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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Monday, July 31, 2006

a bit of evthing n why i don 'fancy' her...

i actually promised to babble about sth tis morning...
so that is what im gonna do...

but first i hv got sth else to say...hahaha...

number one...the torso...
aiyo...why did they hv to do it?
i mean they know very well it will make some ppl go bery bery *chisin
(like some of u who already did :p)
and our dear michelle even suggested it to be in chocolate !
goodness gracious ! like her i would also savour it if its REALLY chocolate.
bite after bite lick after lick s.l.o.w.l.y.....uuhhhhh~~~
and mind u when yokee, me, finally finishes them, u'll get a DOUBLE QUEEN sized yokee :p
but really they shouldnt hv done that n make ppl have all kinds of 'not-so-decent' thoughts bwahaha

number two...chinese valentine's day...
bb told in her i love u too post.
bb ar...yeah meh...i din know wor...
i just got to know that today's our country's warrior day..bwahahahahaha
and bb ar...enough with ur survey cum research on gosireh liao...
whatever it is..i hope one day u n i can go there together n hv OUR man buy us dinner ok?
bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha dream on~ dream on~

number three...eerrrr....do i hv number three to tell?
hmm....ahhh...got...jaime !
she did tis wonderful research 'relating' Manet n YJ in quilt here n here
its not the first time that i come across fans relating YJ to some famous ppl..
n many hv taken to like art bcos of those comparisons too...
but tis is the first time with Manet.
a great eye-opener jaime...mm koi...dou jie ^^

u know...i cant ustand how ppl describe art. i still dunno n i'll never know :p
jaime ar....what were u before u became someone's mrs.? :p
sorry..for being a *'7+1' but am really curious esp when u write so good ^^
* 7+1 = 8 hahaha in cantonese it means being nosy..hehehe

ok ok..i think i should get to where im supposed to go in the first place...
but u know...sometimes i hope u ppl here can ustand what im babbling about cos
im not like most of u who can write so wonderfully with all sorts of vocab n extraordinary words etc.
what i can actually write are just repetitive words used over n over again....aiyo boring la....

guess i can really regret now that i never pay attention to my english teacher back in school n never do my English 1119 homework properly (my score..haha not bad la :p)
oh dear...come to think of it...i cant even remember her name!
but i can remember YJ's english teacher's name hahahaha...sorry teacher...mian hae~

what i can remember is..she made me stand for the whole english period on one session bcos i made a mistake pronouncing 'almond'. yeah...i did it with the 'l' sound. so now bcos i learnt my lesson i go round correcting evone with the 'l' sound bwahahahahaha !

see...if u notice the type of writing is my kind of writing. huh?
see...i talk as i write. not talking aloud la but..u know...
so thats why i don write all the time n cant write so sophisicated-ly esp when i cant think so sophisicated-ly....aiyo talking rubbish again :p ok ok...enough enough...

oh i still havent get to the point yet haha
im actually doing tis on purpose hoping that as u'll get bored reading about my stupid babble n u'll click away so that i'll hv less eggs thrown at me when i really do get to the point haha..clever lei :p

well...why i don like her...
shouldnt say i don like her la but just that i don fancy her n im not a fan of her.
who is her? YJ's co-star in WLS (hmm that's better not having to mention her name directly)

actually im not the type that go 'step' on other stars for whatever reason there may be
cos to me..if i don like them..i just don like them. i wouldnt go talk bad about him/her.
i mean why waste time la rite? but since i said im gonna do some explanation...i'll keep to my words

but first.....no offence to her fans who may come across tis babble of mine.
i don mean to talk bad but its just what i think n its my world of babble :p

got to know her in WLS. same with our YJ ^^
she did well as yujin. n when she cry i cry. she laugh i laugh. all in all i LOVE WLS.
by epi 6 of WLS ive already fallen head over heels for YJ n by the end of the drama im already surfing around BYJ's official site (it was YY's site back then) n Quilt (wow long time huh?)

