they all look the same..
unni stopped to asked a lady if she knows where are some of the shooting location..
the lady said it was actually taken here and there...
i was actually amazed at the place cos its really wonderful how such a plcae can be kept and maintained even after such a long time.
the structure of the houses..wow..it's just great.

when we get back to Kyongjoo it was kinda late and unni was really tired...so i offered to cook ㅎㅎㅎ
everything was actually prepared by unni n i only have to cook them..
u know...heat up the pan, fry the meat this and that ㅋㅋㅋ
so that nite we all had bulgogi and mi-ok soup ^^

unni left early in the morning for seoul as she has to get back to work..sorry unni~~
that morning i cook kimchi ramyon ^^
after that inneke and i took the bus down to busan.
checked into a motel and then we walked around the town.
before the show start..we met some unnis...
and then later topaz unni came..oh i was really happy to see her again.
that nite was the nite we finally get to watch Scandal with english subtitles ^^
so at last we know what was exactly been said ^^

an interpretator was present this time in the session with YJ.
so inneke and i felt glad that we can understand all that's being said ^^
i din get to shake hands with YJ this time cos he was whisked out of the cinema so quickly.
and that is when the 'interview thing' got started..sigh~~~
i still think i look soooo tung tung and said rubbish ! sigh~~~

when we got out of the cinema...Mr Yang was there again...haha...so we meet again ^^

[haha..tis was when i really get to 'talk' in sign language with him. he was absolutely sooooooooo cute. i still remember when i 'asked' him if i could take a pic of him n he did a 'oh? me?' pointing to himself n then nodded his head. then he strike a pose and made a victory sign. i was so surprised that he can be so sporting but too bad i din manage to get that on pic. so that cute pose will only be forever in my mind ^^ will upload the pic later in my kimchi blog. btw notice that at that time i still call him MR.Yang? hahaha]

he left later and unnis and us had some drink and took some pics before we all go on our way home.

Seoul (2) 2003.10.08 - 2003.10.12

inneke and i took a bus back to seoul and it was a long long ride..phew~
since there was still time when we reached, we went to Myeondong, Namdaemun and Dongdaemun, places where i call the 'streest of shopping' ^^

in myeondong we met Won Bin ㅎㅎㅎ
well actually he is the guy that sells souveniers of stars and since we say we r BYJ fans he says he himself is better looking and call himself Wonbin ㅋㅋㅋ

on oct 9th we went to Walker's hill.
wow it really lives up to its name of Walker's hill. the walk from the Gwangnaru station was really challenging.
but for me its good exercise since i'm tung tung ㅎㅎㅎ [tung tung means fat in korean :p]
the guard at the sapphire villa was reluctant to let us in at first but when i told him that we r BYJ fans he smiled and said 'OK! 5 mins' ㅎㅎㅎ
see BYJ can really work magic ^^

after that we went to Namsam Park.
oth of us were like looking for treasure there cos we were trying to identify familiar scenes from the movie and yes we found some of them ^^
(inn remember that scene, where he turned and walked thru the door ? ㅎㅎ he's so cute ^^)

we wanted to walk to Itaewon from namsan but couldnt find any way.
at that time we saw a smartly dressed korean man talking to 2 foreigners.
guess he must be a hotel chauffeur or something, so we asked him.
he said we cant walk to itaewon from there cos its really far away so he offered to take us there in his car..
well actually its really dangerous getting into stranger's car but i thought we should be fine in BYJ's land so we got in ^^
in the car he asked what most people would ask so again we told him we are BYJ fans and told him that he must watch Scandal ㅋㅋㅋ
oh YJ..do u know we are such good promoter ?
hahaha..or should i tell this to Ms.Lee ? hahaha [ms.lee was the producer of scandal]

we watch Scandal again that nite with Youngsun unni (잔돌밭님)
and this time i could really understand the whole thing as one since that we have both seen the movie twice including the english subtitle ^^
it was really a pleasure to see Jowon again ^^

