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Monday, March 12, 2007

call me crazy !

i will be willing to hv my life shorten by few hours if these guys were to sing me just a birthday song !

신혜성 Shin Hye Sung (of Shinhwa 신화 ^^)

신승훈 Shin Sung Hun

강타 Kangta

성시경 Sung Si Kyung

"why?" u may ask...
bcos these guys will be singing at a fellow actor Yoon Da Hoon's wedding this coming May.
YDH acted in the drama 'Comeback ! Ms. Soonae'
he and wife planned to honeymoon in Hawaii for 15 days ! wow !!

see? wont u just be soooooooooooo contented if ur fav singers were to sing JUST FOR U ?
yes these guys here are some of my fav so YES ! i will really be willing to give that few hours away in exchange to be serenaded by these few fellas.

ok call me crazy but do u think i can even dream about tis??? :p


vegas said...

hey yokee!

how ya doing? hope all is well!

anything is possible nowadays.

dreams do come true
they can happen to you....

some of my friends love KangTa and Shinhwa, so I understand where you are coming from.

keep on dreaming!!


jaime said...

hahaha yokee, I hope these guys will sing to you simultaneously instead of one after another, otherwise imagine the number of hours you'll lose multiply by 4??
(will your parents be chasing these 4 guys with an axe?)

hehe, I actually think you will live much much longer after hearing these cute guys singing to you. I hope your dream will come true, chinggu!

yokee said...

hi vegas ^^

do u hv any k singers that u like? u know...i dunno why but it seems to me that almost ALL k guy singers hv got really good voice n most of them can actually melts u !

my aunt once asked me..why is it that they hv such nice voice? even tho i don ustand a thing they sing..it's still very good to just hear their voice.

jaime..i don care if they come together or not as long as they come haha..

what about u? do u listen to k songs?

vegasbyj said...

hey yokee!

I don't have a favorite K-pop singer. I do have KangTa's "Persona" CD and listen to that. I also don't know what he's singing, but it sounds good. His voice is soothing! I didn't realize he sings in Chinese too. I also have Kangta/Vanness Scandal. Another friend is into Dong Bang Shin Ki. I'm learning...

jaime said...

hi hi yokee & vegas,

i agree w/ you, k-singers have such soft, low voice they can melt you. the melody of the songs really touch your heart too.
i am picking up hints and tips from Quilt sisters, you and bb when you play songs in your post, then I learn to listen to k-music.

right now, i am listening to the songs from 'my girl' after i watch the drama. they are really good. hehe, i have to confess i like the korean raps very much, i can dance to them for hours. that's my daily exercise. wanna try? :)

vegas said...

Korean rap?

The song in April Snow where Insoo is in the car singing/yelling/shouting....I love that song and play it daily in my car - Life is Beautiful by Lee Sang...I believe that's it. Frances on soompi found the link for me. My son hates it, so when in the car, I tell him not to listen.....lol.

Any other recommendations for songs? Yokee? Jaime?

{_!_} ---> me shaking my bootay!!

jaime said...

dear vegas & yokee,

I want to send a rap song 'Never say Goodbye' from 'my Girl' to you. Can I send it to your email address?

guarantee you'll be shaking your bootie :)

vegasbyj said...

hi jaime!
that would be great...
email addy on blog.

I have "My Girl"... don't remember the song...(vegas has C.R.S.)

thanks jaime!!

yokee said...

wah..both of u sure know how to rap huh?

i like leesang's song too that yj sang in AS. ive got them in my collection but dunno where it gone now hehe..

vegas..r u coming home sometime next week? we'll be having lunch on the 25th..wanna join? ^^

vegas said...


what's for lunch?
where we gonna eat?
who are we gonna have lunch with?

to quote a famous Baesister...

i want go!
i want go!
i want go!

I wish I could get on the plane and jet there next week...but no can do. *double sigh*

Thanks yokee for the invite!!

vegas said...

me again...

yokee, would you happen to know if there are any romanized song lyrics for leesang's song YJ sang in AS? Not that I can sing it, but would like to know. I can only understand the "hey hey hey" and "good bye" and "beautiful days".


jaime said...

hahaha yokee, rap? dunno how to rap la? as they say, those who can't sing, rap! but not for these korean hunks, they can both sing and rap in their low, sexy voice.
(so law mang!)

vegas said...

and some can even dance!!!

yokee said...

thanks for the songs jaime ^^

vegas..i'll go listen to it again romanised it n seng to u ok? so wait a little pls..

vegas said...


I was hoping there would be lyrics on the net somewhere, but you taking the time to do this is more than I could ever ask for. Thank you so very much! You are very kind!

Please, no rush at all!!
You've made my day/night!

mrs a said...

ohhhhh...I love shinhwa - each of them! I have really gotten into their music lately. They are all so individuals and each have super talent but if I had to pick one that really has the voice it would be the one and only hye sung! WOW - He is very easy on the eyes. I couldn't imagine having someone like that perform for one of my special events. My heart would be pounding so hard I don't think I could handle it! ahahaha

kumquat said...

I love shin hyesung and kang ta too! I would love that to happen to me at least just once. Let's be friends!

wanyuan said...

sorry to disturb you, but can you please kindly send me the song life is beautiful by leesang?? cause i have been searching for the song for a long time after i had watched april snow... and yet i couldnt find it... T____T