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Saturday, March 03, 2007

aliens & i

U.F.O = Unidentified Flying Object

"believe it or not"

"the truth is out there"

hahahaha...u might think that ive ran into something weird today :p

well not exactly but i read this particular report today that made me use my right brain a little more..haha..
as much as i would like to believe that there's really something out there....
the sceptic side of me asked : "if the aliens are for real, then why did they only fly across the american & european skies??"

ok ok...i could be wrong with the logistics but..hey, i don think they've stopover the asian skies, did they? or hv i been missing on something i dunno?

and just for the record, im a BIG fan of X-files and of cos Fox Mulder & David Duchovny hehehehe

hmm..i wonder if yj watches xfiles too :p


bb said...

hee... i used to be a big fan of x files too :p

and... hehe, i remember there was even one period of time i made all my colleagues in the office call me scully.

oh god, that's like sooooo... long ago :p

p.s. know what? i think x files sounds like something YJ would enjoy :)

yokee said...

what u doing tonite the last day of cny?

scully? errr...
eh..picture yj as fox mulder..hmmm..

vegas said...

hi yokee!

hope all is well with you!

i read with interest your post since my hubby enjoys reading about UFOS and used to watch X Files. He said he's not afraid.
Here in Nevada, with Area 51, there's always been speculation about UFO aircraft hidden there and alien beings etc... but I don't know if we'll ever know the "truth".

trying to imagine YJ as a "Fox Mulder"...that would be an interesting character for YJ to portray.

take care and have a great week!