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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

bits and pieces

today...i have been lazy...again...as always...:p
woke up at about noon today..yeah a record for me but still din manage to sleep all the way thru
cos there were 2 phonecalls from about 8-10am ggrrrrr.....why cant they just let me sleep???

din do anything today...and i REALLY mean NOTHING at all..except that i was watc
hing 6 episodes of Misa. my cousins were watching so i just sat there n watch la. think it was the 3rd time im watching it...

Misa=Mianhada Saranghanda=Sorry I Love You >> So Jisub & Im Soojung

yday..some bae sisters n i met up for dinner. we went to tis restaurant named after 'Dae Jang Geum'.
tot they will hv BIG Lee Youngae's poster greeting us when we walk in but NO !

the very person that greeted us was


can u believe that? hahaha so as any bae gal would do we greeted him 'Yong Joon-a annyong' interior deco..of all the other k restaurant ive been to in KL so far tis one made a lot of effort. and mind u.. k restaurants are now springing like bean sprouts around town. previously most of them are centered in the mini korean town in Ampang.

since there were only 5 of us we din order too much and more over urs truly here is supposed to attend a wedding in 2 weeks time n she din wanna scare evone away !

so we ordered bulgogi, ribeye beef, kimchi jeon, kimchi ji
ge n im so happy to discover that tis restaurant do serve one of my fav dish...nakji bokum which is spicy fried octopus !

tis is the beef..already barbeque-ing ^^

tis one..bulgogi...wah...steaming hot n so the delicious ! ^^

of cos there were lots of banchans around too...hey hey don get me wrong... the banchans here means real banchans ok? not MY banchan :p

and tis...MY nakji bokum !

gotta admit that it wasnt that delicious compared to those i had in korea but i guess i just got to be satisfied since im here. those in korea are normally served steaming hot n very very spicy. the last time i had it was with inneke together with a korean sister. i remembered both inn n i ate soooo much n our lips got kinda big n red due to the spicyness hahahaha but yet we still enjoyed ourselves soooo much n we vowed to eat that again together next time.

5 very tummy-satisfied ladies..hehehe

wonder how much i put on after dinner yday..hmm....

dinner was fun cos as usual like what every bae gal will do when they get together so we were the loudest around there n we were there for so long even after we finished that the boss had to say sorry n ask us to leave. they were doing great business yday so i don blame him. but he'll be hearing from me again soon ^^

no..we din go home yet..how can we go home when we just started??

we left the restaurant but got into a kopitiam just downstairs and had...what else?
kopi la ^^

kopitiam(hokkien)=coffee shop

we talked and laughed and talked and laughed so much
till i din even notice a fren that came.
it was only when he was leaving that he came and said bye bye that i realised he was sitting just behind us...sorry ronny :p

we left only at about midnite..

i was at someone's blog here tis morning which made me wanna talk about my banchan hehe..

so...it wasnt only me that think he's good looking huh? im glad ^^
the movie rumor is no rumor..its TRUE !!! haahhaha im sooo happy !

dunno if ive said tis before but i somehow 'see' a 2nd BYJ in him...
ok ok some of u might not agree with me n i dunno how long i can stay with him but hey its my bloggy so i hv the right to babble..hahaha :p
and till now he's THE banchan among my banchans.

but one thing foremost..i don think i will do what ive done for YJ for any other guy anymore. period.

look he was at his uni festival few days ago where he sang an old song.

기억이란 사랑보다 (giok-iran sarang boda) 'Memory is sadder than love'

a sad song..i dunno why he sang such a song tho...hmm...후니아 속상하지마 어?
wont say he sang well but not bad he can still improve...

such a good looking young man...sigh~~~~~

and this ↓

tis is the smile i fell in love with
tis is what made me all so crazy
tis is the very smile i see some 4 years ago
the kind of smile that can just kill
tis was the kind of smile i see first in BYJ
tis smile makes me smile

having said all these...im missing HIS smile too.....

내 멋있는 남자들 보고싶다 !!!


carol (BMF) said...

Thought I'll leave my footprint here in your blog.. hehe....

The food there look delicious yokee. Will try them out one fine day! Glad that you ladies had so much fun ...

bb said...

really? you see abit of YJ in shin gun? hehe, i like shin gun too, but didn't quite link the two.

so there's been quite a but k-revolution happening in KL? didn't know there's a little korean town thingy in ampang... mmm, maybe it's time to revisit KL :p

thanks for sharing.

yokee said...

wahh....our carol daniel came to visit ! im so honored ^^

next time u come kl we go makan korea ok?

yokee said...

hi bb...

well im not the first one who say that about the 2 guys. mayb if u 'see/know' more of hoony..u'll see...^^

the korean town has been around for quite sometime already. we took some sg sisters who came last time for dinner there too.

and today..haha..i just got to know about yet another new k restaurant. they rented one of my supplier's shop so i'll go check it out in one month's time when they should finish renovating by then. hehe...

bb said...

shrugs... i think they emit a different 'aura' :p

i want to go ampang too!

Little Fish aka Xiao Yi said...

Dear Yokee,
Wow, the food looks really nice... where is it located? U mentioned it's in Seksyen 14, PJ? Wanna try it one of these days. Thanks for sharing....

Love, xiaoyi