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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Hallyu Expo in Asia

the latest info was just posted a while ago here

and according to this info...

pic credit : vivarijuni unni

YJ will be attending the opening ceremony on nov 29th
he's scheduled to be from 3pm-5pm

frankly....im both happy and sad about this...
happy...the expo is finally on its way
sad...i cant be there when there's gonna be sooooooo many stars !

there's already info on appointed japanese tour agency to this expo
but nothing for other overseas fans...or are there gonna be any??


제주도 ! 난 가고 싶다 !!! 정말 !!!!!!!!

IF miracle do happen i'll be in JEJU tis Nov 29 ~


bb said...

err... sorry ah... i don't get it leh... what's the big news huh? that he's appearing in the opening ceremony? thought that was already a known thing... :p

and... so you won't be going to jeju? haiyo, maybe got miracles leh? i heard they do happen to some people sometimes :p

any chance of you going at all?

yokee said...

see..? think tis the 'side-effect' of the BIG urge.

yeah..what am i talking about? like we don know that he's gonna be there :p

any chance? Z.E.R.O.

riesha said...


I'm sorry to bother u on this....but...to be frank....I fell for the song 'I can forget u' by lee kichen....so bad...In fact, before u change to the new song....I visited ur blog everyday just to listen to the song continuosly...stupid of me right??....
I tried searching for the song online but.....couldn't find anything....

So...Sokee...pls help me here....is there any way u can share the song with me..pls....pretty please... :)