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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

the family had lunch together...

first of all..my apologies for being late..choesong hamnida....

well..its really great pleasure to meet evone again after quite some time
think the last we met was last aug.. huh.gif oh my..thats really long time ago huh? sorry for being a laze but its not easy getting evone together especially due to our multiracial family. i mean..if u plan a gathering during the school holidays..families will be away for holidays, during new year..ppl will be back hometown with their family..and mind u we celebrate all sorts of new year here in msia tongue.gif, during national public holidays..again ppl will somehow try to get away from the city, so on and so on.....

so tis is one reason why we can never get enough ppl to gather as big a family as we one. but maybe someday we will....

oh dear..why am i babbling with all these?? ok ok...lets get on with the gathering..

since we have our malay sisters with us tis time we decided to have lunch at this korean restaurant 'Koryo Won' in Kompleks Antarabangsa along Jalan Sultan Ismail (its 2 or 3 blocks away from Life Centre)

most of us decided to hv the buffet after 'surveying' their spread which is not too bad but we did ordered 2 ala carte that werent served. aiyo..come to think of it..sorry ah...forgot to take pic of the food la. hahaha why didnt anybody tot of it eh??? tongue.gif

so off we went chomping on the food..i myself had some bulgogi some ojing-o bokum (spicy octopus) some barbecue meat, kimchi chigae, kimchi pajeon and dessert was normal fruits and stuff and oh..one more my fav. sikhye (fermented rice punch) ^^

in btw there were much chatting munching chatting munching and occasionally laughing hahahahaha..

oh yeah..we managed to get a new family member today. her name is Nelly she a waitress at the restaurant. we were all going thru some of his stuff that jenny brought when Nelly suddenly came in and ask if she could also join us. she told us she like BYJ very much and she was soooooooo happy and smiling all the way with all the BYJ stuff she got. look...

the thing is she's supposed to be working so when her supervisor came in and saw her sitting down with us she was kinda angry.gif
she was asking "who's that?" we said "u know BYJ?" she said "no" but she came in as well and looked. Nelly went out with her after that. then later on she came in again and asked for more details about our family n pls be reminded she IS still on duty. but i guessed she's ok cos at the end of evthing both Nelly and her supervisor were both smiling and talking happily. phew~ thank goodness we din get Nelly into any trouble..haha talk about the distraction this man can make !

we went on with some photo taking and planning for the next gathering.

and tis one..don ask me. but i heard there's some 'Scandal' around these 2 ladies due to the coming 'April Snow' on 8TV !

(hahahaha no pun intended but really...watch out for April Snow on 8TV soon ^^)

we all agreed to meet at Kak Ani's house coming May 13th (sunday) to make some
kimchi ^^ (there shouldnt be any problem with tis arrangement so far so anyone of u interested pls email and let me know for us to make the arrangement. meanwhile i'll post details later)

tho there wasnt much talk about BYJ during those 120 minutes, im still glad that we were all there bcos we are part of the family and deep down he is still the BOSS and now...THE KING !!!

user posted image

i would like to thank evone who came. and to those of u who couldnt make it tis time pls join us for our kimchi. ok? ^^

Monday, March 12, 2007

call me crazy !

i will be willing to hv my life shorten by few hours if these guys were to sing me just a birthday song !

신혜성 Shin Hye Sung (of Shinhwa 신화 ^^)

신승훈 Shin Sung Hun

강타 Kangta

성시경 Sung Si Kyung

"why?" u may ask...
bcos these guys will be singing at a fellow actor Yoon Da Hoon's wedding this coming May.
YDH acted in the drama 'Comeback ! Ms. Soonae'
he and wife planned to honeymoon in Hawaii for 15 days ! wow !!

see? wont u just be soooooooooooo contented if ur fav singers were to sing JUST FOR U ?
yes these guys here are some of my fav so YES ! i will really be willing to give that few hours away in exchange to be serenaded by these few fellas.

ok call me crazy but do u think i can even dream about tis??? :p

Saturday, March 03, 2007

aliens & i

U.F.O = Unidentified Flying Object

"believe it or not"

"the truth is out there"

hahahaha...u might think that ive ran into something weird today :p

well not exactly but i read this particular report today that made me use my right brain a little more..haha..
as much as i would like to believe that there's really something out there....
the sceptic side of me asked : "if the aliens are for real, then why did they only fly across the american & european skies??"

ok ok...i could be wrong with the logistics but..hey, i don think they've stopover the asian skies, did they? or hv i been missing on something i dunno?

and just for the record, im a BIG fan of X-files and of cos Fox Mulder & David Duchovny hehehehe

hmm..i wonder if yj watches xfiles too :p