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Sunday, October 08, 2006

softbank related....

isnt it nice to know that u r somehow related to the things that our yj do?

well i just found out that my bro's job is a teeny weeny bit related to Softbank.
his company provides training to one of softbank's telco company.

got to know of tis when he told me about his plan for his tour on duty to japan next week
was asking him about who r those ppl he's training in japan....
he told me bla bla bla...then suddenly he mentioned 'softbank' !
he knew his sis is BYJ crazy but he din know about 'BYJ+Softbank' (Keyeast+Softbank)
so i started telling him about yj's connection with softbank bla bla bla....
hahahahaha so crazy huh?

he's going there for work so there's not much leisure time for him
plus...its only gonna be a week so he wont do any BYJ stuff for me :p :(
also bcos he's going to japan for the first time so he will be blur to do anything else hahaha

ahh..if there's any japanese bae sister who happen to read tis...
can u pls let me know if there's cheap eating places around in Shin, Yokohama?
my bro will be staying at Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel.
anything to look out for there? any tips? ^^
he's wanna eat and play cheap so that he can save most of his travelling allowances

hahaha...how clever :p

oh dear...my mom just called me on the phone from downstairs in the same house !!
'hey ! u still sleeping??? are u still sleeping or are u already IN your internet looking for YOUR KOREAN MEN?????'

eewww~~ why do mom always know the right stuff????

see...my mom's here for the moon-day/chuseok celebration with my grandma
so she'll be 'watching' over me n MY KOREAN MEN for few days..phew~

oh...i better go now before she calls again...have a nice day ^^/


bb said...

hehe.... you mean your mom 'complains' when you're not up by 9am on a sunday?!

thank god my mom is terribly merciful... i always sleep till... till whenever i feel like waking up. which is 12:30pm for today :p

your brother's going japan.... i'm not familiar with yokohama, but hehe, i do know they've this chinatown street with lots of chinese restaurants. the "weirdest" thing about that place is how every other shop seems to be selling chinese buns! and their buns are huge!

i've got some pics taken at yokohama chinatown when i was here some months ago. click here if you wanna see.

and i do know a couple of sisters who live in yokohama, hopefully someone will come to your brother's rescue soon :p

p.s. mooncake festival is a big thing in m'sia meh?

yokee said...

no..not really but bcos she's here in KL tis weekend so she sorta wanna 'control' me a little hahaha..(mom lives in Ipoh with dad)

for the record im not a person that is able to sleep THAT late even on a sunday. my latest only i think maybe 9.30am :p

chinese buns huh? ok think my bro can live and survive on them...he's the kind that eat to live.

mooncake not big just that we wanna makan big n the family feels like getting together-gether so we had steamboat lor. n i had 2 bottles of soju plus 2 cans of beer. that 2 sojus din really get me anywhere but those beers got me soooooooooo full of gas that i had trouble sleeping. see...i cant really take beer or any soft drinks much cos of the gas...burrrpp ! ooppss sorry...mian~

thanks so much for the bun info dear..will be waiting for more help ^^