so since i already got to know the actor i tot i might as well find out about the actress.
din get to know much tho cos i don ustand korean then. but i got to know some info from the korean sisters i got to know. they gave me both plus n minus of her. i listened n kept quiet.
finally i watched 'stairways to heaven'. she starred opposite ksw.
to my surprise...i see yujin. ok u may not agree but tis is what i saw. my eyes la ok...
the same cry..the same feel...why hasnt she change? i mean....u know what i mean?
i saw one or 2 other of her work n they kinda gave me the same kind of feel too...
ok ok...conclusion is...to me...she's an actress alrite but not that of an actress.

then came some news of her from the k-news. some not so good news.
well evone hv their own share of scandal n she's one of them. don quite like what i heard.
so there goes my impression of her.

there were some 'issue's resulting from WLS...
some of u may know of it, the new ones may not but im not gonna talk about it
these issues too did influence me a little so thats it la.

if u think u don like what i said....too bad la...
thats what i think n i babbled in my own space here so its my rite lor...
u can throw the eggs but i can tell u it wont get to me lor...hahahahahaha

soooo....IF they really hv to 'work' together..i hv nothing against it.
BUT..IMHO i don think they will. promo work maybe. but for a drama or movie..i don think so lor...
anyway since there's this 'wind' out there now...we'll see how it goes.

btw..i don think her 'acting' fits the character SZNi.

wah...hv i babbled a whole bloody boring babble?

shut up yokee !



bb said...

haiyo, not enough babble there la...

yea, i feel quite the same way about her. maybe it's gotta do with the roles she typically plays... her only breakthrough was perhaps everyone's got a secret... but i didn't think she was sassy enough in there...

but you got me really really really excited with that talk about us being treated by our man at gosireh! god knows what kind of freak chance that would take! i mean, the chance of it is like so much slimmer than he giving us a treat in korea, which is a mighty tall order as things are. but what the heck, it's a wonderfully exciting and happy thought.

hehe, while we're at it, wanna ask helen, tigger and tiff along? but they can sit at the next room la :p

liezle said...

hi there yokee! been waiting for this to come ^^ i thought i won't be reading this before i sleep. now i go to my bed and sleep in this rainy evening. but before that let me share this first.

i'm actually not a big fan of hers but it doesn't mean that i do not like her. i maybe somewhere in between. anyway, about her acting, actually even some of her fans are already complaining on the kind of projects she's been getting. it's almost all the same...endless crying. but i've seen her in a comedy (EHaS) and i quite like her there. well maybe, if maybe she becomes Suzeeny, it'll be a totally different change of role for her. and i don't see too much crying. ^^

ok gotta go now...'night!

yokee said...

aiyo..still not enough ah?
i can even hear my own voice telling me to shut my mouth lor..:p

im glad i wont be getting an egg from u. to me she'll always be Yujin thats it.

so u like the idea too huh? well u know...IF..IF...there's a chance of us meeting him...im sure he will buy us a drink...at least a glass of drink from BOF. im really sure he will trust me.

errr...uu sure u wan the other 3? helen can la cos she same gang ma. but the other 2....errr....they kacau us la bwahahahahahaa

chisin !

yokee said...

hey liezle ^^

uuhh..u were waiting for tis? i hope it din dissapoint u.

hv never seen that comedy but i can imagine her laughs.

ok..good no eggs from u too..
thanks for dropping by ^^

HeippieH said...

thank goodness Jaime is posting her writings on Quilt and thank goodness there are always gals like her writings in their blogs, or thank goodness there are always gals linking Quilt postings in their blog, cos guess what, i haven't been able to get on Quilt for a few weeks, maybe a couple of months, the last time i got on was mrs. a. posted her writings about YJ club. believe it or not, it happened before, bb helped me fixed it and then dunno since when, it happened again. I hope this time i save the link, ou, ah, now i remembered, after my problem fixed, then Quilt was down and after its back up, i had a short period of good time then i lost Quilt again.

why do i babble about my own problem? sorry Yokee ...

i have never seen her other works, but i don't fancy her ... just because of the scandals and gossips i read about her here or there ... well i also read about her once close relationship with wuri yong joon, what actually happened i don't know, but i feel that she is not as smart as she thought she is. Yokee, no eggs to you, cos they all coming this way to me now ...

yokee said...


i just love what u just said...
"but i feel that she is not as smart as she thought she is."
cos i feel the same way too. *yokee ducks* phew~ the eggs~

nvm about u babbling in me blog. like bb ...i welcome all ur babbles too ^^

oh i gotta run to work now..c ya


ginnie said...

sigh...ngap yuen la?

big sigh...

