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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

absolutely so good looking !!!

wow~ finally~~

at long last we got to see how the king look in action ^^
i have been 'reserving' my comments re 'what he's doing/ whats happening around him/ hows the filming going' till today that i see these pics. why?

bcos i wanna try giving him some 'silent support'
apart from having all those 'loud support' that he's already having from so many ppl
i think he also need the 'silent support' which i define to be 'support from within the heart mind and soul'
don ustand what im talking about? nvm hahaha (too much butter waffle i guess :p)

thanks to the person who uploaded these 2 pics in cyworld

really really 감사합니다 !!!

really really think he look sooooooooooo good !!!
sooooooooooooo good looking !!!

but frankly..both pics showed his face from the side so how he actually looks like from the front?
yeah...i know even better and more good looking rite?

well i always like to see things as a 'whole' so i still would like to see him from the front but as of now i'll say...


ok..i know there's one latest pic...tho it must hv been taken some time ago...

this one from the latest Dec issue of Crea.

ok...to be frank...i don really like his hair like that. why?
maybe it made his face look a little small n kinda emphasized on his 'thin' face..
i always like a little 'meat' on his face that he look more healthy ^^

but but but....

one thing that u can NEVER deny looking at this pic is...
how SEXY his body is !!!

huiyo~ look at those chest !!!

previously he only had the first 2 or 3 buttons unbuttoned with his necklace dangling which made u wonder whats 'beneath' or 'below' there...

but now...he had them all unbuttoned !!!
and more he's wearing black ! my~

huiyo~ phew~~

hmm....i wonder what if he's wearing a red shirt...my~ my~~

Sunday, October 29, 2006

신 받다 ! ㅋㅋ

hahaha !

i finally got my 'shin goon' ~~

look !

came home on friday and wah lah !~

a dear korean sister sent 'him' to me in tis little box

the 'goong' package contains a cartoon version of the drama..
err not really cartoon but shots of the drama in sequence with their dialogue in bubbles. haha..know what i mean??
then the bear book is a note book. then the Yoon eun Hye's pack are some DHC beauty product sample where she's a spokesperson.

there was actually a mini version of the 두부인형 (dubu in hyeong) the tofu pillow..hehe..but the dubu is only given out as gift in random when the package is ordered online.
so my fren said...'we were in no luck' sob sob sob...

but anyway as compensation she got me my banchan's banchan..hahahahaha
see the golden yellow box? its crown's butter waffle.
like our YJ my banchan's models for tis waffle.
and it taste absolutely sooooooo good and of cos its absolutely sooooooo fattening !!! :p

oh sorry that i had to babble about tis rather than to post what im supposed to but tis is much easier to do. hahaha

and oh btw...i din managed to get any blouse or whatever so im gonna go thru my wardrobe and wear something thats already 3 years old :p

ok im done for today...

잘 자요~ jal jayo~ goodnight~

Saturday, October 28, 2006

missing in action...again???


i'll never be MIA no matter what cos my size alone is just too big a size to be missed
and today ive got more than 3 person telling me how fat ive gotten since the last they saw me!!!


why is tis happening to me??
is it bcos i wont be able to go korea for a long long time that all these flabs are coming back???

aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! sob sob sob.....

evthing's fine here as usual...
problem with me is im not as diligent and hardworking as some of u gals who can really keep a great account of daily happenings and info.

thats why bb i really 'kow tow' to u ^^
was really glad that u noticed my MIA..hehe...

well actually i went on some travelling within the country during the recent raya holidays
was supposed to blog and babble about those trips but my laziness got the better of me n after 3 days...i no mood already :p

and i had wanted to babble something yday but had to go for a fren's 'hens dinner' at a japanese restaurant so din do.

today i had to go for a korean-byj related event meeting but bcos i tot i do owe bb a 'hello im fine thank u' msg..i decided i should babble something.
so bb..tis one's for u....

비비아...안녕 ^^ 난 잘 지냈어요. 잘 먹고 잘 자고 있어요.
암든 나에게 새각했어서 진짜로 뗑규요...
비비아...사랑해~ ^^ ♥ ㅋㅋ

hehe..i hope my korean is not too bad :p

well..ok la...im actually quite worn out now...havent been having enough sleep tis week
tot i would be so bored the 5 days break but the trips came so suddenly that i don even have time to really think about being bored...:p

n i still cant sleep late tmr even though its a sunday cos i need to go out to look for that something to wear to my fren's wedding which i had put off the last time i went out !

oh~~~ and its already 10.30pm now n i hv yet to shower !!!!

goodness gracious !!

ok im out now ! annyong ^^~

Sunday, October 15, 2006

to read or not to read...

finally my little bro is off to yokohama for his maiden work trip
thanku bb and flowerbossa for the tips n info ^^

well after sending him off i went on a shopping but minus the spree :p
after my spore trip i din really get out of the house much on weekends cos im actually quite a homely person so i would somet
imes prefer to stay at home ^^

anyway bcos i need to attend a fren's wedding next month i tot i just go look around if i can get something nice to wear.

