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Thursday, September 28, 2006

saying "goodbye"

"goodbye...mr. goodbye"

i finally finished watching Mr.Goodbye after keeping it aside for more than a month now...

mr. goodbye stars Ahn Jae Wook and Lee Bo Young.

read synopsis here...not really accurate but can la cos im really bad at synopsis..mian~

u should be able to guess the ending from the title
watching mr goodbye somehow reminds me of jaeho.

but let me first talk about mr goodbye...

tho i din really wanna watch it at first cos i don really fancy watching AJW act...
i would say he sings much much better....
but it was so highly recommended to me by the korean sisters that i hv no choice but to watch it after i saw one of the MV which did make me cry.

true enough i still don think AJW acts better than he sings but somehow he did his character Hyun Seo enough justice. the other problem is with LBY. there wasnt much chemistry btw them n i don think the PD gave them any chance to develop further. ok..they wont be together after all but still i think it will gives the story a little more zest.

my saddest part is not when she found out that he's gonna die but when he has to tell his son that he's gonna die. and i gotta say..the kid who played his son is really cute ^^

i got really depressed after watching 12 epis of it that one morning..
i woke feeling dizzy n had to go get my pressure checked.
result...BP was a little above normal and pulse rate....58
the lady told me it funny how the machine couldnt detect my
heartbeat for a moment...@@~
anyway i suspect their machine not working well n when i got home i kept checking my pulse rate at intervals which gave me reading of btw 65-70...so ok la....

anyway...the drama was ok n sad all thru until the last epi 16...
i expected a much sadder scene but to me..
the way it ended was such an anti climax to me cos i din even drop a tear...

funny huh? how u were crying crying all thru but in the end u cant cry

ok now jaeho...evone knows he's my all time fav rite?

with jaeho u can feel as tho he's real. not just a character but a real person.
of cos with a 44 epis drama u can do much more compared to 16 epis drama

but both tells the same kind of story...
both men know that they r gonna die n tis is what makes me so so sad...

jaeho was told that he's gonna die so he knew he don have much time left
and somehow foresee his final day

hyun seo too was told that he's gonna die when the 'clock' in his heart stops ticking.
problem is 'when' its gonna stop?

oh dear...am i talking in sequence? if u think im babbling nonsense then pls do stop reading n click somewhere else bcos i know im gonna babble more nonsense :p...mian~

ok back to jaeho and hyun seo....

with jaeho it was heart breaking to let him 'go' and even after he has left he still remains in ur heart
but with hyun seo its a scary feeling. the fact that his life depends on the ticking of a clock scares me.

and that is what made me think...
is it better to know when it wil be ur final day?
will it be better to be told that 'u only hv 3 months left' or 'till the clock stops ticking'?
can u actually be prepared to really say "goodbye" ?

i dunno why im feeling tis way but really...after that epi 12 of mr gbye..
i kept thinking of the above question....

am i crazy???


jaime said...

O yokee yokee, my heart stopped for 2 seconds when I read the title of your post 'Saying Goodbye', especially after your last 2 posts on non-BYJ guys! I think your heartbeat irregularity is contagious!

So glad you just immersed yourself in watching a K-Drama. Is this guy AJW the one who started the Korean Wave? Is he famous? He doesn't look that young (what am I talking about, coming from an old woman?).

Yeah, Jaeho tore our hearts apart when he slowly slipped into being blind and deaf and eventually death. I don't think I can witness another TV death from BYJ, I am too traumatized.

Now, I hope your blood pressure and heart beat return to normal. You have to save that 'fast beating' for the next new BYJ picture!

yokee said...

hello hello jaime..

what i know is that AJW is the very first k artist that ventured abroard to china. he has a legion of fans there but if u r talking about starting the 'wave' i think our YJ should be the one.
i like AJW as a singer n he's the first k singer i got to know b4 all the 'leng chais' came in. but AJW's not that old la just 6 years my senior..an age i would choose for a man :p

if u r interested here's his website

jaeho...i hv yet to continue my jaeho watching cos im almost to those very sad part so hv to be more prepared.

BP should be ok now but gotta keep tracking my pulse...

u take care too ok?

mrs a said...

Hi Yokee, whoa your title grabbed me too!
I don't know anything about AJW but sounds like this is a good drama to watch. I hope AZN will show it. Right now watching Funny Wild Girl and it is not as good as the last one Full House but it is different...haha

I need to watch Jaeho. So hectic around here. I know way too much about BP. Not fun and like my Mother having more than my share of it. One of life's realities I guess.

Hey I am ready to meet you for some delicious tea! MMM... GOOD! Going to a Korean Restaurant this weekend if all works out. Anything good for me to try?
I love KIMCHI... :)

yokee said...

hello mrs a ^^

im going to for a k lunch tmr too
mmm...i like kimchi stew, spicy beef stew, bean paste stew, pajeon(pancake), bibimbap etc etc etc

just try anything that looks good to u ^^

have a great kimchi weekend !