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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

CREAzy 4 U !

ok i know its ALL over the net now or at least our bae-net

though i was among the first few who saw the latest CREA photos posted in KOB tis morning
i shall be among the very last few to post something about it.

i really wanted so much to babble something right after i saw the pics but i really gotta go 'water my money tree' so i had to wait till now. and so.....for the whole day i was CREA-talking about CREA-BYJ the whole day. those nice nice photos kept 'appearing' in my head the whole day. kept thinking if i could still get my hands on it...keep wondering if there's anymore pics ive not seen yet...etc etc etc...

thanks bb for telling me about the mag order.

Kinokuniya KLCC only ordered 3 copies of the issue saying that if they knew who's gonna be on the cover they would hv gotten more :p
2 of the 3 was already preordered n so thank god i managed to get the ONLY one ^^
i already place in another order for more but they couldnt promise me that they'll get it since its already out of stock so msian sisters hang in there...we'll see what we can do...

anyway...lets talk about the photo shoot...

most of us should hv seen most of his CF or work photoshoot. u may hv seen some 'repetitive' pose that u don mind seeing them again and again.
but tis time, mr.photographer Leslie Kee has really done some difference and created a whole new 'style' to our BYJ.

frankly...it has NEVER cross my mind that he will do those 'Ahh!~' kinda of pose. what more to have those 'almost-striptease' pose that makes u wonder?? ohhh~~ @@~~

ok ok here's some of my favorites ^^

love the way his chin almost touches his chest

i always love it when they take FULL length pic of him ^^

just nice for a tailed-tux ^^

now...tis is what i call 'new style in bae-photography'

the almost-striptease pose
goodness ! i wonder how it looks like from the other side??
ohh~~~ @@~~

and THIS is the 'Ahh!~~' pose i was talking about ^^

see what i mean?
have u ever seen him this way???

ohhh~~~ @@~~

and finally THIS is my favorite ! ^^

i dunno why but i really really love this one !
do i need to explain why?

ohhh~~~ @@~~

so what do u think? which one is ur fav?
i know which is bb's fav..hahaha...is it that blue tale??? :p

and u know...
today's fuss about tis CREA issue kinda brought back the feelings of the good old days to me. remember those time when i and some other sisters who were still fresh and new with evthing BYJ. we would be so so happy each time we see some new pics, CFs, news of him. and if there are things like magazines books or videos that we can buy, we will be so busy but happy to help arrange for purchases from in and out of korea or other places to one another.

or not..we will just talk and talk and talk about how he look like in those new photos or if we found something new about him or we 'discovered' something about his body (like how bb discovered the scar below his chin...bb ar..how can u not see it previously?? :p) ..hehehehe

well...things have changed a little now...the oldies would hv noticed...
but really...today i really felt great...like a walk down memory lane...

and today bcos of all the fuss about ordering the magazine...
someone just asked me...'what is so great about this man that we are doing all these???'

well...thats for u to ask for me to say 'i dunno'

but..how can u NOT love this man???

ps : thanks so much to the person who scanned and posted the pics ^^


bb said...

hehe, i was also asking myself how come i didn't notice the scar before :p

and... wrong! that blue telltale pic is not my fave. your fave is my fave.

and... hehe, look closely, this is also a peek-a-boo picture!

p.s. i suspect some of the sisters have also noticed it, and some of them posted this pic after cropping that tantalising bit :p

p.p.s. just for the record, i prefer the casual clothes b&w pics more than the tux ones in this series. but of course la, the tux ones are also super nice, heartstoppingly nice, in fact. but there's not much of a surprise element in those. i mean, we already know how good he can look in formal suits.

yokee said...

aiyolamak !

u even brought the hair issue here ah? i just gorried at ur blog and then here u are hahahahahahahahahahahahha

guess we actually gorried at the same time ^^

u know when i first saw this pic..when they first published the cover for promo i was like..'hey..show a bit more la..lower a bit ma' hahahahahahahashahahahahaha

gorry 꼬리 = literally means 'tail' in korean but on the net we say so like as to 'leaving a msg/comment' see the similarity? leave a tail behind = leaving a msg ??

jaime said...

hahaha yokee,

as if we haven't talked enough about his CREAzy pictures! I love that 'Ahh!~~' shot : I love the flying movement of the hair, the way he bent and relying on his back and arms to support himself. Love his mouth half opened as if he's enjoying his wild thoughts, real sensual!

But I think this is a typical shot of Photographer Kee, right? I remember bb posted similar shots of that pretty big-eyed Chinese actress (who played a fake princess in that famous Chinese drama - won chu gar gar).

It's so nice of you to help other sisters in your country to get CREA. Aside from admiring his pictures, this is indeed the sweetest and most touching part of the BYJ world.

yokee said...

hi jaime..

yeah u r right on that 'sensual' shot. cant find tis word in my mind yday. that 'Ahh!~~' shot is a real sexy shot !~

so u getting urself a copy too rite? ^^