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Friday, November 10, 2006

its here ! its here !

Kino called yday evening to tell me that my Crea has finally arrived !

MY copy...the last of the first batch of order (of 3) has finally arrived ! yippeeee !!!

so..im going down to KLCC to pick it up tomoro...yes ! yes ! yes !

the rest of u who is on the second batch of order will hv to wait a little...
sorry sisters....정말 미안해요 chongmal mian haeyo....really sorry....

but don worry...u should hv read tomato's info that its already available again on amazon so that means japan is having more stock ready.
i shall confirm with Kino tomoro...ok?

meanwhile a k sister posted tis comparison pics in baeto yday...

my chin to chest pic ^^

i just love the intent look on his face

ohhh~~~ @@~~

the k sister...she's the one who intro me to some of my fav korean stars...
so we do share the same kind of interest in men...hehe ^^

언니 우리 블로그으로 오면 좀 인사 주세요...
좋은 하고 잘생긴 한국 남자분들 나한테 많이 '소개'했어서
진심으로 고마워요. ㅋㅋ

근데 언니...난 언젠가 후니는 볼 수가 있어요? 어?

thanks bb for the trans YJ's essay
i wanted to ustand thoroughly what he wrote so i hv been waiting since i read the translated korean version done by yukihosi nim in gongsik.

gongsik (공식) = literally it means 'official' but fans of stars refer it as 'official board/site'

well...BYJ Classics-Hero shall remain on my wishlist for christmas tis year..sigh..sigh...

ok ok..i shall forget what i cant get and instead think of what i can and am going to get tomoro

bwa.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha !!


Little Fish aka Xiao Yi said...

Dear Yokee, thanks for the effort of helping us to order CREA. Happy for you that you finally get your copy. Glad to know that they are back in stock. Can't wait to get mine. By the way, when should i pay you and how should I collect the magazine once it arrived?
Thanks again, Yokee!
Love, xiaoyi

bb said...

congratulations on your CREAzy acquisition :p

jaime said...

hahaha, lucky yokee! BUT

isn't it a bit risky revealing your plan to pick up CREA tomorrow?? In case some desperate sisters (like me!) who hides behind the lamp post along the route and waiting for a chance to snatch that precious last copy from your possession!!!

If I were you, I would disguise myself, wearing a wig, a khaki raincoat and hat, dark shades, and strap that magazine to my waist with a 10 pounds explosive. Good advice?? Hahaha, no need to thank me, just hand over that CREA!

Happy reading (drooling)!

riesha said...

Yokee....thanx 4 posting my fav. chin to chest pic....everytime I look at it...have to supress this uncontrollable desire to jump on him and..hee..heeee...bad gal!!bad..bad gal!!!

So u're gonna get ur CREA soon huh...ohhhh....I'm so jealous....!!
Jaime....do u need a partner in crime?? someone to accompany u in hiding behind the lamp post :) So..what time r u going to kino yokee? it's the one at klcc right? (we need a plan jaime..snatch n run ok).

Anyway...yokee...Donna May told me that u're looking for me a few days ago....is it about my request for the song "i can forget u"?

jaime said...

Hi reisha partner, you are so welcome to join. In fact, the more the merrier, so bring you mom, dad, sons, daughters, uncles and aunties along. Now, here's our plan of attack -

Upon spotting our subject target who looks super satisfied walking down the street burying her face in a magazine on that gorgeous hunk, ignoring her dangerous surroundings, we can execute the followings :

Plan 1. Distract and retract - have our family entourage ready to swarm subject target and amid confusion, conveniently retract that precious magazine away from her. hahaha, she won't even know it's us! (ok, now she does, since I wrote it out, darn!)

Plan 2. Attack and grab - I've been watching my little boy practise TawKwonDo, so this lady knows a move or two. Now reisha, it's only you and me, I go from the front, you go from the back. Let's just hope that yokee is not a black belt 9th dan master!

3. If all fails, we just have to resort to the most powerful, most destructive, most intimidating weapon - ON OUR KNEES and BEG IN TEARS!

Hopefully, out of yokee's good heart, she'll just let us borrow it for a few minutes and drool on our gorgeous man's pictures!

Now reisha, if you can give me the directions on how to get to that whatever KLCC bookstore, I'm a new kid in town, you know?!

yokee said...

hi xiaoyi..

don thank me yet hor...cos kino still cant confirm the order as yet cos they r still waiting for japan's confirmation.
the lady at the counter yday was very nice but she said she cant tell now cos kino japan is still working out the order with the publisher..
so pls wait till i get their answer..ok?

if there's any sis out there who hv placed the order with me pls hang on..

yokee said...

jaime and riesha..

sorry la...whatever ur snatch plan was..i think u ladies failed big time cos MY Crea is now safely in my hands and now lying on my bed :p

riesha..me looking for u? hmm...
and im sorry but who is donna may?

yokee said...

and bb ar...

u got ur crea already ah?

i had wanted to post something telling about my Crea-zy stuff but blogger asking me to change to the new beta version. so i decided not to post anything first cos there seem to be some restriction leh...how ah?

hv u changed or not?

bb said...

nope, me still stubbornly hanging on the old blogger version. but i heard they're gonna 'force' all of us to changeover soon. soon, as in these couple of weeks.

sighs... i hope it'll be stable enough by then. would hate to lose my postings, or to reformat the settings.

i kept wanting to do a backup of my blog, but hehe... too lazy la. wish they would make the bloody backup process painless. it's such a long-drawn process as things are now.

riesha said...

This is the mssg I got from D'May in SoKorean forum.....I really though she's talking about u coz I dunno anyone else with the same name in SoKorean forum...

"Dear reisha, Did you get Yokee's mail? Contact Yokee ASAP. I was busy this morning and when I checked my mail in the afternoon, her happy hour was over at 1:00 PM. But you still can check with her. Come down to KL, kidnap one Japanese staff from KINO at KLCC and threaten him to get one CREA copy for you or else......... Wink"

Sorry again... :)

yokee said...

uuhh..its ok then riesha..no worries ^^