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It was back in 7th Aug 2002 that i first laid eyes on him. There was no 'turning back' since then. Through him i've learned so much, with him the world seems brighter and because of him i've found much more than love. Forever and always... Absolutely Bae Yong Joon ! 처음사랑 끝까지...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

YJ in silhoutte

bb posted about YJ's 2007 diary from IMX yday...

one look at it i saw this ↓

the next moment i asked myself....
where did he or they get that idea of a silhoutte BYJ and the color purple???

does this somehow looks 'familiar'? ↓

hmm..don u think it'll be nice if there's an orange version too?
or maybe an extra version with the silhoutte above?

kakakakaka...dream on yokee~dream on~~

well anyway...first glance at YJ's silhoutte i thought it looked like one of those LG Telecom CF pics sometime ago. but no it's not.
so anyone of u who'll be getting it pls do let us know the real image behind cos i wont be getting one...sob sob sob...

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