we met with 장미래언니 [rose unni] the next day for lunch.
she bought us some gifts..oh so sweet of her ^^
later in the afternoon after mirae unni went home we took the train down to apgujeong.
u know we cant find any information board in that district of CheongDamDong so both of us were kinda blur @.@~~ ^^
but we can remember the CineCity where the bunggae was held and Frank's McDonalds so we find our way there.
we took a long break with coffee at frank's McDonalds while waiting for 아무르언니 [amour unni] and 청언니 [chong unni]
아무르언니 came first and she took showed us some 'famous' places around ^^
she bought us dinner at the chinese restaurant on the 51st floor of the world trade center.
the view up there was very beautiful and we were lucky that nite cos there was a fireworks display so it was ;sugar on the icing' for us ^^
청언니 came later to join us and we had a great chat ^^

oct 11th...we watch Scandal again for the 4th time.
it was at seoul cinema and this time with some other unnis and this time YJ will come again...
so we were really excited ^^
this time...is the forth time i am meeting YJ and i am more composed becos...
was able to say..'hi my name is Yokee' ^^
he smiled and we shook hands and he said..'Oh~ nice to meet you'
wow~~ i almost fainted when i heard that...
'nice to meet you' well i think he say this to many people but to me i think its very special..
hahahaand he sound sooooooooooo good in english ^^

[tis is what i told about his english. it was really a perfect pronunciation ^^]

so that was the last time i shake hands with him..the 3rd time ^^

after lunch inneke, pastel blue unni and i went over to Dongdaemun where he will also be there.
u know we were like mad lady running around dongdaemun becos we dunno where the MMC theatre is and people around don seems to know too..
but we found it in the end of cos and it was almost time..
we waited and he came...it was very fast.
saw mr. yang again hahaha...when he saw me..he was like..'huh? u again??'
hahahahe must think that we r crazy..well i think i am ^^

i din try to shake hands with YJ this time when he left cos i din wan him to be like mr yang and think..huh? u again? ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
so that was the last time i see YJ

that day inneke and i went home quite early cos i have to leave the next morning ㅠ.ㅠ..

youngsun unni came over and we had a mini farewell party and of cos chat chat chat ㅋㅋㅋ
our topic was no other than BYJ ^^ poor YJ his ears must have been so itchy ^^


my last day in korea ㅠ.ㅠ.....i left quite early in the morning...
inneke and i said farewell at the homestay cos her flight was in the late afternoon.
thanks to pastel blue unni and eunyoung unni for taking me to the airport.
and joo unni called to say goodbye...phew~ i din cry there at the airport...yet....
but when i get on the plane and during take off..............

well i guess..that's the end of my wonderful stay in korea.

i bade farewell......

~~~~ THE END of First Time ~~~~

did u read until here?
thank u so much..hope it din bore u...
i had wanted to at least post one pic here but for the sake of not getting any fire started on top of my head i better stop trying cos i can already smell smoke gggrrrrrrr......
i know the report is a litlle 'haywire' cos i did the whole thing while i was on my flight back here then.
looking back...there are something ive missed so will try to 'piece them back' when i upload the pics later.
if u r 'unclear' about tis report pls do question me ^^


yokee said...

ok..i managed to post that ONE particular pic..thanks bb..
no wonder my bro was telling me to use firefox..'jie use this one la..its a new browser u must try its much better than IE..blablabla'

but then i found that firefox doesnt my play the song i posted mayb hv to use diff code.
i love my goong song bery much ^^

so i'll use firefox only for pic upload :p

marissa said...

hi yokee,

Thanks for bringing us back to your first time in korea. Hope to read more from you.

jaime said...

Wow yokee, I love reading your trip report and the encounters with Yong Joon and the now "infamous" Manager Yang.

That must have been a special experience, actually living with the Korean sister! Such a warm and cozy trip writeup, please publish your other trips so we can share your joy.

OK please tell me about the "squeeze", is that his way of telling his love-struck fans to release his hand?
Bet he has to do it for every single handshake!

I remember reading about your trip in Quilt before, but never get tired of reading it over and over again!