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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

[Q-Joanne]For Quilt family

(To BYJ fans-I hope you understand me for posting this to the Quilt family as the Quilt site is down at this time)

Dear Quilt family,

I am sorry that I could not tell you anything about the Quilt even though the site has been down for several days, because I myself did not know what had happened.

I just got the message from Hyeon, our webmaster, who contacted our hosting server. It seems that they have lost all the data of the Quilt while the company was working on routine maintenance work. At present, they cannot restore the Quilt. Hyeon, who does not have back-up program, has requested the company to try to restore the Quilt at any cost. However, I am afraid that we lost the Quilt.

A similar thing had happened about 2&1/2 half year ago, when server company disappeared. At that time the Quilt was able to get the framework although all the precious data got lost.

At this time we are anxiously waiting for the result and are praying for the best.

If the Quilt is indeed lost, I and Hyeon will discuss for the further plan. We will use this board to update you.

Again, I apologize to you for keeping you in dark for several days. I would like you to share this information with the Quilt family who do not have access to this board.

Thank you for your tremendous love for BYJ and the Quilt.


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