Not enough la Yokee...

I have not seen her in anything else except WLS and glimpse of her in Stairway. So, she's not versatile yeah?

Other than that, what gossips? What scandals? Can babble? ha! I am so KPC...how can stop here lah? Encore!!! I finally reach the "zhong thim" and then you stopped!

jaime said...

morning yokee,

you talk about moi? in your blog, this "see lai" is so honoured! So, you have a traumatic episode with the "i" sound eh? mine is "wh". Now I notice too when people say "weesper" instead of "whisper"!

haha yokee, honest, I've never written anything before this whole BYJ saga (does grocery list count?). Art and design has always been my passion though. So, do you like "kee" the Manet piece? I really enjoy doing that one.

It's interesting once you started this, we are all coming out confessing we're no fans of CJW! To me, WLS bowls over all female fans because of BYJ, his characters and handsome looks. Any beautiful actress could be Yujin and WLS will still be successful.

BTW, if you're catching eggs, can you make sure they remain intact so we can have a nutritious breakfast tomorrow? I know bb likes ham and mushroom in her omelette, I prefer eggs benedict, how about you yokee? "boon san suk"?

bb said...

yokee, i've changed my mind... forget about the gals la, 3 is already a crowd, think no need to add more to the crowd :p

*bb looks high and low to see if any of the gals are listening in*

p.s. H, you're still having problem with quilt? anyhow, you've managed to read jaime's postings from yokee's links, right?

marissa said...

good morning yokee,

I'm not crazy about her either and your comments about her capability to showcase a wider range of emotion is very true. I just watched her movie Yonjuri??? the other night and nothing has changed.
I'd rather have LYA as her leading lady again as her partner for his upcoming drama. Now that is a casting coup right

yokee said...

ok..let me answer all in one reply cos i hate the word veri thingy :p

ginnie..yeah ngap yuen lor. i cant ngap so much at one time. about the KPC babble..well don worry u hv missed nothing that is of 'bae-education' aspect.

cheh wah ! 'bae-education' haha look ive invented a new bae word to be added in our bae dictionary ^^

'see lai'...mind telling us ur hubby's surname? jaime see lai don sound good la :p

well i do like art but not to the extend of 'valueing' it. to me its just..nice or not nice..thats it.
n oh dear..u broke the rule. u r not supposed to mention her name la. haha anyway..don worry im the one catching the eggs here but i don think i can keep them intact. they just hit me like they hit 'shin goon' hahahahahahahahahahaha
n hey how did u know i like boon sang suk? love it with white bread.

bb ar...u think he will like ur omelette n my boon sang suk eggs too? ive never seen koreans having eggs that way. hmm maybe i should intro to him tis kind of breakfast hahahahaha goodness ! off topic liao tim :p
see la...told u don tell so many ppl lok. ssshhhh...

hi marissa...i wouldnt compare LYA with her cos LYA is of a total different class. see...LYA has got class. but our yujin..well..she really need to do sth different to give herself the 'class'

i would say Sohn YeJin over takes her as an actress n surpassed her even though she's much younger.

ok ok..better stop her b4 i runs out of idea what to do with the eggs i got :p

ginnie said...


You sure is funny. =) If I get curious enough, I'll try searching for her news...later la...

Bae-education...? I don't mind enrolling. Where's the Registrar's office? May I see the real life subject to study the matter carefully?