u know...i actually hate to shop for clothes bcos its always so difficult when it comes to sizes :p

maybe bcos the intention of buying clothes was not that 'strong' i ended up in Borders

first thing that came across my mind when i stepped in was Jamie Oliver !
i always love to watch him in the kitchen n ive always long to hv one of his books
saw his face smiling at me at the entrance.
picked up the book and nearly dropped it..gosh...so expensive !
put it back and walked away head down *sob sob*

then i found out that Mitch Albom has got a new book "Fo
r One More Day"

should u not know yet...yj read one of albom's book "The Five People You Meet in Heaven"

yes i read the book n i bet many of u did too rite? and yes i like the book NOT bcos yj read it but bcos i like those kind of story n of cos thanks to yj i found another author i like ^^

checked out 'for one more day' n it seems like a very nice book. really wanted to get it but bcos its new and in hardcover it cost twice as much *sob sob*2

wonder why it always cost so much when it comes to books here. 'they' were actually supposed to encourage ppl to read more n yet 'they' fail to lessen the duty on imported books. who r 'they'? sigh....u wouldnt wanna know... then i saw tis "Yoga : for a healthy body" book

its in one of those bargain corners so i bought it ^^ next i went to MPH...have i forgot about buying something to wear? yes i did hehe

ive always been interested in the chinese royal history so when i saw tis book...

it cost half of the other book AND as to compensate what i couldnt get i grabbed it...hehehe ^^

well...so much so for a booky day that was also slightly byj related..oh im glad..hahahaha

at the end of the day i din manage to get anything to wear for the dinner la :p

Monday, October 09, 2006


오늘 밤에 아무말도 필요없어

그냥 멋있는 남자들 생각하고 있어

그냥 좋은 미소 찟는 남자들 보고싶어









보고싶다 ~

Sunday, October 08, 2006

softbank related....

isnt it nice to know that u r somehow related to the things that our yj do?

well i just found out that my bro's job is a teeny weeny bit related to Softbank.
his company provides training to one of softbank's telco company.

got to know of tis when he told me about his plan for his tour on duty to japan next week
was asking him about who r those ppl he's training in japan....
he told me bla bla bla...then suddenly he mentioned 'softbank' !
he knew his sis is BYJ crazy but he din know about 'BYJ+Softbank' (Keyeast+Softbank)
so i started telling him about yj's connection with softbank bla bla bla....
hahahahaha so crazy huh?

he's going there for work so there's not much leisure time for him
plus...its only gonna be a week so he wont do any BYJ stuff for me :p :(
also bcos he's going to japan for the first time so he will be blur to do anything else hahaha

ahh..if there's any japanese bae sister who happen to read tis...
can u pls let me know if there's cheap eating places around in Shin, Yokohama?
my bro will be staying at Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel.
anything to look out for there? any tips? ^^
he's wanna eat and play cheap so that he can save most of his travelling allowances

hahaha...how clever :p

oh dear...my mom just called me on the phone from downstairs in the same house !!
'hey ! u still sleeping??? are u still sleeping or are u already IN your internet looking for YOUR KOREAN MEN?????'

eewww~~ why do mom always know the right stuff????

see...my mom's here for the moon-day/chuseok celebration with my grandma
so she'll be 'watching' over me n MY KOREAN MEN for few days..phew~

oh...i better go now before she calls again...have a nice day ^^/

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

my new bowl of rice ^^


for whatever reason it may be or reasonsssss if there are...
ive started a new blog on korean food ^^

let's see why i did it..mmm.....
oh yeah bcos of some really nice korean lunch pack i saw last week

so i tot it may be nice if i collect/blog on the food...

i mean tho i may only post or repost recipe from evwhere, still i hv them kept in one place
esp when im such a lazy person i can just look thru my bloggy whenever i feel like doing K cooking ^^

i name it Yokee's Korean Rice Bowl ^^
if u know colloquail cantonese u'll ustand why i name it that way hahaha
and i like the way koreans say rice 'bap' (밥)

우리 밥 먹자 ! = wuri pam mokja ! = Let's eat !

since chuseok is just around the corner, i started with a recipe on songpyeon (송편) a traditional rice cake.

i personally prefer the gamja songpyeon (감자송편) which is most famous in the northern part of korea in kangwon-do. those gamja that yj had during his special diet was specially ordered from there too ^^

gamja means potato in korean.
ok...im not saying this bcos im korean crazy but really the korean gamja somehow taste better !
for those of u who hv been to korea n hv tasted the grilled potato sold along the street, u know im not lying rite?

so the next time u go korea...look for those hot n piping grilled potato...
taste especially best during cold days ! oh dear....my saliva~ :p

yongjoon....yongjoon nim....
its been quite a while that i din babble about him....
well...he's been quiet and sometimes being no news is good news....
the only 'news' we heard is that he's gonna work hard for the drama n will be spending time with his family during chuseok.

i was in seoul around this time last year...
many ppl were busy shopping for gifts to bring home for chuseok, from household stuff, food to clothing evthing is being packed nicely and beautifully.
so convenient...just buy and present.

u think he will be busy shopping too? ^^

since i was there at that time i did some chuseok chopping too n bought some really nice songpyeons.

hmm....i wonder if he also prefer the gamja songpyeon like i do too :p

i'll be having my own chuseok celebration with my family too tis weekend.
its gonna be homemade steamboat and im all ready with my kimchi and soju AND dried squids hehe...
happy chuseok evbody !! ^^