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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kpop Talent Hitz !

It was on the same kimbap making afternoon that a Kpop Talent Show will be having their finale and MTV World Asia Stage at night. Both events at different end of the town and since I only got invitation to the Kpop finals I’ve got no problem deciding which way to go haha. By the way, BEAST was at MTV World Stage.

Right after kimbap the TSMY gals and i headed straight to Bentley Music Auditorium for the Kpop finals. The event was hosted by *Astro Hitz. The show was already into their 8th finalist when we arrived. The solo singers we saw were so-so but the dancers were not bad.
*Astro Hitz = One of local pay tv channel.

Top 3 finalist were, Jay-son, EGS and Ruffneckz. The latter announced as the winner with a 5D4N trip to Seoul and a chance to perform at Lotte World! Oh they should have had the chance already because they left for Seoul on Wednesday ^^

Ruffneckz’s leader was teary but quickly recovered soon enough to briefly show off their skills again in front of the camera. I tell you this guy got style and he does look a little like Korean and with a little luck the boys can be STARs.

The gals were kind of shy to ask for a pic with them. I told them that if they don't ask for one now, they'll regret it when they become famous. In the end, this kay-poh unni gotta do the dirty job for them hahahaha..

Winners trip to Seoul grand prize were sponsored by KTO KL. Mr.Yun when will you be sponsoring my trip to Seoul? ^^

Ruffneckz congrats and I’ll be watching for you. Fighting!

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