Like the fast pace music you play...especially the one before Shinhwa..I sang along to it..ha!


jaime said...

oops sorry, yokee ..... slip out her name by mistake, please delete my entry if you need to (sure don't want to get you in trouble).

oh, I thought you knew already - Z "see lai". Actually hubby's last name is not Chinese, so I can make up any "see lai" name I want. How about Bae "see lai"? dreaming.....

ginnie said...


hehe..actually if not chinese also can...Andersen See Lai, Johnson See Lai, Cruise See Lai, Pitt See Lai...all also can...

jaime said...

btw yokee, meant to say it in the 1st entry, then forgot in the 2nd one too. I love your writing, it's funny, happy and warm. No one can imitate your unique style, that's what makes you special. I always enjoy reading it, not once, but twice and even thrice (also because I have to figure out those #@%$* Canton-glish) and have such a hearty laugh. Your sunny personality shines through your writing, it brightens up even the gloomiest day. You are so "ding gwa gwa"!

haha ginnie, too bad Pitt see lai is taken by the sexy AJ, and I'm sure 95% of the American women don't want to be Cruise see lai anymore after his "jumping on Oprah's sofa" episode! How about you dear, like yokee and bb, are you a "shiu chei"? (am I being a 701?)

ginnie said...

hehe..jaime..shake hand..agree agree. Yokee is so down to earth in her writing I feel as if she is talking to me. =)

And I got to chuckle out loud when I read all these cantoglish. Yun Chuen Mou Dak Ding! Ichiban!

Yeah...for some odd reasons those celebrities last names came to my mind. Ha! I always glimpse at those tabloids' headlines when I am at the checkout line buying my groceries. Can't help it because they always exaggerate so much that they are ridiculously entertaining.

Aiks...not 7+1 lah..but I am shy leh. hmm..er...hmm...*whisper* ngo ng hai shi lai. =)

yokee said...

haha ginnie...then u gotta do some homework la. about the enrolment..gotta check with MY men first :p

jaime jaime...don worry about the deletion. lets hope her name 'drowns' in all tis chisin talk hahaha.

bwahaha i laughed when i saw ginnie's pitt see lai. i once had tis really funny talk about the pitt family n their new dau with a fren n we got into such a laughter fit. kakakakakakakakakakakaka
uuhh..n i missed the epi where mr.sciento jumps on the sofa tim..cheh~

oh anyway...jaime ar...u can be bae see lai for all u want but nobody's gonna call u that lor :p

thanks for ustanding my kind of talk ^^

ginnie said...

whoa..what time is it? You are already awake?

eh..what homework? I haven't enrolled yet woh..hor loi "homework"?

yokee said...

aiyo...i wake up 6.30am evday la
must get my dose of bae vitamin b4 i get to work cos i don access the internet till i get home from work in the evening. (thats why i need bae-sms sometimes when the need arises^^)

'hor loi' hahahha i was thinking what in the world is 'hor loi' then i remembered. watch out when u use canto cos im not so good in it. don go too deep.

eh wait..how come u ask me what time? where about r u?

ginnie said...

I see...hmm...It is 6:46 pm here. That's why I thought it is pretty early for you to be at work already.

Hor loi..ha! maybe I should say..haven't enrolled yet, mana boleh "homework"?

Sooner or later, I think I am going to get confused with the languages. ha!

I am in Minnesota, USA. Cold cold cold state in the winter. We have more winter than anything else..well except ms. jaime who is more north than me..=P

ginnie said...

actually it should be "mana datang" homework...


jaime said...

haha ginnie shiu chei...agree with yokee, 'hor loi' is pretty deep, I love it! and "zhong thim"? wow! If I didn't have Chinese TV, I wouldn't be able to understand that wonderful phrase. Thanks for bringing my cantonglish to another level!

ginnie said...

ha! jaime, are you teasing me? =) What another level??? ha! ha!
Words just splurt out of me...or rather my fingers? Oh..I don't make any sense...
oh..don't call me ginnie shiu cheh...that sounds so sii man..

bb said...

holy cow, am i reading rite? haha, all this mixed-up languages... yea, 'hoi loi' is so 'period drama' :p

yokee said...

ginnie r u msian? i din even know 'hor loi'=mana datang hahahahahaha

n zhong tim..yeah..i never know how to use tis words :p

ginnie said...

yawor...I thought you knew tim..maybe I didn't mention this?

hor loi =mana datang...is just rough meaning translation..ha!

Didn't know hor loi and zhong tim is deep..=P Think because I mix around canto friends quite a bit so the influence is pretty strong. =)