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Sunday, July 23, 2006

My 'Private' Seoul-out ^^

tis was my 2nd trip to seoul
i din write about tis anywhere b4 cos it was really a personal holiday trip ^^
why i decided to babble now? well i afraid to say my brain's really shrinking by the day so i better babble tis out b4 i forget about the whole thing :p n im still having tis stupid headache..oh i think its 'migraine strikes back !

oh sorry..let me get back to the trip.

i was there for just a short trip at the last few days of march 2005 (2005.03.26-2005.03.29)
well i actually hv got a choice of going for tis one or to go later for the April Snow concert which was about a month later in april. ive already got the concert info n all n i even know who's and what's gonna be there at the concert ! yes..if i hv chose the concert i will surely get to see yj and JO SUNGMO !!!!!! aaahhhhh!!!!!

BUT...i chose the former. and so...that begin my agony of missing out on JSM esp when tiff came back 'bragging' non-stop about him !! aaahhhhhh!!! *dush dush*hammering tiff on her head* :p

ok ok anyway....so...bcos i'll get to meet and travel with my dear bae sister i decided to put frenship first ! cheh wah..hehehe

frankly..really...tis was really supposed to be just a personal trip WITHOUT BYJ in mind

tis was how he 'greeted' me during the first few hours after ive touched down in Seoul ^^

after checking in and stuff...we decided to head down to myeongdong.

we were just starting to dig into our very first korean lunch when my mobile rang...

a k sis called
"yokee-ar..where r u? quick ! come over here quick ! YJ's gonna hv shooting here!"
believe me or not...i was really calm except for being a little haywire having to speak in korean n with eyes in the restaurant looking at me :p
but u really hv to believe me when i tell my frens the news. they practically just put down their spoons n said "ok. im done. let's go !"
my god...we havent even started !! so explained that we still hv sometime so we can finish our lunch n then go. btw i remember i was really hungry at that time hahaha.
told u it was supposed to be a trip W/OUT BYJ but look how things can change a person :p

the shooting was at Mokdong. it was just a
short scene where Insoo buys sth at the mart near his apt. but too bad tis scene was not included in the movie. but i wonder if they will in the coming 'un-cut' version to be shown in Japan soon. anyone watching the movie later pls do let us know ok? ^^

it was really great to see YJ again. n even though i cant remember how many times ive seen the real him b4 it still amazes me how amazing it is to just look at the real him ! eerr..u know what i mean?

din take pic while he was shooting cos its forbidden but haha 'someone' did n i guess most of u hv already seen them ^^
so i just spend my time looking at him 'fully' with all my FOUR EYES.
i cant remember how long we were there but it was quite a long while cos by the time evthing finishes it was already dark. n they shifted to hv shooting in the apt. so it was the end for us.

**aiyo..why tis yokee so much talk n still no pics??
ok ok its here but i tot u could wait till u finish reading evthing here but if u cant the pics r here ^^ **

really...having that 'i-really-din-expect-to-see-him' thought when i touched down in seoul that morning..it was really more than icing on the cake for me and us ^^

we took a trip to Yeonse Uni the next day. that was to 'make-up' for what we'll be missing during the AS concert. i mean at least ive been there seen it...minus the star tho :p
the uni is really huge. n all of a sudden i got all those drama scenes coming to my mind hahaha

the next day we were off to samcheok.
bcos shooting began only a month or so b4 when we were there...
we could still feel the real samcheok town as it is...
insoo's n seoyoung's motel, bicycle cafe, the hospital, eunhye restaurant (where YJ has his lunch)
palace hotel etc...been there seen it...felt it and tasted them (?)^^

we did some shopping around town back in seoul the day b4 i leave.
was in an arranged gathering with some k sisters when one of them came to me and said...
"yokee-ar we will be meeting YJ after tis.."

at that time i wasnt really sure if ive heard those korean words correctly or i was having trouble ustanding korean.
"what? really? where?" was what i sad the next moment.

so off we went to mokdong again.
he was again having location shooting there but when we got there we realised that its gonna be an indoor shooting. inside insoo's apt.
i dunno what we were waiting for but it was quite a while we waited n it was a chilly afternoon. i love the weather but it was really really cold.

then suddenly..out of no where i dunno how...he appeared.
he came out of his caravan holding a cup of coffee and BYJ being BYJ he smiled...
Insoo smiled...YJ smiled...Insoo smiled....YJ smiled....YJ smiled......YJ smiled @@~

see...how he smiled at me???????? or was he?????????

i left seoul the next day on a late afternoon flight so i did manage to do some last minute shopping.
i really did hv fun with my dear bae sis. n despite being a
'supposed to be without BYJ' trip, frankly...we all went home feeling more than satisfied. but of cos living up to the name of the trip 'supposed to be without BYJ' we will still enjoy the trip very much bcos we really did get to enjoy all the places we went.

