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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gals preparing kimbap for KHJ ^^

Finally on Sunday morning(thats last Sunday morning) I went for a little shopping spree on my own. Wait. Did I just say shopping SPREE??? No no no…my wardrobe needed a serious ‘new for old exchange’ program so I got myself just a few pieces. Hehe..

The 3 KHJ FCs were invited to a Kimbap making event by Street Café. Street Café manager, Eddie suggested we make some Triangle Kimbap (삼각밥 Samgakbap) and the event was fully sponsored by them J
The 3 FCs will be collaborating with Street Café for a special KHJ treat so please contact any one of the FCs for more info.

Here’s our kimbap chef, Mr.Park + trainees for the day ^^

in and about the cafe.....

Representatives were from each of the 3 FCs. Chef prepared all stuff to be used, rice, seaweed sheet, tuna mayo, beef bulgogi, bbq chicken, triangle container, gloves etc. oh the apron..nice? Tyra (TripleS Msia) bought for the gals ^^

oh yeah..the Chef Mr.Park, he is Korean so you can be assured of the quality of food.

Call it crazy but it was real fun when out of a sudden the gals scream in while making the kimbap. The café was playing Korean MTVs when HJ’s Break Down came on. No wonder the scream la. Haha..

Oh yeah, this was my lunch that day and I gotta say the kimchi tuna jigae was delicious!

Eddie, you should suggest to Andrew about opening an outlet here in the heart of KL. Then I’ll make sure to make it a must-go eatery for the BYJ’s Malaysia Family.
Thank you Street Café!

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