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Friday, June 23, 2006

love the man love the ball

liezle blog about my fav ball game today

so im shovelling it here for 'safe-keeping' hehehe

if u r interested...read about it HERE

as regards to the ball game tonite...
im hoping coach advocaat to use a more offensive game against the suisse
it was already stated in on papers that that's what he's doing n i like the 3-4-3 formation he's using but...looking at the line-up....hmm....i don see AJH leh...
he's putting PJS up front which i think should be push back into his best position in midfield
PJS is a creative player so having him in midfield with Kim Nam-il would be a better choice.

i would really like to see Seol Kihyun Lee Chunsoo n AJH up front doing the running n attacking ^^

LYP n Kim Dongjin hv been doing well behind so i hope they do much more tonite..

liezle mentioned Cha Duri...eerr....i don think he came with the squad tis time leh....
i was hoping to see him tis world cup cos he debuted quite well in the previous cup.
for ur info...CDR is son of a famous korean footballer Cha Bum Kum...it runs in the blood ^^

oh...gotta go shower now....

대에~~~한민국 !!!


liezle said...

yokee i'm setting my footprints in your blog ^^

hee, i hope that coach advocaat will read your suggestions. it'll be a tough game for the red devils against swiss. hope that they'll play the game of their life and hope that ladyluck will be at their side.

yokee said...

thank u so much liezle ^^

u know what is korea's best asset?
their determination n never ending team spirit. even when i was anti korea 4 years ago..i hv to admit korea really hv the best team spirit ive ever see all thru out my 3 previous world cups.

n with the huge display of support that the guys will hv from back home (not to mention from all over the world..esp 'B'orld ^^) im sure no matter what the outcome may be they WILL live up to their BEST and do their VERY 120% BEST !!!