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Friday, August 26, 2011

Breaking Down with KHJ in KL Aug 2011

It all started about 2 moons ago when news was out that KHJ will be visiting us again soon in KL. At the time I had told myself that this time round I’ll just be a good guest at all events and not do anything. I really think it’s time for me not to get involved but to just really enjoy. But, next thing I know I started getting in touch with my contacts trying to dig for more info. Well, I guess bad habit never dies and frankly, somehow I felt indebted to YJ. What? Indebted? Goodness gracious why am I feeling indebted to him??? Haha..crazy huh?

For those who don’t know, KHJ’s management agency, Keyeast, is owned by BYJ. So that makes them an item and YJ has been taking really good care of HJ ever since and SO somehow somewhat I feel that I should do the same. You know, big bro taking care of little bro and noona taking care of little bro kind of thing hahahahaha..
**noona=an older sister to a guy

Ok ok ok let’s cut the story short. Like what I’ve blogged earlier here and here it was both fun and frustrating getting things in order and ready for the alien’s arrival ^^

I and on behalf of our BYJ’s Malaysia Family (BMF) has no qualms over what to present to little bro for his visit this time. Mangosteens!!! The time is just so right and thinking back, it was about 7 years and 1 moon ago that YJ first came to KL during the durian and mangosteen season J Yong bought a basketful of mangosteens, rambutans and pulasan the night before he arrive and got them packed nicely and ready to be presented.

19.08.2011 KHJ Break Down Album Asia Promo Tour, KL Press Conference (Warner Music)

The alien has landed.
Shienyin and I decided that we will skip the airport welcome and went to the hotel instead. He has already checked in when we arrive so we missed the hoohaas. After some courtesy call with the local organisers, we arranged for our BMF fruit basket to be delivered to HJ and his team. (I was told later that mangosteens were the favorite! Haha)

We were having coffee break in the lobby when Mr.Jeong, HJ’s bodyguard appeared. It seems like he came out for a breather when some Taiwanese fans spotted him and asked him for a pic. We went ahead too asking for the pic because Shienyin said we shouldn’t miss the chance since he’s also a good looking guy! He was quite obliging but he went back up right after the pic. Poor thing we must have scared him off and took away his breathe
hahahahahaha…정실장님 죄송합니다.

Press conference was scheduled to begin at 5pm but it only started about 50mins later. In situation like this, most people especially the media would blame the artiste for being late but not this time. There was a genuine case of technical slipped up of arrangement that had caused the delay so HJ has no choice but to appear later than expected.

Oh, I gotta say that this press event (for a Korean artiste) is one of the ‘largest’ one I’ve seen so far. There were about 200 plus pax in the ballroom and after deducting the non-media and ‘non-genuine’ media, I think there were about a hundred media people who came. Warner commented that they did not expect the turnout to exceed the initial 60 confirmed rsvp. Wow I guess the Korean wave must be really really the in thing now that the local media can’t ignore.

Though his mood wasn’t really jolly that day he still managed to pose nicely to the media. Zooming in on him I could see that the boy has not been sleeping well. Conference was over in about 30mins and we all went home soon after.

20.08.2011 KHJ Break Down Album Asia Promo Tour, Hi-Five Session (Warner Music)

It was an early day for both Shienyin and I because we wanted to beat the crazy traffic to the place where the event will be held at Gardens Residence, Mid Valley City. This is a shopping area where traffic on weekends is ridiculous. When we were on our way at about 10am, I received a call from Rachel (TSMY) telling me that they were being chased away by the hotel management for ‘illegal assembly’.

Hi-Five session was scheduled to start at 4pm and Warner were to begin their album sales at 12pm

So Rachel said that they will start to use the Korean queue system to ensure fairness of first come first serve. Good gal. I’m glad they remember what I told them about the goodness of the Korean queue system and put them into good use ^^

When we finally arrived, there were already more than 150 headcounts. After checking through with the gals and making sure everything is in order with the next recount at noon we all went for food!

The line grew during the next recount and I was getting a little worried when there was still no sign of any staff from Warner. Calls to Warner went unanswered so we have no choice but to just get the line in order. You know, all of a sudden we became ‘spokesperson’ for Warner.

Soon when I have almost 400 people in line, the hotel management came again and said to me that I have to call the crowd away and come back only when the sales start at 2pm. Seriously, this man who spoke does not know what he just said. I do understand the hotel policy but the arrangement and crowd that day was actually really good. Of course, we can’t help the noise a little especially when the crowd is still building but it really wasn’t that bad. Everyone did well to control. So I told him, “Do you know how many people are here? I can call off the crowd no problem but when they do come back at 2, you’ll get a messier crowd than this and definitely a chaos.” The man looked at me without saying anything and he walked away. Haha. I seriously had no idea what he had in mind at that time but I’m pretty sure he didn’t know what to say or do.

Warner’s staff only showed up at about 2pm, thank you, and went right on to set up their sales booth. After some discussion with the staff and the organiser’s security leader, the fans were allowed to move in to the sales area by batches. Soon everyone was anticipating HJ’s arrival in the ballroom. Jeremy was the MC for the session and he did a great job entertaining the fans while waiting. We have less than a thousand people that day but the screams were still deafening! He was surely happy to hear the fan chant ‘김현중 우리의 Only 1 and #1!’ (Kim Hyun Joong Our Only 1 and #1!) Hi-five-ing started soon after the intro speech.

HJ look much much better and was very smiley during the event. There were quite a number of guy who came including some uncles who were accompanying their kids. So when it was turn for the uncles to hi-five him HJ went ‘Huh?’ hahaha so cute!

The session went smoothly and was over at about 5 plus. I only realized that I have been standing for more than 6 hours non-stop when I finally got to sit down for dinner with the TSMY gals.

Though I was really tired but I did enjoy myself. It may not seem worthwhile doing what we were did managing the fans queue when Warner should have been more prepared. But I am also glad to be able to help managed the fans because all we wanted was to have things go smoothly so no complaints. Having said that, I would also like to thank Warner for allowing us to be of assistance. Next round you’ll know who to look for ok? Hahaha..

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