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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

my JAB...

i dread evtime i wanted to blog...
why? bcos i know i will sound so boring. in fact i am bored :p

so what the heck am i doing here now??
haha..i dunno...but just tot i just babble la
see? told u i'm boring :p

anyway anyway....
im glad bb arrived home safe n sound ^^

bb ar...i really gotta say tis again..
im really sorry that i cant help u with the taxi thing. im just hopeless with the taxi here in KL cos i don like taking taxi not in KL at least :p

there's one thing i like about bangsar tho...its alexis. love their cakes ^^

don wanna 'add' hi-lite to those 'problems' with KL cos they r just too pathetic to be mentioned again n i really do hope our local authorities do something about it soon. n i do hope it wont take another 10 years lor...sigh...

did u write anything on dorsett's 'suggestion box' note? tho ive never been to dorsett but it has 'look' so-so to me except that the name sound kinda cool :p

i'll let u know when i get another bottle of that wine...if i go la...
the strawberry cake..mm...ive tasted better ones but the strawberries were good.
oh...should anybody we both know out there who were having an ear itch last saturday nite..well it's bcos we were gossip-ing bwahahahahaha

haha..told u there's nothing to do in times sq. i myself hv only went there 3 times since they started. first during the first few months after it opened. second for Kangta & Vaness showcase n the last was shopping with my family which we only managed to get a pair of pants for my dad :p booorrriinngg~

ahh one last thing...i've written down ur IOU to me in my little bae diary hehe...
and just to confirm tis with u...u really know KL better than me hahahahaha
what do i know better? seoul maybe? hahahahahahahahaha


mrs a said...

First of all, i like your blogs. They are you - a real sweet person!

Secondly... did someone mention WINE! I luv wine! mmmm....here I will pour you a glass - cheers!

bb said...

hehe.... yokee!!! how can you let known that we gosipped about them?!!! and... if anyone were to get an ear itch, i think wuri yong joon would have scratched his ears out that saturday night :p

and... your blog entries are not boring la!

yokee said...

hello mrs a...

thanks so much for those nice words ^^

i love wine but i wont say i know evthing about them. bb was talking about shiraz n cab sav. well..if u ask me ive never check out the type of wine im drinking..be it merlot shiraz or cab sav. i hv absolutely no idea. i just i prefer french wine hehe n of cos whichever that comes good in the mouth i hv no problem..

hmm...come to think of it..mayb someone can give me a lesson on the different type of wine hehe.
i'll be wine shopping tis weekend for the new year so it'll come in handy ^^

yokee said...

bb ar bb.,..not boring meh? sometimes i think im so bored :p

hahaha ok ok lets drop tis :p

bb said...

hehe, since you like french wine, then i can't help you much lor... me poor la, drink mostly australian wine... think i only know one french wine, la tour :)

personally, i prefer shiraz and merlot, don't normally drink cab sauvignon, find them abit too dry for my liking. depending on your budget...

my budget's usually not big, esp for regular drinking, so i usually stick to stuff like penfolds 389 or 407, wolf blass grey label, rosemount estate GSM (blend of three types of grapes: Grenache, Syrah and Movedre creates), these are rather affordable and 'safe'.

for whites, my personal fave is devil's lair fifth leg, and their rose is also quite nice for a gals' night out :)

actually... given a choice, i'll take champagne anyday :p

vegas said...

hey yokee!

came by to say HELLO to you!
hope all is well!
cheer up! you are not boring! you offer a lot to us baesisters.
your blog is YOU - whether you have news to share or you just want to babble your heart out. it's all good!

take good care!!!
thanks for all you share!!

yokee said...

alamak! its not easy to remember those names leh..nvm..think im going to the store today n i'll look for those words and ask the guy there.

thanks so much bb !


hello vegas..

thanks for dropping by...
haha don worry sometimes i just wanna talk n most of the time really just babble n be noisy :p

oh i read from bb's blog that ur hubby used to stay in jln alor..haha next timeif u do come home for a visit we'll go eat at the shop where yj's went ok? ^^

vegas said...

OK! Deal!! If I'm not mistaken, that's our friend's restaurant, just downstairs from our flat - next to the colorful lanterns bb took a picture of when she was there. hubby's brother and family still live there - been there over 30 years.

looking forward to meeting you too!!

have a great weekend!!!

keep on making noise!!!

bb said...

i want go to the crab place too!
i want go i want go i want go!!

vegas said...


can bb come too?
look at her - all excited!

hey, if i don't make it back soon, you two might end up eating there without me....*sigh*

vegas said...

i forgot, after dinner, you are invited to come over for karaoke at our condo. it's just walking distance from jalan alor.

if you have your own songs, you must bring them. we have mostly english songs. maybe a few chinese songs.

ok!.... ok!!

yokee said...

vegas..u really coming home??


vegas said...

i hope to visit sometime later this year - probably during the summer months. not sure yet, but will definitely keep in touch with you about my travel plans. hubby likes to visit the family at least once a year. so...it's all depends on our schedules. but, i will keep you posted for sure.

you sing don't you??

bb said...

okie... other than going to the crab place, i want go to vegas' condo!

i want go i want go i want go!

p.s. but i don't sing. can i help serve drinks or peanuts or something?

vegas said...

i love it!

"i want go" roflmao

you can come too! by all means!! you are also most welcome to my humble abode!!! AND... you will sing!!!!

yokee said...

one thing tho...

just don run away when i do sing OK???

vegas said...

I won't run! You can't run away either when I sing....lol

Now, we have to get bb to sing....hmmmm

bb said...

may i bring you to your kind attention that todate, no one has ever successfully made me sing in public. and you gals think you can change history? :p

vegasbyj said...

heck, we can surely try.
oh bb, c'mon at least one song!

yokee - HELP!!!

vegasbyj said...


Have A Great Day!!

Take care!