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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Lotte photos Dec 2006 release

bet all of u hv seen the recent release of the lotte pics posted by style unni in quilt HERE

guess it has been a quite some time since i see some really nice lotte pics of him
like bb..i din quite like the previous sets of lotte photos released.
though they were taken at the same time...
u know tis is usual practice where they'll take a whole lot of pics n release them in batches esp when our YJ is a super bz man

somehow tis new set looks different n gives a different feel or whatever u call it

also it kinda brought me back to those days when some sisters n i will be so excited to see his new CF pics. back then 'Old & New's and Manstar's were some of the best.
now that he has dropped most of those good pics like these are hard to come by.

and bcos i like the set of lotte pics so much i had to do something to it. hehe..
style unni..thank u so much for the pics. i've modified just a few pics of yours ^^

my brain may be a little rusty but i don think ive seen him in tis pose before.
oh~ i just love the purple on him. see...purple's my fav color too hehehe ^^

hehe..tis is bb's i know something you don't know' look!
but i'll call it the 'he he he' look. he he he...

and and and....u know why i just luurrrvvveeee these 2 pics below????
the tie ! the tie ! the color ! the color ! its ORANGE !!!

i think it suits him ABSOLUTE-toly PERFECTOLY !

see? so good and smart looking eh?
and the orange color gives him such a nice fresh feel. oh~ @@~

hmm..bb ar...r u thinking what i am thinking??? he he he...

1 comment:

marissa said...

hehehe, I was smiling like crazy when I saw that orange tie...you know ties up with my panchan.