but of cos the icing wouldnt hv happen without my k sisters. from day one they knew i'll be making a trip there they hv been 'digging' for info on where he'll be. hehehe...
talk about having connections CIA? in tis case its BIA - 'BAE Intruding Ajummas' hahahahaha
no no no...just joking. but really they hv been really wonderful ever since i knew them

and to my dear bae sis whom im with on tis private trip...thank u soooooo much
and i love u sister !!! *muah muah muah*

so what do u think? am i just pure lucky or what?
from a 'supposed to be without BYJ' trip to a 'ive seen BYJ twice' trip

u call that luck or fate? :p

and finally to see more of my private pictures (hey don go thinking anything else ok? :p)
and more write-up click HERE to my kimchi blog ^^


bb said...

ah... yea, i've seen the insoo-with-vegetables pics :p

guess you must be okay since you're still writing away...

yokee said...

ok...i finished finally...

no pain no gain...on contrary to jaime's weight pain haha...

i managed to forget the pain while i was doing the post cos i was thinking about those happy times ^^

but i will hv to go off in a short while b4 the pain comes back n gets worse...n its already knocking on the door liao..aarrgghhh !!!!!!

u hv any remedy for migraine? :p

ok la i go now la~
c u tomoro...

bb said...

i have a super-effective aspirin that i always make sure i buy when i go to japan... but, tho they always say we're just a causeway away, we're not exactly next door :(

guess the best thing is... you try to sleep?

jaime said...

morning yokee,

I hope the pain's gone after a good night's sleep. So, eating won't do eh? What about a nice HOT bath or a long COLD shower to shock your system? Even thinking, looking and blogging about the man himself doesn't work??

OK, I'll offer you this one last tip (usually it's my "if all fails, break this bottle" kind of remedy) : call up your boss and tell him/her you decide to give yourself a break, but NOT a permanent one. Tell them to call you if they have anything to report or seek your advice, k?

As you know, I don't work, I have no boss to call. So my last resort to cure a headache is just to bang my head on the headboard until I pass out and sleep. But of course I would not recommend you to do the same because you have too much precious stuff in your head to damage. As for myself, not much
to lose up there, works like a charm for me!

Yeah, I think he's really looking at you in that picture! What did you do? Talk to him, wave at him?
Want to know.

Hope you're feeeling better!

bb said...

knock knock... anyone there?

Anonymous said...

I'm here..yokee-ar..just to say "ello" 'cos so many things to get done..Will come back later..and write more...

Take more rest and feel good, O.K.?
Miss ya...
Fr..your bae sis..


How have you been? I was briefly at your blog to check updates on 'Our Man'....Thanks for the "extra" news...I miss you too...

bb said...

okie... good to hear you're alive :p

i knew it i knew it i knew it! i knew it'd take lots more than just expired aspirin to knock my rival-in-love down! hee... goody good, i love a good challenge :p

yokee said...

mayday mayday over over !

is that how it goes? :p

ok..im still alive n kicking.
thanks for all the remedies but im ok now..'jung may sei tak' hahahaha

jaime...that 'head banging' formula..i usually use it when the pain doesnt stop on the 4th day so rite now its still ok...

thanks for all the concern ^^

what i did to him?
hmm let me think.....actually i din do anything 'serious'
believe me or not all i did was wave a little at him n said softly 'YJ nim'. u think he heard that? nope i said it real soft.

n being in that crowd it will be amazing if he can even figure out whats being shouted..
"AAHH YJ ssi!!"
"AAHH YJ oppa!!" (huh?)
"AAHHH Yonsama!!!!!"

get what i mean?? haha

yokee said...

hey dear u r here ^^

really really miss u la...

when's our next private excursion?
oh my dear money tree..pls be good~

yokee said...

bb ar....

what u mean u knew it'll take more than that to knock ur love rival out? huh?

hahaha huiyo we r 'rival in love' cheh wah. OUR Yang should really read tis. hahaha

bb said...

ay, me jealous la! how can you and your 'bae sis' talk about private excusion in front of of us?

and 'ello, yokee's bae sis... not sure if i should say your name since you didn't sign in :p you take care hor, don't be too busy watering money tree until tree grow big and you grow small, hee...

p.s. wah, my word verification is... byjabb! hahahah!

yokee said...

jealous leh....next time u join us ok? :p

eh u still no tell me what u meant leh..

bb said...

nothing la... just saying i know you're stronger than that, that a few expired pills won't knock you out lor....

and if you kena knocked out, then i'll have one fewer contender for mr yang :p

i was also looking out for him in the japan pics, no sign of him lei... maybe he didn't go?