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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

to read or not to read...

finally my little bro is off to yokohama for his maiden work trip
thanku bb and flowerbossa for the tips n info ^^

well after sending him off i went on a shopping but minus the spree :p
after my spore trip i din really get out of the house much on weekends cos im actually quite a homely person so i would somet
imes prefer to stay at home ^^

anyway bcos i need to attend a fren's wedding next month i tot i just go look around if i can get something nice to wear.

u know...i actually hate to shop for clothes bcos its always so difficult when it comes to sizes :p

maybe bcos the intention of buying clothes was not that 'strong' i ended up in Borders

first thing that came across my mind when i stepped in was Jamie Oliver !
i always love to watch him in the kitchen n ive always long to hv one of his books
saw his face smiling at me at the entrance.
picked up the book and nearly dropped it..gosh...so expensive !
put it back and walked away head down *sob sob*

then i found out that Mitch Albom has got a new book "Fo
r One More Day"

should u not know yet...yj read one of albom's book "The Five People You Meet in Heaven"

yes i read the book n i bet many of u did too rite? and yes i like the book NOT bcos yj read it but bcos i like those kind of story n of cos thanks to yj i found another author i like ^^

checked out 'for one more day' n it seems like a very nice book. really wanted to get it but bcos its new and in hardcover it cost twice as much *sob sob*2

wonder why it always cost so much when it comes to books here. 'they' were actually supposed to encourage ppl to read more n yet 'they' fail to lessen the duty on imported books. who r 'they'? sigh....u wouldnt wanna know... then i saw tis "Yoga : for a healthy body" book

its in one of those bargain corners so i bought it ^^ next i went to MPH...have i forgot about buying something to wear? yes i did hehe

ive always been interested in the chinese royal history so when i saw tis book...

it cost half of the other book AND as to compensate what i couldnt get i grabbed it...hehehe ^^

well...so much so for a booky day that was also slightly byj related..oh im glad..hahahaha

at the end of the day i din manage to get anything to wear for the dinner la :p


bb said...

hehe, me too love going to bookstores. my fave haunts are actually kinokuniya, then borders :)

me reading trashy everyone worth knowing now... hehe, yea, that same author who wrote the devil wears prada. lord, i'm so not-cultured! hehe, reading such trash... :p

p.s. me too got wedding dinner in 2 weeks' time, and me too fretting over what to wear. gotta think about the daywear and the nightwear too, sighs...

yokee said...

i love kino too esp the one in klcc.was my first time going to borders cos tis shopping complex is new but i found it a little too small :p

haha that title evone worth knowing sounds like those self improvement book but since its that author kakaka..

well u don hv a bodysize like me so u wont hv any prob buying sth to wear. in my case i gotta think of three, b4 wedding, wedding day, dinner nite aiyolamak !!!!

mrs a said...

Yokee, I too love going to bookstore but I never have enough money cause I want to buy everything...hahaha I could spend a day in one and still not be ready to come out.

Ok, this is just my opinion but I have to say this. Sometimes from reading the writings of someone you get a glimpse of that person and this is what I see from your blog and comments...
Whatever you wear won't matter as you seem to have a kind, caring heart and that will shine thru and bring joy to others making you naturally beautiful. Remember, few people have that quality. So You Go Girl! I already know you will look GREAT!

yokee said...

good evening to u mrs a...

hahaha u made me laughed out loud with what u said. thank u so much for the compliment. guess i sometimes do need ppl to tell me that i look great (tho i don think i do :p) but sth funny actually happened yday at the other. i was coming out of the restroom walking along the 'corridor' when one guy was on his way in. somehow we looked at each other n he kept smiling at me. felt kinda weird but i smiled n he smiled. phew..wonder why he smiled actually n i do ho he was smiling at me tho hahahahahahahahahaha. n yes he's quite good looking hehehe

anyway...whether or not he's smiling at me or not n for whatever reason..it feels good to 'bump' into a good looking at that time of a sunday morning ^^

u r rite mrs a. me too just never had enough money to buy the books whenever i get into kino.

have a nice evening !

jaime said...

Ah yokee, both you and bb were on a shopping crusade this weekend, eh?

me four! after you, bb and mrs a, I love to linger in a bookstore too, be it the megastore like in 'You've Got Mail' or the little charming country shop. I only browse the interior design and art book sections but they are so expensive for me that I only buy them for presents. For myself, I will wait patiently for them to go on sale. I don't mind since art and classic design never go out of style anyway.

Hahaha compared to me, you ladies are way more cultured and refined! I only have time to read my little boy's books to help him with his homework, like Harry Potters and Chronicles of Narnia. Chick Lit. like 'Devils Wears Prada' is on my wish list, but no time, sigh!

Luckily enough, my neighbourhood has recently opened up a state-of-the-art library on a mega-bookstore concept with overstuffed sofa, fireplaces, stunning country view and an aromatic capuccino corner. I can spend a quiet morning there sipping latte while flipping through tons of Chinese magazines to check if there is any Yong Joon's pictures. So far no luck yet, this handsome man doesn't make any news at all (at least not tabloid type of news)!

bb said...

yokee, i do have a bodysize quite like you what, so what are you talking about?! hehe, i managed to buy shoes already... now i just have worry about what clothes to wear... :p

and everyone worth knowing sounds like a self-improvement book? haha, it definitely is not. in all honesty, it's an okay read, not gripping or anything like that. but okay la...

i really recommend you gals to read cecilia ahern's first book if you're looking for something light-romantic. it made me alternate between laughing and crying so much! there're two versions to the title, depending on what country. it's either where rainbows meet or rosie dunne. i really love it.... her second book p.s. i love you is great too...

and jaime! me too love the interior decor section! heard of page one? think you can find page one in singapore, malaysia and taiwan. great store to browse for interiors and also for art and photography-related books. but i prefer to look at commercial and retail designs and layout over residential, not that i don't like residential la... :)

and mrs a, me too! i can stay forever in a bookstore! and yea, know what you mean about buying books. i spend so much on books and CDs, you know :p

yokee said...


me cultured n refined? mayb in rubbish babbling but never put me in the same category as bb cos it'll spoil her reputation la. im what chinese says..'dai kau lau' (the 9th class) :p

actually ive never tried reading a book with a cup of coffee waiting. most of the time i read them during bedtime hehe

bb ar...

pls..u don hv a size like mine n stop saying u do. i met u n i know u don.
case close period. (hahahahahaha i win )

talking about cecilia ahern..i saw her books yday n the moment i see her name i think of u. mayb i'll get one of hers the next time AFTER i get albom's..hv to wait for the paperback copy :p

n thank god..ladies...we r still so sane that we still care to read. n the fact that YJ too loves to read makes it even more 'meaningful'...hahahahaha
and also my banchan also loves to read...hehehehehehe

bb said...

hehe, you should see me when i travel. i hardly leave home without books. and even when i bring books, i still have to check out the bookstores at changi airport before i board the plane.

and yes, 95% of the time, i do pick up a book :p

tiffany said...

I spent 5 years working in a bookshop and then another 3 years or so in a publisher/ book distributor. hehe! One of the perks was we could borrow books as staff were encouraged to read. It was heaven. ^^

marissa said...

ladies, thanks for your wonderful recommendations. I've been meaning to visit the bookstore near my office and now you just gave me some choices.