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Monday, July 10, 2006

We Are The Champions !

it was D-day for Italy

Italy...Champions of the 18th World Cup !

it was a 'heart-sunking' game esp when it went into penalty shootout.
i hv always this 'italy-penalty-taking' phobia
all bcos of what happened back in 94.

coach Lippi seemed to hv brought out sth thats long hidden in the heart of the azzuris
known for being the most defensive side ever Lippi managed to show that besides a rock solid wall the azzuris are also capable of being an effective attacking side. what more they r damn good at it. even del piero can shoot well now hahaha :p

wont delve much into the game cos there's just too much to say...
so let me just talk about
MY MAN of the world cup....Fabio Cannavaro(5)

he is absolutely wonderful all thru out the whole competition
anyone who has watched him play knew exactly what i mean.
tho i think he deserves more than just the silver ball award..

(golden ball went to 'dunno-what-happened-to-him' Zizou :p tho he may hv been provoked i still think a person of his calibre should know better than to do what he did esp at this time of his career...aiyo.....)

anyway...im really R.E.A.L.L.Y happy that Italy has now lifted the cup for the 4th time ^^

Azzuris the CHAMPIONS !!

Jules Rimet is now an Italian
bwahahahahahaha !


more pics HERE

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